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Cat/Kitten Purchase Agreement

DATE:                                             sire/dam:                                
      SEX:       DATE OF BIRTH:
without breeding rights  SURGERIES INCLUDED:  spay or neutered prior to leaving


  • This cat/kitten is purchased as a pet. Seller warrants that this cat/kitten is presented in sound health. Seller will provide following health guarantee:  Seller warrants that this cat/kitten is in sound health and guarantees the general health of the cat/kitten for a period of five days on condition that is is properly cared for and quarantined.
  • Purchaser is advised to take this cat (at purchaser's expense) to a veterinarian for a complete exam within 72 hours of arrival.  This cat may be returned for a refund if a medical problem is found.  Seller is not responsible for any veterinary expenses.
  • if within 1 year this cat is found to have a fatal hereditary or congenital defect,  seller will replace cat with another cat/kitten when seller receives proof of defect in the form of a complete autopsy report.  Buyer is responsible for any medical expenses incurred and shipping costs of replacement.
  • Note:  FIP, FIV and Ringworm Vaccinations will void any health guarantee.
  • Cats/kittens purchased will be spayed or neutered prior to leaving.
  •  Purchaser agrees to care for this cat/kitten by providing adequate indoor facilities, to maintain proper nutrition, to get the cat/kitten normal yearly inoculations as recommended by a licensed veterinarian, and, if deemed necessary, prompt medical attention. Purchaser agrees that this cat/kitten will never be given or sold to any research laboratory, humane society, or similar facilities.  if unable to keep said cat/kitten seller will help in finding a new family but must be notified.
  • Purchaser agrees that any violation of the terms of this contract may result in the surrender of said cat/kitten, any registration/pedigree papers, to expect no reimbursement of purchase price, deposit, or expenses incurred, and Purchaser may be subject to monetary damages to Seller.  Purchaser agrees that any court/legal action will be filed/held in Yell County, Arkansas, and will assume responsibility for court costs.
  • A non refundable deposit of will hold this cat/kitten until it is twelve weeks of age.  Please sign the form, and keep a copy for yourself.  Balance to be paid in full, including shipping costs, prior to shipping via credit card, money order or cashiers check.

Purchaserís signature indicates that he/she has reviewed contract with Seller prior to purchasing said cat/kitten and is in full agreement to the above terms and conditions.



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