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New Kittens have arrived for the fall!

I have posted the new litters on the available kittens page!  Pictures will start around 4 to 6 weeks of age.  

augustana frederick  9-23 11 weeks05

Kitten 082: Frederick is sold has joined the Yates Family in Washington PA

Kitten 082:   Frederick a Black  British Shorthair Male Frederick is sold has joined the Yates Family in Washington PA  taken 9-23 9  weeks old taken 9-11 Black and White British Shorthair Male (avid 031077363) DOB 7-7-2014 S: CH Ouachita Gaston IZ Tuxed D: CH  Ouachita Augustana Tuxed


Kitten 041…. what can i say with these pictures!

mayhem blu male 9-2717

Kitten 041: Blue British Shorthair Male just too darn cute!

Kitten 041: Blue British Shorthair Male     Blue British Shorthair Male (avid 031061041) DOB -2014 S: CH Ouachita Gaston IZ Tuxed D: CH Ouachita Muddy’s Mz Mayhem


Retiree: Benfields Blueberry Cream.. Needs a home

These 2 cats belong to someone at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia…they are very sweet people who have to leave the country and want the cats to remain in the USA. Huda (her name) is very sad to have to give them up.   Cat’s registered name: Benfields Blueberry Cream Cat’s call name: Chloe Breed: […]


Retiree: Benfields Yabba Dabba Blue.. needs a home

    cat’s registered name: Benfields Yabba Dabba Blue Cat’s call name: Winston Breed: British Shorthair Color: Blue and White Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy): 08/14/2009 Sex: Male; neutered Pet or show quality? Show Registered with: CFA Cat’s location: Vienna, Virginia Notes: We would like to place this boy and his best friend, Chloe (below), in […]

Augustana Huckleberry 11 weeks 9-2305

Huckleberry is sold joining Patty in Greenville TX

      Kitten 363:   Huckleberry a Black and White British Shorthair Male  Huckleberry is sold joining Patty in Greenville TX ready to go!  The original family had a major change come up and could not take him nor Frederick at this time..  the two of them could not be any sweeter or loving […]

alastar blue male 589 taken 9-1108

Rocco has joined Jane in Chicago!

    I just picked him up! Hes so unbelievably beautiful!!!!! No messes at all in the crate. Thank you so much!! ~Jane 

alastar 069 taken 9-11  lionel02

Lionel and Winston have arrived home!

  The boys are home.  The little guys arrived at Delta Cargo right on time,  I can see why you chose them, they seem to do a good job,  the personnel there were great.  We had purchased a 48″ canvas and mesh octagon coral type thing ( play pen for kittens).  It was just behind […]

toby3 9-14

Update on Toby (Gaston)..

  Good Morning Suzanne, Just want to drop u a quick line and send you a picture of Toby(Gaston).  He is just a HUGE part of the family. We recently moved back home to NC from OH and he took the move like a seasoned traveler. Thanks again for breeding such a wonderful kitty,   […]