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Maize’s Show Pictures!

MAIZE CH Ouachita Alfred’s Maizi IZ Blu (blue British shorthair female) S: Benfields Alfred IZ Blu of Ouachita D: CH Ouachita Ocei’s Blau Twist thanks to Blue Bayou Photography!

whiskey 3

Why do Cats Sleep in Cardboard Boxes?

Scientists may have cracked the answer to one of the great mysteries of the animal kingdom: why do cats sleep in cardboard boxes? Anyone who lived with a cat has probably come home to find their feline companion sleeping in a strange place. Carelessly discarded cardboard boxes are as good as any. According to a series […]


Chewbacca’s Adventures!

Suzanne:   Here are a few pictures of my handsome little guy. Enjoy!   Ana Hi, Suzanne. I was cleaning out my inbox and saw the below e-mail chain. Chew is still doing great but, in the same vein as the stories below, a couple of weeks ago I was doing the laundry (you know what’s coming). […]

Dreamer 1

Tidbit: Great Resource by OSU: the indoor pet initiative

At our continuing education meeting this month a great resource was brought up that I have not mentioned before and should have.  It is the Indoor Pet Initiative presented by the Ohio State University which I am a graduate from.   Please check it out..

Summer 2014-3

Tidbit 5/7

Early neutering reduces aggressive behavior in your male and his need to mark the house and furniture with strong-smelling urine.  Additionally,  he will be less inclined to roam or dart out the door, which could result in a traffic injury, fatality or impregnating a female.

gogocats stormy

Update on CH Gogocats Storm Cloud of Ouachita.. aka Stormy

Hello Suzanne,   I hope you are doing well. My family and I are hoping to purchase a kitten from you soon. I am not sure if we can specify or get on a waiting list for a particular color. We would really love to have a blue and white male but would also consider […]


Kizzy Update.. ie Queen Kismet

Suzanne,   I just wanted to Thank you for my Kizzy.  She is everything I could have wanted and has brought so much more to me than I could have ever expected. My son left this week for the army and she meets me at the door when I come home along with nightly snuggles.  […]

Charlie 2a

Charlie and Ozzy are in Need of a Home!

Hi Suzanne,   I bought Charlie and Ozzy from you in 2007-08 timeframe.  They are wonderful pets – very social and loving and are in very good health.  I have had no issues with them. I really love them but my allergies have gotten worse over the last year to the point where, reluctantly I […]

zoysia 366  6 weeks 7-1709

Tidbit 4/7

Neutering your male before he is 6 months of age prevents testicular and prostate cancer and greatly reduces his risk for perianal tumors.

Stormy Update!

Hi Suzanne:   We got a kitten ( we named her Stormy) from you in May..she was from a litter of Alistair and Bosley. Stormy is now 10 months old and we couldn’t be happier with her, however precocious and ornery she is at times! ( that’s one of her best attributes, actually) We adore […]