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New Kittens: Cordelia X Cooper

Cordelia  x Cooper   DOB 3-25-2014  2 blue males,  1 blue female

tidbit: cat furniture

Cat furniture will be used more often if it is strategically placed in your home.  Cats enjoy lounging in sunny places and on window sills.

Alfie and Monty are in Need of a Loving Family

      As always, thank you so much for the help.  I have struggled with the decision to give up the cats, but, as my daughter pointed out, they will get more attention somewhere else. (I took care of my mom last year until her death and did the same for John until his […]

great youtube video to watch….!

BRIT-Bozley-20110115-2798-web (2)

New Litter of Blue British Shorthairs!

  Bozley the Sire march 22, 2014 CH Ouachita Muddy Bluz Bozley X Ouachita Little MZ Natalie had 2 blue females and 2 blue male kittens.  Deposits now being taken.  Pictures taken in 5 weeks if not sooner.   Kitttens will be ready around the first of June to join their new families.

tidbit: another benefit of pet ownership

                There is an association between pet ownership and a lower risk of developing non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  A study showed that the longer the participants lived with dogs or cats,  the smaller their risk for the cancer.  The researchers don’t know why or how, just that it is another […]

Prince Harry

Prince Harry King

Recent photos of HRH Prince Harry. Regards, Bob

tidbit: Meeting a cat

If you turn sideways when meeting a cat, the meeting should go very smoothly.  A head on greeting is considered aggressive and the cat may feel insecure.  Turning sideways will put the cat at ease.  It is considered a peaceful posture by felines.

bella  napping 3-14

Bella Napping

Here is updated picture taken today of Bella. 5-22-13 litter. She was napping on my son’s bed. Julie

alastar and babies 3-152

Alastar and her New Blue British Shorthair Babies

Born on 3-5-2014 three blue british shorthair kittens to CH Benfields Alastar of Ouachita X CH Ouachita Muddy Bluz Bozley