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Boz week One!

After a week Boz is quite comfortable here. He runs with the other two they chased him he chases them. He likes the top of the condo for naps, then an hour later you might find him on the lower level


This morning after full bellies

This morning after full bellies


Just Cute!


Boz…. Has Taken Over the Family!

Boz is wonderful. Such a loving bundle of fur. Great appetite and very social. Finley our 13 y/o male is very attentive and mothers him just as he did with Lilly. The Queen Lilly has had a few hissy fits as she maintains her dominance. He could care less. Think they will be racing around […]


Stanley has Arrived!

He arrived last night and is doing great. He is a busy guy with his toys. Thank you so much.


Caymen and Croix Update!

Hi Suzanne,   The kittens are just beautiful and you ship them so carefully! We were in and out of Boston in 1-1/2 total missing all the traffic! Thanks so much for switching the flight or we’d probably still be in there! Croix (the little guy) was shy at first. Cayman is constantly purring and loved […]


Kitten 575 picture update!

Kitten 575  Blue  and White British Shorthair Male taken 6-6 6.5 weeks old

CH Benfields Maide Maddie of Ouachita Retired on 6-2-2015 looking for a loving home..

MADDIE retired on 6-2-2015 CH Benfields Maide Maddie of Ouachita (blue and white British shorthair female) DOB:  09-07-2011 S: GC Benfields One Lucky Blue D: CH Ouachita Pumpkin Spice of Benfields


Kitten 575 Blue and White British Shorthair Male

Kitten 575  Blue  and White British Shorthair Male pictures taken on 5-26-2015   5 weeks old (052834575 avid) DOB 4-21-2015 S: CH Ouachita Muddy Bluz Bozley D: CH Ouachita Augustana Tuxed


Calamity is joining Nancy and Family in Oak Point TX..

Suzanne,   Thank you for your quick reply. Reading your email brought tears to my eyes. We are so elated. It’s been two years since we lost our Elvis Earl (american shorthair tabby) to old age (he was 16). We miss him and have thought of getting another since but thought we should downsize our […]