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Testimonies 2003

Just wanted to let you know everything went fine without a hitch! I would do this over and over again because everything went so smoothly. was so excited when they brought “Gustis” up from the terminal. He is adjusting. Didn't take long once we got home. Already used his litter box twice!! The pictures didn't even do him, justice. He is so sweet. Everything I could have wanted. I am absolutely in love. Bought all the food you recommended, though gave him some fancy feast in his dish and the special cat/kitten milk they sell at the store as a treat for his long journey. He was starving. Ate wonderfully. Happy, playing and purring like crazy. I just love him. Thank you so much!! - Susan  (New Jersey)

Here are the pics I promised Suzanne. WE LOVE HIM. Page says he is her own personal kitty and that "HoHo" picked just the right one for her. Her affection and attention toward him has not wavered yet and I don't expect it to. Update in the ringworm. Looking great. Just got his last set of shots for the year from the vet. Hair is growing back but not fully yet. Would you be able to send more medicine? I am running low. Although the lesion appears to have gone completely, (to the touch) perhaps to be safe he should continue with a few more doses. Let me know. He is getting SO big so fast. He gained almost 2 pounds in 1 month!!! Loves to eat. Still finicky when it comes to the dry cat food though..loves the "treat milk" they sell at the pet store. Still purring all of the time. Page carries him with her wherever she goes, Sometimes I give him a little alone time from her. Talk soon and Thanks - Susan

This Young Man “Bling” has us fully trained. He adjusted in two days and is accepted by the other cats with no animosity. He is most playful, very loving and treats all the humans in a slightly different way. We are very happy with him. His fur is now getting thick and has that Regal "Brit Look".  Thank you for your help and great care. We could tell the minute he arrived at the house, and as Jamie said the minute he got off the plane. Thanks again............

Best Regards,

Randy and Jamie Schultz


Hi Suzanne,
I hadn't e-mailed you in awhile so I thought I'd catch you up on Winston's progress. He is growing larger by the day  We think he's at least 12 pounds now. He seems to grow longer and leaner and then more muscular.  I hope he reaches the predicted 18 to 20 lbs.

One other thing, for a cat that hated bathes and the water he has evolved into a cat that loves the shower. He runs into the shower when my wife and I finish (and sometimes during the shower) to chase water drops into the drain. He doesn't mind getting wet and will then wash himself as we dry off.  Just a member of the family!

Hope all is well with you. Thank you for sending us such a wonderful, loving cat with typical British personality....

Bob Wells


The kids love the Gracie, so does the dog. The two are best buds, I will send you some picture, when my brother left I gave him my digital camera and I haven't replaced it as of yet. She is getting so big already. She sleeps with the kids. Again thank you!




Thought I would give you an update on Dickens. . Vet says he is in great shape and the entire office crew of about 6 girls all came in to get a snuggle from him much to his chagrin. He tolerates it for short periods of time. They all think he is about the cutest thing ever and I certainly agree. He is just a great kitty. Full of the dickens and more energy that I have ever seen. Very quiet though but very, very busy day and night.

We thank you so much for letting us have him.

Georgia Schratz


Sydney is doing wonderful. Everyone absolutely loves her to death. She follows Sarah everywhere and sleeps with her too. They live in a big house, so she has been very very busy snooping and checking everything out, and has so many places to play and hide and run around. Sarah said she gets petted all the time. She wakes Sarah up in the early in the mornings wanting attention and paws at her face and rubs her face on Sarah's until she starts petting her. She is already getting spoiled to death. My parents let her get up on the kitchen table to snoop around and let her do and go everywhere in the house. She is always getting some attention somehow, esp. from my dad and brother. They love cats. The only thing she isn't totally used to yet is the dog, who is a Chihuahua. Bambie, the dog, tries to play with her, esp. when she is playing with her strings and toys, and Sydney just hisses at her and takes off with her stuff away from the dog. But they don't fight or anything, she is still just getting used to her. Although I do think that Sydney is planning an attack on her, since she watches her from up on the couch or other high places in her pounce position just waiting for the right moment.

She is an awesome cat, and we all love her to death. She is adjusting really well, and doesn't ever hide from anyone. She is always out wherever everyone is, esp Sarah.

Neosho, MO

Poodie and Binz

Well, I think Poodie feels she owns the place ... but Binz definitely runs it. Despite the fact we have two ragdoll kittens not too much younger than Binz, and they're traditionally big cats, he just went through a growth spurt and he's now the biggest and heaviest of the bunch. He's terribly strong and agile, as well as fast, and he's beginning to be a bit rough when they all play ... which they do constantly. I expect the others to catch up with him, though. Binz is such an affectionate and intelligent boy; we love him dearly.

Poodie is doing wonderfully!!! She's just a fabulous little kitten - adventurous and brave, smart and curious, very friendly and talkative -- follows us around, purrs constantly, etc. And soooooo adorable!! Don is utterly besotted. She's eating well, uses her box, plays with the toys we got her. She and Duner, our older Manx, are sniffing each others noses now -- at first she arched her little back and puffed out her little tail and gave him little girl growls.
 I don't know how I can thank you enough for raising such a wonderful kitten for us!!

Hi, Suzanne -
A Binz update: Yes, he is everything you said he was, and more. A fuzzy little dynamo puffball, brave and totally "full of himself," as you said.

He and Poodie actually started playing together this morning. There's been a lot of growling and hissing (on Poodie's part) and batting back and forth, but this morning there was a very clear playful component of hide and seek as they batted and growled. Duner isn't quite so friendly -- it is quite evident that he doesn't like Binz, and I think Binzie is a little intimidated by him ... which is a shame, because while Dunie is larger he's mostly all fur at this point, and he neither weighs much nor is he very fast. They'll figure it out eventually.

Meantime he loves being on my desk and parading across the keyboard ... at the moment he's napping on my lap. We just loooooooove him! Thanks for raising these fabulous babies!!

And Happy New Year!




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