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Testimonies from 2004
Mr. Jingles

Hi Suzanne,
Thanks for writing. Mr. Jingles is WONDERFUL. I finally got the dog to accept him, they sleep together now. The dog is a poodle so she is harmless nevertheless he is so tiny I was afraid she might accidentally hurt him. He knows where his potty pan is and uses it like a good boy, He eats like a little piglet (everything in site including the dog's food). He went to the vet Saturday and weighed in at a whopping 2 pounds, goes in for his next scheduled shot in 2 weeks which is already scheduled.  He's beautiful and loved. I have taken pictures and will send some to you soon.
Thanks so much for Mr. Jingles.

Mr. Jingles has turned a year old and as of yesterday I have had him one year. Let me tell you, he is the most loving kitten, playful, curious, beautiful, laid back and the highlight of my day every day, he's my entertainment committee to say the least. He loves to play with Ms. Sider (the other British Shorhair I have) and sleeps with the poodle, sometimes even cleans her ears. He's just wonderful. If I lose track of him all I have to do is draw ice from the door of the refrigerator and he comes running, he's obsessed with ice to say the least.
Yesterday he went to the vet for his yearly exam and vaccinations and now weighs exactly 10 pounds. He was a good kitten and didn't even whimper when he got his shots, I think it hurt me more than him after all, he is my baby boy.
The next time I need a kitten you will definitely hear from me. Debbie says I love Jingles so much he's the best gift she could have given me.
Thank you so much for this beautiful kitten, he's everything one could expect from a wonderful kitten.
Hope you are doing well. Had to send you an update on my little man.


Everything went great, and she acclimated wonderfully! I played with her through the carrier all the way to Jackson. She was crying at first in the back seat, so I just put the carrier in my lap.  She would play a while and then sleep! When we got home from church Sunday, she was sleeping in a Dr. Pepper box that Zach had put in there for her to play in (rather than her pet carrier or this cute little bed Zach had bought her!)!

I took her to his bed and let her play for a while in the bed and under the covers.  By the time we left Sunday afternoon, she would go to him before she would go to me & so much for my granddaughter, since Zach says Gypsy is all I am getting in the way of a grandchild in the foreseeable future!
Thank you for everything.




Hey Dr. Henne
Thought you might like see this. The man that doesn't like cats. He took her from me immediately.

She is doing great, and so sweet.
Thanks so much,







I thought you might like to see our little Cielo at 1 year old. He is growing minute by minute and his curiosity never stops. He has brought so much joy to our home and even Patches has warmed up to him quite a bit. He and Osito have wrestling matches and Cielo still continues to be out weighed since Osito is about 17 pounds, but it won't be too much longer and I believe he will be the larger one. Thanks for this special little boy!

Bobby, Jan, Bobby, Patches, Osito & Cielo


Well, I tell you there is not much transitioning going on here. Even the little one is coming over to my leg and wanting to be held. Needless to say, the one with the blaze is all over the place; but little one is keeping right up with her.

Both have been eating since they arrived, and appropriately pooping in the right place. Right now little one is sitting right by my left arm, purring and watching me type.

I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed these little dears, even just a few hours after their arrival. I can tell the kind of attention and socialization you have given them. Thank you again so much.

Warmest regards,



Hi Suzanne:
Dickens has gotten so big that the house which is his favorite lounging place is falling in. Bruce is going to put some supports inside to try to hold up the weight. This has been his favorite hangout since he arrived here. He prefers the top as he can observe everything in the kitchen and eating area. Still is a wild child but very funny and lovable. He doesn't mew. Just a kind of squeak I guess it could be called. But he is quiet on the vocal level but fast on all fours. Does not like to be held much. Tolerates it for short periods but is always where we are. Likes to be brushed but only for short periods so far. He is growing so fast. Eats well and drinks plenty of water. Pretty healthy baby. I can't believe he is almost 4 months old already.  I put up the Christmas tree today and he almost went into a frenzy. After the initial attacks on it and me he has since ignored it but I can't believe that will last as curious as he is. Again thanks for this precious kitten. He has it made. Georgia


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