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Testimonies from 2005
Kirby and Bowser

Kirby and Bowser just celebrated their 6 month birthday at the vets getting neutered. They arrived very anxious to get out of their cage. It's amazing how much they have grown in 4 months. My children wish they could be shrunk back to baby kitten size. Kirby & Bowser are loved by everyone in the house, even my husband whowanted me to wait to get new kittens. Kirby has won him over; he's the only one who can hold him for any length of time. They both have their unique personalities. Bowser reminds me very much of my previous black brit.  Their playful antics keep us laughing; if only we could get all of them on film! Bowser is quite the chow hound; he weighs a little more than Kirby even though Kirby is bigger. Bowser's fur is soft and plush and Kirby's is soft and silky. They like visiting their 'Grandma' and 'Grandpa' so they can discover new and different places.

Merlin and Angus

Success! This has worked out even better than we could have hoped. I think in my last note I told you how pleased we were at the fast cessation of hostilities. Yesterday we noticed them playing together from time to time. Last night it was a three-ring circus. And today itís like theyíve been litter mates forever. The baby (who I guess we are going to call Merlin), just walks up to Angus and rubs against him, then turns around so his little butt can be smelled! Is this a feline submissive gesture or something? They play all the time.

The only thing Angus hates is when they play hide and seek, and he canít find the little devil, or when he runs under the couch and Angus canít fit there anymore. Iíve just been amazed at how dependent Angus has become! If he canít find the kitten, he walks all over the house mewing and looking abandoned. Heíll come to us and cry, then stay with us as we all hunt together. Heís just nuts about the little guy. It just makes us smile.  I just canít thank you enough for helping us be a complete family again.
Suzanne, Steve, Angus & Merlin


Hi, Suzanne,
First of all, I want to wish you and your family a very happy and healthy New Year.  I also want you to know that this little guy is my life. I went away for Thanksgiving, but missed him terribly. I decided to never leave him again. Every where I go, he follows. He sleeps with me every night and seems to be happy if I'm close to him. He loves the wet food snacks. When I open the can, he charges ahead of me, while looking behind him for fear I will not give it to him. I can't let him see me tie my shoe, because if he does, he charges at them. He recently waits until I get into the shower, then charges at my silhoutte behind the shower curtain. He is so fascinated with water and I'm sure someday he will just jump in.

Thank you for the love you gave him. I'm so fortunate to have found a caring breeder like yourself. Happy New Year!

Hi, Suzanne:
You were right! He didn't give me a moments rest. Everywhere I went, he would be behind me. He's a nonstop purring machine and craves constant petting. On the first night, he awakened me at 2am and would not allow me to go back to sleep. If I turned to the right, he was there, if I turned to to the left he was there. He would be stepping all over me. Finally, I had to trick him into leaving, then I shut my bedroom door. If I didn't do that, I would have never gotten back to sleep.
I really need him to be less dependent on me because during the week I'm out of the house for over 11 hours. Today I went shopping and left him alone for quite some time. Finally he seems to be going off and resting without the need for me to be there.
I never seen or heard of a cat being so overly affectionate.
He! 's also starting to eat, which makes me very happy.


Dr. Henne,
We just wanted to give you an update on Bones. It's about a year and a half now since we brought him home and he is a constant source of amusement to us! We just love him to pieces. I searched and searched for him for a couple years and I was so happy to find your website!  We recently found out that Bones was allergic to the food we were feeding him and now he is on a special diet...He's eating rabbit and duck now, how high society!  Bones is happy, playful and very content to be the ruler of the house. I keep trying to convince my husband that we need another!   It looks like the king is calling for his servants to fill up his tub so he can play in the water, not much of a meower, his little squeek is very funny!
Thanks again,
Tobi Darby


If I have not been in touch, it's because Nelson & I are getting ready for winter!

Bringing in the wood for winter!

Bob & Linda Rogers






Hello Suzanne,

We are absolutely delighted with our little duo. Hampton is a charm rapidly winning favor with all. Heather is just as you described a truly lovely kitten. Hope your daughter triumphed in PA.



Harry and Simmon

Dear Dr. Henne,
The trip home was a long one (about 8 hours with rush hour traffic in Dallas), but the two "boys" behaved beautifully. They slept early on for some time and again for the final couple of hours of the trip. I sat in the back seat with them and would let one at a time out of the carrier to sit in my lap on a blanket. That seemed to please them as the one left in the carrier did not even fuss until it was his turn to get out for a while. They love to be petted and the purring was at high blast while that was going on. We fed them canned food about 6:00 pm and they ate well and drank lots of water. A hint for anyone picking up kittens by car--we covered the carrier with a dark throw and that seemed to be soothing to them as they did not see cars, lights, etc., go zooming by.

We have had them in our bedroom and bath since we got home until they get used to us and acclimated to the house. They have played like crazy with toys and with us. One of them slept on my pillow and the other by David's leg. This morning the playing started again, full-speed. We have a cedar-chest at the foot of the bed and they use that to jump onto the rather tall bed. They have eaten well again this morning and have been using their box, so all is going well. Wish I had their energy! We thank you again for the excellent care you have given them and the way you have socialized them so well. They never showed any fear at all on the trip and have embraced their new lives here readily. They are a precious gift and we thank you so much for all you did to make our trip home and their move to Austin successful. As for "Harry" and "Simon," they could not possibly be any cuter and we are completely taken with them. Will send you pictures as they grow.

Thanks again,

Linda and David


Hi Suzanne,
Ares is doing fabulously - he recently has a new sister and is becoming quite the terror. I can't believe how big he has gotten, his coat is beautiful as are his eyes. We're all settled into our new home and he loves having all the space. Although with two of them now it sounds like I have dogs running around! .
Thanks for your time,







He is one neat cat. I tried to isolate him from the other cats and he would have nothing to do with that. His best friend is Peanut. He would play with all of them, if they were interested. He loves people and sleeps between Steve and me at night, which I thought would be a little dangerous, but that's where he wants to be.... He uses the "big" cat boxes, with no problem, it's just funny watching him get in and out...( I was willing to set him up with a smaller one.)  I want to try and show him, but it will be a first for both of us.... I was recently looking at your website and the picture of the kittens.. Pictures just don't don't tell the whole story about your cats. Their personalities far exceed what a camera can capture... That's just my 2 cents worth, though....

Again, I need to thank you for one truly wonderful cat and member of our family.

Spencer and Sarah

Hi Suzanne,
Sorry that we haven t been in touch. After Katrina, we must have had a power surge either when we lost power or when we got it back, because I lost my hard drive on the computer. We had no power for 2 and a half days, we had to run on generator power. The kittens did very well during their first hurricane. I got the most adorable picture of them, but youíll have to wait until Christmas to see it because I am going to use it as my Christmas Card. We could not love these babies anymore. Sarah and I have formed a huge bond. I have to touch her all the time because she is so unbelievably soft. I just nuzzle her in my neck and she makes the cutest sounds. They both had their vaccines completed. Spencer weighs 5 lbs 15 ounces and Sarah 5 lbs 6 ounces. They are eating machines. Spencer is more curious about his surroundings and he is the first to learn the kitty door out onto our covered patio. Sarah watches him but still hasn t mastered it yet. She is more the people person yet Spencer is the first to jump into bed with us at night. They play so hard and get locked in mortal combat for hours on end. Forget trying to sleep after 8am when playtime begins. Until after 3pm, then it is safe if you need a nap. Spencer tries so hard to be buddies with our Persian. He rubs all over him and walks underneath him, but the Persian so far hasnít come around. He follows them everywhere though like he is very curious. We have playtime with all 3, but the kittens end up getting all the toys because they are willing to do acrobatics and he isnít.

Spencer loves the computer screen and TV screen. He is funny, keeps walking up to the screen and touching it with his paws as I type the letters on the page. Thanks again for our wonderful family. Hope that Rita didnít cause any flooding in Little Rock. Looked on the map like you were getting a lot of rain. Please take care, we will stay in touch now that we have our new computer.
Best wishes,
Jodi and Larry Visi



Just a note to tell you that Frasier wins the heart of everyone that stops by my home. The other cat was bent out of shape at first but she now tolerates him. They are becoming friends. Although when I feed them their small tuna each am and pm, Frasier tries to get into Callie's dish too. He eats alot. Will send you updates and pictures from time to time.
What a joy he is...



These are some pictures of our little angel. Isn't he precious?   And in one of them I got him to meow, which isn't very hard at all, he is very vocal.







Hi Suzanne,
I thought you might enjoy a picture of Gus. As you can see he is growing and doing fine. His attitude amazes me -- he is so well socialized. Nothing seems to bother him; and as you can see, he and Ralph Doberman have become great friends.
Thanks again for such a wonderful kitten. He has become a very important member of this family.

Potter and Pumpkin

Dr. Henne,
Thought I'd send updated photos of all by babies!!!! Its amazing how big Potter is! Pumpkin is a little waif in comparison. Both are a delight, can't imagine life without two of them!
PS...excellent with the baby. They never hissed, growled or resented her presence. So, they pretty much assume they still rule the roost.
Thanks again,
Molly Karmazin


Dr. Henne,
Potter is doing very well. Corey thought that he might die trying to acclimate the two cats, so afraid that Pumpkin wouldn't like us anymore. Today they are wrestling and chasing eachother around the house. Pumpkin was much more the lap cat when she was small, Potter just wants to explore, although he will cuddle when absolutely pooped. I sent a few pictures....note none of them have the two together, I'll work on that. : )
Thank you so much,
Molly Karmazin

Suzanne -
She could not believe it!!! She started to cry when she saw the kitten. She loves it - Pumpkin has adjusted to her new home really well - not timid at all. Pumpkin is so funny, she cries if she can't see people around her - so you have to call her and she comes running over to the area where Molly (my sister) and Corey (her husband) are. Both Friday and Saturday night she fell a sleep on my sisters lap in the evening. She is just the perfect kitten -so lovable and playful! I will send pictures hopefully in the next 24 hours - my husband has to show me how to download them off my new digital camera. I took lots of pictures of Pumpkin and me as I am hoping I can convince my husband to let me get a kitten now.
Thanks again for everything!!!

Beau and Sukey

Hi, Suzanne:
I have the two most wonderful kittens in the world! The trip back went fine, although I couldn't really see the kittens under the seat in front of me because of the lack of leg room in Coach, and they didn't start to cry until we were in the cab caught up in a huge, unexpected traffic jam. But once we got home they explored, and explored, and explored, until they decided to call it quits and sleep under the sofa! But they've now done everything they should and are eating very well. It's such fun with two -- today Sukey tried to climb into the tub, which didn't exactly work. Then Beau took over and showed her how it's done -- jumping, of course -- and she found she could do it, too!  I'm working on getting my digital camera up and running, so I'll try to send you a photo when they're a little older. Thanks for all your help, and for breeding such wonderful kittens. I know that sharing their lives will be a true joy!



Piper, Zoey and Zeus

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that Piper is doing great. Zoey and Zeus are getting used to her being here. Piper and Zeus are like to peas in a pod. Plus she is like his little shadow. They are getting along great and playing with each other. Zeus is even cleaning out her ears for her and teaching her the ropes around here. Zoey is has come around a lot since we first began this journey.

Piper is eating well and growing more and more each day. She is so cute. The girls at my vets office just love her. They all wanted to keep her. Actually every one who has met her just loves her and thinks she is the most adorable thing.
I hope all is well with you.
Thank you again.


Piper is beautiful! You were right she is just a doll. I love her! She purrs all the time I just love it!

I got her meds and her records. Her right eye is tearing a bit so I used the drops you gave me. She is eating well and she is exploring the place. I tried to leave her in the bathroom for a bit and after a 1/2 hour she was ready to run all over the place and check it out. I had the two litter boxes and she jump right in the big one and did what she needed to do. She cracks me up. She is still a bit timid in ways but that is understandable. Yesterday was a big day. She slept with me last night and cuddled with me on the couch before bed.

Zeus and Zoey have been a bit of a challenge. Zoey more so then Zeus. I think Zeus is curious and thinks she is a toy and gets freaked out when she moves. Hopefully they will get used to her. Do you have any advice on this one?

Thank you so much! You are the best and so is she!
Thank you and I will be in touch!


Took Amicus to the vet yesterday for a check-up and just as I suspected she IS perfect! Sh45555e ws (sorry she's "helping" me!) She was so good while we were there- let the vet check her out and never moved- I was impressed. Our two 1/2 year old loves to tie a string around her waist and have Amicus chase her around the house- it keeps them both entertained.  Amicus is the best natured kitten! As you can see she gets loved on quite a bit. This is her with 2 1/2 year old Ryan Elizabeth.
She is a gorgeous kitten!
Thanks again!





The trip home was great. It rained on the way home, but the drive was so beautiful. We want to go back down there in the fall to see the leaves turn. 

It was very nice to meet you also. Again, we appreciate you making the trip to meet us. Thank you for all of the goodies also. We LOVE Smokey! He has been a wonderful kitten. Great with the kids and purrs all the time. He loves to be petted, although he does like to hide. He goes under our bed or beneath the couch downstairs. Hopefully he will outgrow the hiding soon. We want him under our feet more! Also, he licks his paws a lot and shakes them like they still hurt him a little. I'm sure this will stop in the next few days. Smokey is everything we had hoped he would be and more. The kids can't stop playing with him. We really needed a pet, and Smokey is filling that void wonderfully.
Thanks again!


Good morning Suzanne!
It's been a while since I have given you an update on Belle so I thought I would do so now!

She is very healthy and VERY active! She weighs 6.5 pounds! She and Duke are friends now and it helps that she's declawed. I don't know what would have happened if she had claws! I have read that Brits don't use their claws a lot which is good. As you can tell by the pictures she has grown a lot! She is so sweet but VERY independent! She doesn't mind being held as long as it's for a few minutes at a time. She's had only one mishap, my son was cleaning the toilet and she wanted to see what he was doing so she got up on the rim and she got a little too close and plop! she fell in! So I had to rinse her off which she hated of course then after she was all clean I put her in a towel and dried her up and of course she had to help! She has started to do her figure 8s and rubbing herself against us, my daughter calls it her "cat sense".      Rowene

Ola and Isa

Ola and Isa came to work today as I had workmen at my home. We started them in two small 'safe' rooms. They were bored with the rooms in about 5 minutes and promptly crawled over the cardboard barriers and tromped down the hall. Spent most of the day running behind file cabinets, chasing each other and their tails around and generally have a a very grand time. Right now they are resting. They continue to be fearless.


December, 2005
Ola and Isa are now six months old. While I was out of town recently they came to the office and charmed everyone who came in. Attached are their Christmas photos. These 'girls' continue to be fearless. They love to hear the front door open, run down stairs and march up to whomever is coming in with their tails straight up in the air. Very different personalities, but they are very mcuh inseparable. They are a joy to have. Margaret



Just an update on my kitten. She is wonderful!!! We named her Madison, but we call her Maddy. I got her registered, finally. She is a climber, loves to get on TOP of the cabinets. Not just on the countertops, TOP of the cabinets. She jumps on the countertop, then the top of the refrigerator and then the TOP of the cabinets. There is a shelf up there and she likes to walk it. She gets in trouble (squirt bottle), so she does it when we are not home. My son says when he comes home, she sometimes hears him coming and tries to get down before he sees her!!! But there is only one way down, the same way she went up on the refrigerator, and if she is all the way around, she runs to try and make it before someone sees her!!! She also LOVES to sleep in the bathroom sink!!! At night, that's where she is, unless my husband isn't home and then she sleeps with me.

Remember I was concerned that she would like my husband better than me, since he was home with a broken leg. Well, in the evenings, she comes to me and lays on my lap. She lets ME pet her, not him!! He takes a little offense that she likes me better, since he is home all day. I LOVE IT!!! We girls have to stick together!!
Blanchard, OK

Sarah and Spencer

Dear Suzanne,
Sarah and Spencer played so hard all evening, we got no sleep. Traveling was no problem. Spencer was afraid on the first flight with takeoff and landing, but I kept my hand in the carrier to pet and comfort them. Sarah was very good. In Atlanta we had a little time so we each took a kitten and 0-------------------------n(that is Sarah's contribution to this note). But anyway, we each held one, and comforted them. Got them out of the carrier for a few minutes. Then on the second flight they slept so hard we were scared they had suffocated. I had to wake them up to make sure they were ok. They slept the entire flight. In the car on the way home, my mom and aunt each held one. They couldn't wait until we got home to see them. They are very well adjusted kittens. We are still keeping them with us at night and in our master bedroom, bathroom, den area during the ay until they get more comfortable with all the surroundings. They get in part of the house and if either the other kitten or Larry or I aren't visible, they sit there and cry. Then if we call them or they can see us they come tearing at us like they haven't seen us in ages. They slept all night in bed with us. They were excellent. Both are eating and using the box. I got Iams kitten dry food and Iams pouches. Sarah's eye looks much better. I've heard Spence sneeze a few times, but God knows what he may have smelled in that hotel room. We go to our vet Thursday on my day off so they can get acquainted. We took a few pictures of them lounging in Larry's lap and various places, we will send pictures regularly.

Thank you so much for these precious babies, our home is complete again. Sarah jumped into a planter (artificial) in our TV room and poked her head up out of the foliage just like Sapphire used to do. It made us feel really good. They think they are jungle kitties. It was precious. We just love how they like each other, but also like being handled and loved by us. They also liked the back patio. I had them out there a little last evening and they both passed out, so I carried them into bed and they must have stayed there all night. It would be wonderful if they slept like that every night. We could not love them anymore. I know them apart even in the dark, due to the difference in the texture of their fur. Sarah is so soft, Spencer a little coarser. We will stay in touch, but I wanted you to know how well we did in our journey home. Security was scary since we had to take them out of the carrier and they were scared and clawing me like crazy, but I hung on for dear life until the carrier came thru the xray machine. Thanks for sharing your wonderful kittens with us. They are so loved already, and I think happy. It was wonderful meeting you. Thank you for everything.
Jodi Visi


We named him Willie after Willie Nelson (whom we love). He is the absolute best cat ever! I will send pictures of him growing up. He is so good and sweet and just perfect. My 5 year old son just adores him and Willie loves him too. He is so laid back and is just doing great here. We all are so happy!

Brie Pilgram


Dr. Henne,
At six months old Phoebe weighs 7.5 pounds and is growing daily. The Harpeth county vet says she is not over weight but muscular. Thank goodness. Her appetite is huge. Since she has learned to open cabinet doors, I've had to move her food to the hall closet. She would hit, bite and move the plastic container until it would open. I would come home to a mess and a full sleepy kitten.
She still walks well on the leash but will not let anyone take a picture of her being led. She will sit and lick the base of her tail; not a becoming pose; when the camera is in range. My sister taught her to fetch a "splash" ball; a soft material covered ball. She loves to do this for hours.
My parents kitten set for a week while I was on vacation. They discovered she knew how to unplug lights. I now spray bitter apple on the plug at least twice a week.
She shocks me every day with things she can do, for example: flush the toilet ( I should train her to use it) turn lights on and off (if there is something to jump on next to the switch) opens dresser drawers to crawl in and sleep catch and collect bugs on the patio (in a pile) cover herself with a blanket if she is cold open cabinet doors (I've put baby locks on some) If she had human thumbs, she would be dangerous.
Her eyesight is remarkable. She loves animal planet and will sit on the edge of the coffee table to watch. When she can't stand it any more, she jumps up and touches the animals on the screen. She is curious about where the train, people, cars etc. go when they walk off the edge of the screen. She has caused me and my family to laugh as she follows a car etc. and walks behind the TV looking for it.
Her favorite color is bright pink. She chooses toys with the color over any other. Although she uses both paws when playing, she is left pawed. Her meow is like a squeak when compared to my parents cats. I was worried I would not hear her if she needed help. My mind was put at ease when she was locked in the closet and wanted out. She knows how to yell when she wants something or needs help.
Donna K. Morgan
Nashville nurse

Dr. Suzanne,
Phoebe is 1 year old today. She has made a wonderful addition to my family and brought me great joy. In celebration, she tasted her first cat treats (tender bites). She loves to eat them. She has been sitting on the coffee table beside the bag with her paw on top meowing for some more. I can see now Phoebe is addicted to their taste. The attached pictures were taken today too. She loves pink. I should say she will choose objects colored pink before any other color. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into breeding such wonderful furry friends.
Donna K. Morgan
Nashville nurse


Hi Suzanne,
Hope all is well, just thought I'd write you and let you know how things are going.  That night went slowly in the hotel. When we went to eat I kept him in the carrier and he hissed at me when I tired to go pet him. Lately though I think it could have been a meow, given that his are so quite, but either way. I was a little upset, but when we got back I was able to coax him out of the carrier with the feathers, so he had fun playing and hiding the rest of the night. He hid for a while when we got back home, but eventually he came out to play. The first day he was still a little skeptical of any fast movements or anyone standing up, but as of today he is doing just fine. He figured out yesterday how to get up onto my bed, so I had a foot warmer last night and a wake up call this am at 6!!! It's nice to relax and have him curl up to nap next to me; what a comforting feeling.  I love him to death and I can't get over how gorgeous he is; the perfect color and his eyes already are getting copper. It's cute to see the little things he does, like constantly flex his paws without scratching; it's like a little massage cuz I always hold his paws. And it's so funny, since you mentioned it in the car, but I swear he wags his tail. Sometimes its the whole thing, but its cuter when he just moves the end back and forth. I couldn't be happier!!!
We have our first vet appointment on Tuesday, so hopefully that goes well. As soon as I get pics on my computer I'll send them along.
 Thank you so much for everything!!!


Hi Suzanne:
Just thought I would tell you that BamBam, our blue and white male, is doing great. I am just amazed at his friendly and loving personality. Each time we have taken him for followup visits to the vet (shots and stuff) they cannot even hear his heartbeat because he won't stop purring! A little trick my vet uses is to turn on the water...it distracts him long enough she can hear his heart. What a joy he has been to our family...so thanks!
Kathy Meyer
Training Coordinator
Utah State Office of Rehabilitation


Dear Dr. Henne,
Just a little note letting you know that we are absolutely enjoying having Felix in our family. He is beautiful, healthy and playful! We could not be happier with him and my mom insists that she is going to get a kitten this fall. :)   Take care and we hope that everything is going well for you and your family. Thank you again for a wonderful kitten.


Nicole and Jason McVicker






Hi Suzanne,
Didn't know if you could use another picture for a testimonial. Here is a picture of Bentley planning his next pounce. He tends to be very, very busy and likes to carry his toys around with him. I frequently find them upstairs on the bed, in his dish, or inside my shoes!

J. Ann Hower, Ph.D.
Director, Office of New Student Programs
University of Michigan



Outstanding! Ouachita Princess Bella is so beautiful and so much fun! She had her first bath with us this morning. I am not sure who loves her more my wife or daughter.  My wife claims prior to this she was not a cat person. We couldn't be happier.
Thanks again,





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