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Testimonies from 2006

The trip went great, no problems. Aengus seamed a bit anxious the first night, he kept looking for his familiar friends, but he did fine. As of today he has taken over his new Kingdom and completely rules the house.
     As you said, he "checks" on all of us at various points in the day and night and seems extremely content just to be around us. He laid on my lap for the entire football game yesterday and seemed very content and laid back.
     He had a ball "helping" Hope open her Christmas packages and wrestling the wrapping all around the room. He spent the whole morning playing with his new toys. He is perfect in every way, just as you said he would be. We couldn't be happier.
     Will send an update and some pics in a few weeks so you can track his
progress. Thanks for the wonderful pet.
Merry Christmas,
Bonnie, Steve and Hope


     Here is our new kitty (Cheerio) with his new family. He arrived today, via Delta Airlines, from Little Rock, Arkansas. He endured one flight delay and a canceled flight before his arrival in Knoxville.
   He is a British Shorthair. This breed of cat, I have read, was the inspiration for the original Cheshire cat in Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland. We are trying to think of names which will sound British. Suggestions are appreciated. So far we have "Jack" (after C.S. Lewis), Buckley, Gatsby (Jo, I know that's Fitzgerald), Bitzer, Dickens, Watson, and Brit.
David Moore


Happy Holidays!
Have a recent picture of KiKi & our 2 bulldogs - Sophie & Molly. Took a couple of tries to get them all looking at the camera at the same time! We put the Christmas tree up last week & she's left it alone until today - has all ready knocked off 4 ornaments! What a pistol!

Dr. Henne,
She's doing great! Seems to be settling in really well & has checked out most of the house by now! She is pretty hilarious - has been fighting with herself in the mirror - what a riot! She's a hit with everyone that's met her so far, (except maybe the dogs, but we're working on that one).
I bought some of the Soft Claws for kittens, so will try & figure out whether I can get them on her this weekend. Should be a challenge, I'm sure!
Here's a couple pictures I've taken over the last couple days. The flash made her eyes look yellow, so will keep trying to get better pictures if I can get her to hold still long enough!
Will keep you updated.
Becki (& KiKi)


Hello Suzanne -
Just a few pics of Magnus. He is now 5 and 1/2 months old and wonderful. He is the sweetest cat we could have every imagined. We spoil him with attention, which he loves. He enjoys jumping from one indoor "tree" to another for fun. His favorite toy is a hairband of mine, that he carries around the house. His coat is as soft as velvet.
thanks again for Magnus, he's wonderful
Maybe one day we will have to get him a friend...
Britt and Brian



He's been exploring and meeting the rest of the gang. He's busy, busy, busy and then konks out for a nap. We had a power outage for 1.5 hours this afternoon and he slept most of that time but his little head would pop up whenever snow fell off the roof or there was a strong gust of wind. Sadie, our wolfhound, is absolutely fascinated with him and Fergus doesn't mind her at all. Cody and Greebo are a little miffed but seem to know he's here to stay and adjusting. We make sure they get their share of love and attention too. Fergus is fascinated with the pellet stove and sits in front of it like a little kid watching TV. He has so much spunk and so much energy, then has to run over for a cuddle and off he goes again. A friend stopped by (one who professes to dislike cats) and spent most of the time playing with Fergus. He's the first BS we've had at such a young age, the others have been 4-10 months old, so we are thoroughly enjoying him. He's eating well and using the litter box. One of the things I was worried about was keeping the other cats away from the kitten food, however, Cody and Greebo haven't bothered it at all except to sniff it.
     We'll keep you updated on his growth.
Our granddaughter met him last night and carted him around with her. It was cute because he snuggled with her most of the time Jessica was here. One of the toys we have is a wand with a feather and bell on the end and Fergus prefers playing with the handle. It's funny because the cat we lost to cancer preferred the handle too. He just keeps us laughing with his antics.


Hello Suzanne!
Hope you are having a wonderful December so far! Our little family is doing just fine. Miko has recovered from her sniffles. Her and Yumi are so playful and the best of friends. They mean so much to me and my husband and we are so thankful to have them with us.
Happy Holidays from the Williams family!




Hi, Suzanne, here is a picture of Gracie when I was able to catch her being still! She is a very active little girl. Do you think she will outgrow the climbing phase!?!?! She will go as high as she can. This morning she was trying to climb the floor lamp by my chair from the back of the chair and, fortunately, I was able to catch the lamp as it was tipping over. We are just days away, I am sure, from her making it to the kitchen counter in one jump.
     She moves so fast... if we aren't paying close attention to where she is and open a closet door and then close it, she may be trapped! We know this has happened when we suddenly realize we haven't seen her for awhile... her very quiet meow doesn't help her be found! Otherwise, she is good about appearing when we call her.
     She is growing like a weed,,, have no idea what she weighs now but is "filling out" nicely. Her eye is doing good. Our Vet here thinks the flare ups might be stress related. She had a problem for a few days after she was boarded for 10 days, but cleared up within a week using the eye drops. We got more drops and will use them when needed. 
     She is very playful, so enticing her with some toy works pretty good for getting her away from somewhere we don't want her at the moment. She does know when she is in trouble but ignores the consequences!  We love her dearly and she has us well trained by now.
     Hope you have a great Christmas season.

Miss Bonnie

Hi Suzanne,
By the way, Miss Bonnie (this is what I call her) was introduced to her stepsisters on Thanksgiving eve (afternoon). They are tolerating her and she the same. The pecking order has been established.  Currently, she is at the bottom but I see her working her way up. I don’t think however that she will make it past my two Maine Coons, Sabina & Katina.
     Sabina is the head honcho of the group. Everyone else seems to let her have her way. For the last two nights, Miss Bonnie has been keeping me company in bed.  She’s already picked-up on my routine. When the lights go out at night, she runs to the door that leads to the bedrooms and waits for me.  She loves running ahead of me up the stairs. Surprisingly, she lies still all night.  She does however; start pawing me about 5:45 A.M. just before my alarm goes off at 6:00 A.M.

Together, we toss and turn and then she beats me down the stairs and waits for me at the door to let her out to the main part of the house where the food, water and litter box is. She’s a LOVE!!!!! My husband would have adored her.
     Hopefully, you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and visit with your daughter.


Dear Suzanne,
Pebbles is growing big, and now he’s 6.6 lbs. We stop giving him the medication about a week ago after the doctor’s examination. He is doing great! He’s full of energy, running and jumping all over the place. He sleeps a lot also. Once he sleeps, he doesn’t know and doesn’t care what happens. Pretty much like Albert on this. =D One of the pictures I attached was taken by Albert. This was one afternoon, I fall sleep on the couch, and Pebbles was right next to me… sleeping too. Looks so cute. We love him very much, and so do our friends and guests. Thank you for having this wonderful kitten.
Jackie & Albert


I usually get home from work by 4 pm, so it was a smart move getting all of them as they won't be lonely....... and they can plan more mischief when I'm gone (ha, ha,). It is always better to have more than one for that reason I guess I'm trying to say social interaction while us humans aren't home. And it's more fun to watch two play. They haven't taken over the whole house yet but were working on it.
     I laugh as much at Sparkle as the boys. She is a character. She really doesn't like to be picked up, but if I pat the chair or couch she'll usually come, and jump up with me. We have this new couch, and 2 matching chairs ,and they all are recliners. So this one chair she has claimed, and when she goes to get down it moves the reclining part, and scares her. So I decided not to leave the recliner up anymore because if I were sitting in it, and got up, and pushed in the recliner part that could hurt or kill a cat or kitten. I'm so glad I thought of that one can never be too careful. That's also my husbands favorite chair so when he comes home again I'll have to tell him. They pick on her, and she gives it back after a while.( I love Sparkles sort of meow it cracks me up, especially when she gets in the talking mode with me, or the kittens).Then they have a time out back in the guest room, and she lays by me on the couch and watches TV, and purrs, and purrs. She likes her individual attention without them sometimes but she also plays with them ,and grooms them too. Go figure.

The kittens had fun chewing some papers I graded the other night. Imagine me the teacher going to school explaining to 8 kids my kittens chewed your homework. It's supposed to be the oldest trick in the book.... a kid saying my dog ate my homework right? Well this time it was the other way around but everyone even in the teachers lounge had a good laugh. Of course I've been taking pictures, and showing them off. I teacher friend of mine said they look like their hell raisers. They are but I know their enjoying life, and are very happy. That right there is the most important thing. And boy do they eat a lot that's okay especially growing kittens, but Sparkle is not thinking of dieting anytime soon.

 I had to laugh the other night. I had two eight packs of sparkle paper towels, and a 12 pack of toilet paper stacked up in the half bathroom where they were between the toilet,and the sink. (I usually buy Scott or Bounty but the store was out of both because they were on sale) Anyway... Sparkle the cat jumped up on them to lay in the sink, and the kittens followed her so I gave them a catnip toy in the sink. I was watching them for a while before I noticed the paper towels said Sparkle. I thought that was funny. So I left everything there, and that's their ladder to the sink to play.
     Well that's the scoop for now they're happy, I'm happy,and I'm sure you are knowing what I call the best home in the world. Keep in touch by e-mail, and if I don't hear from you have a nice Thanksgiving. i know I have a lot to be Thankful for this year.. my 3 new kids, and I thank you for that.

I thought you'd like to know what the little demons were up to. I thought you'd get a kick out of their antics, but most of all I wanted you to know how happy, and adjusted they are. I have to go out tomorrow and get a more of the turbo scratchers(you know what they are probably, they are a plastic circle, where the ball won't come out so they chase it around, and around, and in the middle is a round scratching pad to put catnip on) well Sparkles loves it, but as soon as the kittens play with it she comes from anywhere and slaps them... then she grooms them, and lays on the turbo scratcher so they can't use it. I'll probably buy about 6 of them so they'll be around the house.


Hi Suzanne,
Mordastik is doing great. He is into everything (of course) and especially likes the ribbons and packaging for Christmas. He is the ideal pet. Photos attached.
     The soft paws are working out very well. He has lost a couple, but does not seem to be interested in scratching the furniture.
     Have a wonderful holiday season.
     Best regards,


Thought I’d give you a Simon update. He’s doing great. Last weekend I had my first big gathering at the house and he was a real sweetie to everyone. He stayed around the whole time, let people pet him and play with him, and even got on a couple laps. It even only took him a few minutes to get over it when we cheered really loud (football party).
     The rest of the time, other than the fact that he’s doing his best to eat me out of house and home, and he revels in destroying things, he’s everything I wanted. He’s playful but sweet. He likes to cuddle, especially in the morning. He’s friendly to everyone and puts up with whatever anyone does to him, even if they pick him up when he’s not in that kind of mood.
     I’ve attached a few pictures. He has huge paws and a VERY thick tail. I assume he’s still got some growing to do



Hello Suzanne,
Hasn't Max grown into a handsome young cat! He is adorable and everyone who meets him knows he is special.
     There's a few pictures of him with Shadow. They get along quite good and Shadow is sort of a mother with him. They each go between being really sweet and playing rough.....I think they adore each other though. You can see Max sucks up the gentle attention he gets, then Shadow holds him down as if to say "hold still I missed a spot".
     He is fascinated with running water and often is on the side of the tub when one of us takes a shower, he likes to be near the kitchen sink or bathroom sink and runs his paws through the water. He also likes the printers and when either one comes to life, he's right there watching the process.
     I've taken up watercolor painting and just treated myself to a new brush....made with squirrel hair. It didn't take him long to go after the brush so I can no longer leave it in my brush holder...it has to stay in the box with a cover.
     Did you notice the picture of him with the turkey sandwich in a baggie? He found that in my daughter's room and thought it was great. We took it away from him and set it aside to be thrown out, and he went after it and dragged it back into her room. Course I took it away again after taking a picture.
     Hope all is well and "A Happy Thanksgiving" to you and your family and all the cats!

Hi Suzanne,
He is doing great, and we did go with the name Max (Maxfield). He gets along with all of us and he and Shadow are beginning to play together and no longer hiss at each other. Shadow even gave him a couple of licks.
Max likes the cat tree and also looking out the living room window. He sits on the bottom perch of the cat tree which is about level with the window sill. I love coming home, driving up beside the house, looking up towards that window and seeing that cute little gray face of his looking out!
He loves those little holey balls with the bells inside, and can loose five of them in a short amount of time. He's now up to two floors of the house. I haven't yet let him into the basement. He likes the main floor best, where we tend to hang out, where the computer is, my office chair, and the cat tree. I think they are both up stairs at this moment as it's quiet here, and I just heard a thump above.
How is Mr. Personality?
We love Max...he is so sweet.



Good morning. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Just a quick update:
we took Frosty to the doctor yesterday for his rabies shot and she (Dr. Talbot) said he was "perfect". He officially weighs four pounds and is adorable! I believe he is beginning to lose his baby fur; his coat is beautiful and getting much more soft.
     I talked with the Dr. whether or not she feels Frosty needs the feline leukemia shots and she advised against it too. So, the only shot he got was
rabies; he did very well just a little tired at the end of the day.
     He is obviously better today as he is helping type this email... note his keystrokes above. Take care and I'll send more pictures later.
v/r Della

He is doing great! He has "run" of the house now, but stays with us in whichever room we're in. He sleeps through the night with us and still uses me as he kneads himself to
I love him!


Hi Suzanne! I thought you might like to see how Ella has grown...she is a joy! She loves to "help" me in my office while I'm (trying to) work! She has chosen her favorite spot, which is on the shelf right above my computer and right below the window, where she loves to sit and look outside or take a little snooze...She also has a favorite mouse toy that has a tiny squeak -- it sounds quite real actually -- and she carries it by the tail as if she has caught it in the hunt and brings it to me to lay it at my feet just as if she really was hunting mice outside! She is just too funny to watch.
     The malocclusion of her teeth still persists...she will see the doctor again at 10 months old and maybe have to have that upper tooth pullled if the teeth don't come into alignment by then. I happened to be speaking to a very reputable breeder of American Shorthairs yesterday and she suggested that maybe that bothersome tooth could be filed down to alleviate the problem rather than pulling it. That sounds like an excellent idea to me and I will mention it to the vet the next time we see her.
     Other than that problem, she is a total doll baby and we just love her! Her personality is wonderful and she is all I hoped she would be...I hope you enjoy these new photos!
Bonnie Cudney
Traverse City, MI

Hi Suzanne...Ella is just a little teddy bear bundle of purrs...she is so adorable...we had a very early-in-the-season snowstorm at the end of this week, in fact the earliest snow on record I heard...here are photos of her looking out the window at the white stuff...I think she realized how nice and cozy it was inside because she settled into that spot and slept curled up there the whole morning!  Lisa is accepting her now and they will both curl up and sleep beside me on the sofa in the evenings when we're watching TV. They play together chasing the laser light toy, too. And, as you can see by one of the photos, Ella and Logan have become buddies...
Warmest Regards,
Bonnie Cudney

Hi Suzanne! Ella has graduated from her safe room to having the run of the house...she is very curious and very comfortable; no lack of self-esteem in this kitty!! She isn't bothered at all by the other pets, and they are all doing fine with her, even Lisa who still keeps a respectful distance, but tolerates her now. I had a fun morning taking the attached photos!!
She is a wonderful little purrson...so beautiful and social!! As you can see in the photos, she has a little collar and I.D. tag now...hopefully she will never venture outside accidentally, but just in case...
Warmest regards,
Bonnie Cudney


Here are a couple of newer pics of the boys! They just keep on growing! We think Winston must have some dog genes or something because he loves to have his belly rubbed and runs to the bathroom sink when you turn it on and sticks his head under it in an attempt to get a drink, besides the fact he like to play in it. They are so cute and funny. The holidays may be a challenge with them around, when we cook we usually end up putting them into lockup to keep them from getting hurt, I can just imagine them with a turkey sitting on the counter!!! Having a Christmas tree up may be quite an adventure also. Oh well, it is like having small children in your house again. Hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving!
Pamela S. Pivinski
Mustang, OK



Elizabeth is doing great! The attached photo was taken one Saturday morning not too long ago. She loves the boys as much as they love her. They play with her a lot and expect her to ride along in the car whenever possible. Lee Pearson has nicknamed her Fuzzball. He has been the surprise. He will carry Elizabeth around like a baby and she is happy to accommodate him. He had the letter "E" for show and tell at school and his teacher let me bring her to class. Lee Pearson got her out of the carrier and held her while each child gave her a rub. Elizabeth never seemed to mind. However, she was exhausted by the time we got home. I gave her a special treat, then she napped for the rest of the day. She has also made an appearance at BJ's school. Once again, she did super. BJ likes to groom her and Elizabeth likes it even more. I am her maid and Stacy is her keeper and that is exactly how she perceives the two of us.

Elizabeth met with Dr. Thomas on Monday and weighed in at 2 1/2 pounds. He as well as the others in his office thought she was sooo pretty. She is the first British Short hair to be seen in his clinic. They are anxious to see how Elizabeth develops.
We are taking her for short rides in the car. The boys did a couple of camps and Elizabeth went for pick ups or drop offs. She has been to my parents home twice. She loves to bounce around in their playroom. I think she enjoys the adventurs. My goal is for her to ride with me to pick up the boys from school.
We have attached a picture of her playing.
The Simmons Family

Winston and Woodrow

Suzanne: I have my laptop on my lap and Winston and Woodrow keep walking on the keyboard so I am not sure if you got my last email (funny). We picked them up about an hour ago and they were so happy to be home! They are both so beautiful, so affectionate, and into everything! The came home and ate some wet food, used their new litter box and water fountain and have been busy playing with each other. They are so cute - we just love them! They love being with us and are purring away. Just now Winston got worn out form all the excitment and is sleeping on the couch behind my neck (never mind, playtime again!). They have so much fun together.
Anyway, they made it here safe and sound and we couldn't be happier. We will be in touch. thank you so very much - we could not have gotten them from a better source -
Mark and Greta Pass


Hi, Suzanne-
Today, Emma is one year old. I can't believe she has been with us since last January. She is doing fine and has brought us so much happiness. Cats give so much and ask so little in return, what wonderful creatures they are!
Thank you for breeding such amazing kittens!

Emma is a little dear, and makes us so happy just to be around her.  Yesterday, she and Elliot were playing a game together. She was on top of the kitchen table, and he was under it, on one of the chairs, with a long table cloth in between. They were batting at one another through the table cloth. Emma finally lost interest, and hopped down. My daughter came into the room and sat down, unaware of their game. Elliot apparently thought she was the next player up. He swatted her a good one through the table cloth and made her jump. It was very funny. 
Emma loves her mice. She still likes her first "safe room", and I often find that she has gathered her mice together on the bed there. Sometimes she wants some quiet nap time to herself. I keep her carrier in that room, on the floor. The door is closed, but not latched. She likes to go in there, nap inside the carrier. She will open the door, and let herself in and out of the carrier.
Yes, I'm sorry that my husband isn't ready yet. But, one day, he will be. I will surely remember you when the time comes. If it were up to me, I would probably have three or four underfoot. We will stay in touch. I owe you some pictures, I won't forget..
Mary and Emma in Oregon

No feathered tail, just a felt tail , same fabric as on the body. Nice loud rattle inside it, though. She is such a character. I think the color is unimportant, it's the louder rattle and the slightly wider tail and...just maybe it's special to her because it's the one she brought with her :) I saw an orange one in one of your current kitten pictures that looks like it, so they must come in several colors. I wish I had been able to find a source here. I never knew there were so many different kinds of toy mice.. Thank you, Suzanne. I am just wondering if I can ask your advice about my cat food. Emma is still eating her Science Diet kitten food, and has thrived on it. Elliot, my daughter's neutered male (2 3/4 year old black smoke British Shorthair fromTruBrit, a cattery which recently moved from Washington state to Illinois) is allergic to chicken and chicken products. My daughter, a psychology student, says he is a "cutter", as he scratches himself bloody if he gets into chicken-based food. He, therefore, eats venison and green pea formula kibble, a product made by Natural Balance. It has 32% protein and 12% fat. Is that enough fat for an cat his age? My husband, a biologist, said it is insufficient. I told him I would ask you what you thought. Elliot is not a stocky cat. He is from a line from Wales, cattery called Positively. Their cats are a little lighter in build than some of the herking fellows I have seen here. Should I give him a can of oil-packed sardines weekly, for his coat, or do you think the food should be good? Emma dines on Science Diet, alone, but has access to the Natural Balance and  nibbles on that, as well. The trick has been to keep Elliot out of the room where Emma eats the forbidden chicken, until Emma becomes a year old or finishes this large bag, whichever comes first. Then they will both eat Bambi, because it is just easier to have them both on the same diet.
Give Tipsy a kiss from me.
Let me know, please, how much the mice cost so I can reimburse you for mice and shipping. Thanks so much.
Mary and Emma

Suzanne, she is my constant companion, and is everything I always wanted in a cat but never seemed to find in one animal. She is intelligent, gorgeous, loving, kind, cuddly and wonderful. Our whole family adores her. She sleeps on my head often. She sits and waits for me outside the bathroom door, and then follows me around. She is wonderful and adorable and I love her dearly. 
And she is a lap cat! What a doll! A little 5 year old boy visited us yesterday. He and his momma have two cats of their own at home. He looked at  Emma and said, "she looks like an ow-ull" (His cats show strong Siamese characteristics and look nothing like Emma). I thought, if he thinks Emma looks like an owl, I should show him some pics of your folds. They look like little snow owls, some of them.
Anyway, our family is very blessed to have received Emma. I will try to get another from you as soon as I can afford to do so. Maybe even a retiree some day. Hope you had a happy Mothers Day!
Fondly, Mary

Dear Suzanne,
My little mountain girl arrived in Portland last night. Emma was purring in
her crate when we went to pick her up at the terminal. She has simply stolen our hearts. She is so gorgeous, I can't stop looking at her, and so cuddly it is difficult to put her down! Extraordinary in her beauty, her disposition, and her socialization, this little girl is self-confident, sweet, affectionate, and unafraid. She thoroughly explored her safe room, upon arriving at home, and tried out all her new toys. She seemed to particularly enjoy climbing on and sliding down the guitar cases. I spent last night sleeping with her on my chest. She would wake from time to time, knead my arm with her little paws, make soft little sounds, and go back to her nap. What a little angel! I am impressed with the care with which Delta Airlines brought her to me,
and grateful to you for trusting me to provide Emma with a loving, forever home. You have bred wonderful kittens, and have done an excellent job in preparing them to be treasured feline companions. I will try to send photos soon, and will keep in touch. Thank you so very much,
 Mary in Oregon

Holmes and Elizabeth

Good Morning:
Just wanted to let you know that Holmes and Elizabeth are doing great. I cannot believe they will be a year old next month. They have really grown up and are “big kitties” (or so they think) now.
     They are really something and precious additions to our family. You know, I had so many people ask what I paid for them and when I told them … they thought I was crazy. I can tell you that our babies are worth every cent and more. Their looks, personalities, intelligence, and behavior are “top of the line.” This is all besides the fact that they have made wonderful kids and are an absolutely joy to be around.
     You know they are named after Sherlock Holmes and his one Love (Elizabeth). Jim built them an office building (4’X2’X2’) and it is fashioned after Holmes’ and Watson’s 221b Baker Street. It has several levels and a roof, and they both really like it. Of course, Jim had to carpet it too.Love Dixie

GOD! She is much more affectionate than Holmes. When you pick her up she is like liquid. And is truly a "lap kitty." Holmes is sweet and loves attention, but still pushes away or stiffens up when you pick him up. Oh well, needless to say ... that doesn't matter. I still pick him up and hound him to death with kisses. He does sleep with me though and will come and lay next to me and sleep when I am on the computer. So, maybe he will come around. I wouldn't take a million dollars for either one. You are truly the 'MASTER' of all breeders. Thank you so much for your #1 Best Cats.
I cannot figure it out. They are so spoiled. It amazes me.
She is such a little princess. Sunday, Holmes was laying on top of the laptop dead to the world from being up all day. Even food didn't budge him, but, let Elizabeth make one tiny squeak and he sat straight up and wide eyed. Out of a dead sleep.

He sure does get worn out quicker than she does. It is amazing. Also, the weekend kind of screwed up their routine. LOL They sleep and play in the kitchen while we are at work and being home this weekend threw them off. They are so funny. Holmes has decided he likes my laptop and lays on the keyboard and against the screen when I have it up.
They are starting to rub against our legs now in the morning and when we come home. I wish you could see them come down 2 flights of stairs from the bedroom in the morning like big kitties. What an absolute precious pair.
Dixie Mcconnell

You will die. This is so funny.
Holmes and Elizabeth are still put in the kitchen (their safe room) during the day. Every day when I come home I look in the kitchen window before I open the front door. They are always in their little "Eddie Bauer" bed sleeping.
Today when I came home, they are in their bed; but, they are playing. I smile, Elizabeth looks up at me and I proceed to open the front door. When I get in the house, Elizabeth is running around the living room. Holmes is still in the kitchen behind the gate. I laughed so hard. So, now I have removed all the barriers from the kitchen and the litter box. They still have the one in the laundry room that they use sometimes. If she can get out, there is no reason to let Holmes stay in there.
No telling how long that little sneak has been getting out of the kitchen and back in. I saw her this morning sitting up really close to the gate looking it up and down. I knew she was sizing it up and it wouldn't be long before she got out.



Yes, they both are growing fast and are full of joy for us J Here are a couple of latest pictures of them.
Thank you,
An & Wayne



I guess he is trying to trick or treat.....he's GREAT, and very funny and loves to play soccer. He also loves water. Is that crazy or what? (I didn’t know cats liked water ). He drinks it a lot and loves playing with it. He fell in the bathtub after I got out yesterday, so I think he wont be standing on the bathtub again. He looks so big for 6 months.



Dr. Henne,
I just wanted to say thank you!
Here is a photo for you.....
Amanda Johnson



Alfie and Pearl

Thought you might like to see how your Park City exports are doing. Alfie and Pearl are certainly the best cats ever in spite of their inability to master good behavior.
Jim & Tina







Good Morning Dr. Suzanne, I am have a difficult time trying to find the right words to describe Mom's reaction to her new kitty. The ride home went just great and I think the kitty is very happy in his new home. Mom was so thrilled, we drove to the Waggin' Wheel Vet Clinic so she could show off the kitten to the staff and they all "fell" for him at first sight....and he let Mom hold him in the clinic without trying to "wiggle" free. As for Mom, the kitten has her very happy, smiling and laughing....the first time since her "Christopher" died August 31. I can't thank you enough for your kindness, understanding and care for Mom....she is 85 years young and I think little kitty will help her stay younger! Thanks so much!

Miss Ruthie

Hi Suzanne-
I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get you a picture of Miss Ruthie--and it isn't even all that good of one. She is long and lanky and has the most luxurious coat. Her tail is like a raccoon tail--so thick and fluffy. She is such a dear. Not only has she won over Mr. Gatto, she also has my two Golden Retrievers wrapped around her little paws!
However, we are not so certain that she is cat??? She loves to sit in the kitchen sink and loves to chase the water out of the faucet. She likes to sleep with the dogs (she loves their dog beds), and if she could, she would follow them outside (I let her sit in an open screened window instead). But she has cat talents, too: she is a wonderful tracker and hunter (she is great at getting a fly and does not quit until she gets her prey--and she once brought me a tiny mouse from the basement).
She has a sweet but unique personality and is pretty good about giving equal time to my daughter and son (they adore her). She is such a part of our household, we have a hard time imagining what it was like around here before her.
If you ever need references, please add us to your list. She is as kind and gentle as she is beautiful. I could stare at her all day long and find new and interesting markings on her. The calico is so intriguing--it is my favorite.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Suzanne.
All my best,

(and I promise to send you real pics as soon as I learn how to use the real digital camera--not the camera on my phone!)

Orso and Leia

Hi Dr Henne,
We thought we should update you on Orso and Leia and send you some of their pictures. They are growing up fast, almost 5 lbs. now!! Leia is just busy busy busy, she is very curious about everything, she would just let us hold her forever. Orso is a very relaxing kind of guy, he would follow us around the house all the time, but he does not like to be held for long. Leia is always the one that who would started a fight, Orso (who is bigger then her) would just flipped her over and pinned her down, she would then ran away J They are the cutest and the best of friends. Thanks again for having such great Kittens!!
An & Wayne

Hi Dr. Henne,
They slept the whole trip. Wayne named them Orso and Leia, the cream reminds Wayne of a polar bear, and she is the “princess” J.
Orso came right out of the cage and explore as soon as we got to the safe room(our bathroom), we thought he would just be all over the place, but he stopped and on top of the tub all night. Leia stayed in the carrier all night. They both were very active this morning, playing with Wayne. Now they are under the bed.
We wanted to thank you and your daughter for spending so much time with us yesterday, we had a great time!! We’ll send pictures as soon as they are comfortable being out and about.
An & Wayne

Dear Suzanne,
Keepsake arrived well (and loudly) at about 10:00 p.m. on Friday. She spoke most of the way home in the car, and didn't hesitate to leave her carrier and look around her, purring loudly, when we got home.
What a sweetheart she is! Keepsake is such a friendly cat and starts purring when you say her name. She seems to enjoy exploring everything, and you were right -- she loves to be petted.
My mom let her current two cats meet Keepsake yesterday. For the next week she is planning to keep Keepsake in her own room overnight and while she's out during the day just to make sure there are no problems. After that Keepsake will have run of the house, and I think everything will be fine. The younger female hasn't hissed (just hid) -- it's only Spike who's quarrelsome, but he's so old and frail that I think his bark has to be worse than his bite, so to speak!
Thanks again. She seems as wonderful as you said, and I'm sure she'll be very happy! I know my mom is!


Dear Dr. Henne,
Sorry about writing this at the end of an old message, but I thought that I should write you a note about our new kitten. His name is Maxium, and he is beyond gorgeous. My husband, my boys, and I all adore him already. He is so beautiful. I've always been partial to Persians (I've had Persians since my earliest childhood memories), but after Max, I think that I may have to change my breed preference! He is soooo sweet. Right from the very
beginning when he came home he was curling up and around my whole family. I was a bit nervous about how the temperament of the Brits would be since every Persian breeder and every cat breed book says that they're aloof and not at all lap kitties, but his temperament is so loving and playful and adoring. He's much friendlier than my Persian ever was. Everyone just adores him. Well, almost everyone. My Persian seems quite upset, and has hidden under the sofa and doesn't want to come out to meet him. She's even had her first potty accident ever in my house. Hopefully, she'll come around and see him as her little brother. He is just wonderful. His coat really does feel just like velvet, and he's already so big! He's almost as large as my two year old Persian.
Anyway, just to conclude, Thank you for the beautiful kitten. You did an absolutely amazing job with his socialization. He is so sweet and beautiful and in the future when we are looking for another cat, I hope that you will still be breeding because we would love to have another just like him!
Thanks again,


Hi Suzanne!
Just wanted to give you a 7 month old update!
April is getting so much bigger each day. She is now able to jump just about anywhere in the house she wants to (she now routinely sets our phone off the hook). She particularly likes to sit on plates that are left on the table. We took her on vacation with us and she was such a good girl in the car ride. She adjusted to her new surroundings within one day (we made sure she had a safe room to start out in) and everyone who saw her fell instantly in love with her. April has turned many dog-lovers into cat-lovers.
Tara and Dan

hi suzanne,
we are all doing great here! april is getting bigger every day, and has now figured out how to jump over her safety gate (so the whole apartment is hers to explore). we kitten proofed everything so she is okay to explore while we are out. actually, she likes to sit on our couch when we are not home. and she has really gotten used to us and will now cuddle with us on the couch at night! she is still super-playful and friendly with whoever is over our house. people are really amazed by how engaging she is!
she had her first vet visit yesterday. everyone loved her and said she was the cutest kitten they had ever seen! they did stool studies and gave her more deworming medication. she also got her booster
shot. she was sort-of quiet yesterday after the visit, but today she was jumping around like her usual self.  she is eating her dry food every day, and drinking water. we still give her wet food every couple of days as a treat. she started to like the dry treats and we give them to her if we have to do something she does not like (like clean her ears).
we just love her and can't believe there was ever a time when she was not a part of hour lives!!!
thank you again for all your continued help, information, and support!
 tara, dan, and april

hi suzanne,
april has had a great first few days with us! she is playful, curious, and full of energy. she has also been taking 30 minute cat-naps (which gives us a chance to rest, too). she loves her toys and has been eating both wet and dry food, with seemingly good appetite.  she went right for her litter box and hasn't missed yet! she particularly likes to hide behind the furniture, then run full steam across the room toward imaginary opponents. we are thrilled and adore having her in our family. thank you for all the good advice - it has paid off as april has adjusted without a hitch. we will certainly be in touch. 
tara, dan, and april stein

p.s. ever since we weighed her in the bowl, she seems to like spending time in it - it's now her steel bowl.


Hi Dr. Henne,
Sorry it took me so long to send some pictures of Zoe. She is doing great and growing fast. Soon she will not fit in her favorite place- the bowl. She is extremely playful, but always takes time out to cuddle.
Thank you so much for this wonderful addition to our family.







Dear Dr. Henne,
Here are some long overdue pictures of Churchill (aka Charles). He has done nothing but brighten my life since I adopted him in January. He is a wonderful, and loving companion and as you can tell, a bedhog (exactly what I wanted). Everyone who meets him falls in love and he is quite the flirt himself. Take care and sorry I took so long to send pictures.





Dear Suzanne,
I am so in love!!!!!! He has wrapped me and Ovidio around his little blue paw! What a sweet and loving cat. It really shows how much love you give them at your home because he is so sweet and good natured. His favorite pasttime is letting me rub his belly, or scratch under his chin. He follows me around and likes to hang out with me and Ovidio. You were right he was not afraid of Amber at all, he came right up to her and talked to her. I couldn't wait to get home from work tonight so I could give him a big hug. I can't thank you enough, this  boy has really filled a void that Sebastian's loss caused. I will send you pictures of his progress! Oh by the way we changed his name to Churchill because we thought he looked round, plump and British just like Winston Churchill.
Love from Churchill,

Dear Suzanne,
I just wanted to drop you a line and update you on Churchill. What a great cat! He has adjusted quickly to his new home and family. He and our dog Amber get along famously. You would think they have been living together for 10 years instead of three weeks. First,Churchill is a bed hog; which is exactly what I wanted! Second, he is a loving and sweet companion.
Hope all is well in Arkansas
Take care,
Jennifer and Churchill


Hi Suzanne,
I know it's been a few months, but I wanted to give
you an update on Louie. I kept meaning to email you pics, but just got busy, so I've attached a couple photos from his entire time here with me. He has grown so much from the little fuzzball I got in January! He has been such a joy to have and the time you spent socializing him is evident. He makes me laugh and say "you're so cute" at least a hundred times a day! He is extremely playful and curious, and I can't think of anything he hasn't gotten his nose into. He also loves to find trouble. The minute I say "no" his tail goes straight up in the air! Thanks so much for such a wonderful kitten. 
I also have a question for you. You had said that at ten months to change his food to one for urinary tract health, and since he's coming up on that I was
wondering if any Science Diet adult food satisfies
Thanks again for such a wonderful kitten!


Mallory says:
"Dr. Henne,
I love this cat already! When I first saw her I knew there was going to be lots of love. I almost cried because she was so beautiful and I was so happy. Thank you for your kindness. I will take very, very good care of Tazio. I promise to keep in touch with you.
Thank you,
Mallory Evans"
Dr. Henne~

Tazio is a doll! What personality! Her immediate display of affection just warmed our hearts. Not to mention that she is absolutely gorgeous. We feel like the jackpot winners.
She is very curious but seemed to be at home in her safe room from the start. After greeting all of us (we, by the way, were very quiet observers not expecting any attention) she found her litter box, then her water before helping herself to a bite of food. All great signs for the first thirty minutes in her new home.
You have made Mallory's ninth birthday very special indeed. Tazio far exceeds my expectations. The care package and carrier are just great. Your attention to detail did not go unnoticed. We appreciate all the ways you have helped us with this special adoption procedure. Tazio will have all six of us to share her affection with.
Thank you,
Jami and family
PS Darryl said Tazio was a perfect travel companion for the entire journey.


Dr. Henne,
Just wanted to let you know that Hamish is happy, healthy and a cherished member of my family! He is growing so fast and he is absolutely beautiful. I know that a mother shouldn’t brag but I have never seen a more beautiful feline!
He and Angus are now truly brothers and neither of them really like to be without the other in sight. I actually look forward to Hamish’s sweet and small voice waking me up in the morning!
I have attached a few new pictures. Hamish has developed an addiction to watching Blue Collar Comedy Tour on Comedy Central. He likes to hang around the tv when Jeff Foxworthy is on!
Thank you again for the wonderful addition to my family.
Laura Gray


Hello! So much time has passed and I wanted to let you know how much we are in love with our TooBaloo. He has brought so much life to our home it is unbelievable. I now know why Donnie was so set on this type of cat. We have get-to-gathers at our house and TooBaloo is right in the middle of everything. He loves the music and isn't scared of anything. Believe me, He keeps our dogs in line. He is growing by leaps. Each day it seems he is growing more and more. Thank you so much for helping bring such joy to our home!

Baca and Otto

Dr. Henne,
I am so sorry that this took me so long. I have been sick and honestly I didn't think about it till now. My husband said you called and checked on them and I was supposed to do it that day but forgot. Thank you for everything, they are awesome. Lexie's kitty we named Baca, that's my best friend's last name and she loves him so it was only fitting. He is not the go getter that Otto is but they balance each other very well. They are finally out of their shell...yeah!! Loving and although still a little unsure of the boys doing great. They eat very well and after taking the meds you sent are just wonderful. I cannot thank you enough. Otto is alive with personality, he's my clown and its perfect that he's Brady's kitty because Brady is my clown!! It's strange how their personalities mymic those of my children that they were intended for. But I love them both. Baca has decided he likes me best and sleeps at my head at night. Otto usually sleeps on the stairs so he doesn't miss any of the action (all the kids rooms are up!) Well enough of my rambling, I just wanted to say thank you. They were worth every penny but now with 3 kids, 2 cats and 2 dogs and I forget lots of important things!! Lots of love to you and yours,
Amanda Johnson and family


Hello Dr.Henne,
I thought you might like these photos of "Henry the Brave" .
He is such a great kitten. I am sorry we got off to such a bad start but he is just a remarkable being which speaks so highly of your breeding program and the socialization received from you and yours.
Thank you so much.
Carol Coalson


Hi there. Just wanted to give you an update on Willie. This picture was taken a few months ago. His face is really starting to fill out and his chubby cheeks are adorable. He has the sweetest personality. He loves my two  boys and they just adore him. He is most affectionate with me in the morning. As I drink my coffee and read the paper, he is right on my lap or sitting on the paper. Its been almost a year since we got him and we are just so happy we did. I visit your website often just to admire your new kittens! Take Care!
Brie Pilgram,
New York


Hi Suzanne
Usinga is a great kitty!! She has adjusted well to her new home. Most of the time she wanders around the house looking for a lap to sit on - or else she'll sit by the door until somebody comes by to let her out on the screened in porch. She'll stay out there for hours watching the birds, squirrels, rabbits and the leaves fluttering. She used to take her long afternoon nap in her crate in her room but now she just plops down on the carpet by the patio doors - doesn't seem to care if we wander by. Usinga and our 10 yr old St. Bernard are still working on their " memorandum of understanding"! They've been curious about each other but never aggressive towards each other. Usinga used to hiss at the dog if she felt the dog was getting to close and the dog would back away. But now they just ignore each other and will go in the same room together.
Usinga will exercise her little legs a couple times a day by running as fast as she can and bat her little toy around.  Other than that she doesn't seem too interested in chasing a ball or playing with her other toys. She's the most talkative cat we've ever had. 
We love our new kitty. She is everything I was hoping for!
Thanks so much.
As ever

Usinga has arrived at her new Tennessee home!! She is busy purring and exploring everything she can. Seems to have made the trip with no problem.
Thanks so much for everything.

A Ouachita British Shorthair Retiree...
Hello Dr Henne…
Here are a few pictures of Usinga. She has adjusted beautifully to life at our house. Levi, our Lab loves her. They are warming up quite nicely to each other. Our children are so happy to have her in our lives, just as we are. Usinga has added so much to our family. Her comedic acts, playful demeanor and sweet nature are truly heart warming.
Thanks for sending her our way!
Take Care
The Mason Family


Suzanne - Here are the pictures of Paddy that I had done at a show 3 weeks ago that we missed our kitten final for..but at least there are some great pictures of him.



Hey Suzanne,
Just thought you might want an update on Rocky.
He is the most beautiful boy in the world! He is our little son!
We love him soooo much! Rocky is just so special and very very well behaved and clean.
Thanks so much!

Sir Wimbledon

Hello Suzanne,
Just wanted to let you know, that little Sir Wimbledon is doing great. He was very curious in the car on the way home, was exploring everything for about 30 min and then just felt asleep soundly for the remaining hour and a half.
He is very active and playful in the house. He found his water and food and has a good appetite.
He only stops playing to take his kitten's nap in the daddy's shoe. He spent last night in the bed with us, close to his daddy. 
Him and Paloma (2 y.o. exotic pers) are getting along little by little. They like to watch each other from a little distance. I saw the little "fire ball" chasing Paloma today. I guess, she was not sure, what to expect from him and just run away. Overwise she is sitting and watching him play and he doesn't pay much attention to her.
I will take some pictures and send them to you, will keep you posted.
Thank you for everything,

Max, Masha and Basil

Hi Suzanne,
Both brothers are becoming very handsome guys. Max (white and cream) is bigger than Basil (red), although Basil consumes twice as much. Max is the curious one; he is always investigating something whereas Basil more restrained and observant. I is amazing how different their personalities are. Masha (the Scottish fold) is a very sweet and shy girl. The brothers don't like to sit on the laps; they prefer to be somewhere around. The girl is very affectionate and loves to snuggle on my laps. When she is intimidated by bigger and stronger brothers, she becomes very vocal and everybody, including dogs, rush to rescue her. They are very-very different in terms of their personalities; boys behaves very much like boys and the girl is very much the girl.
I can not stop thanking you for these wonderful kittens.
Thanks a million.

I'm looking forward to hear from you about the calico. The boys are getting bigger and bigger every day. The cream and white boy, Max, is becoming a huge cat. The red one is a little smaller, but his appetite is better, so, I hope, he will even out with his brother. 
They are very loving and affectional boys. Max is fascinated with water and always wet. I'm very grateful to you for these wonderful kids who brought so much happiness to life.
Thanks a million.




Here are more pictures of Hamish. I can’t seem to stop taking pictures!

Hamish is now sleeping in the bed with me and he is being a very well behaved boy. No scratching other than on his scratching toys and posts! He and Angus are really getting along as well. Angus does have the occasional jealousy issue when Hamish is sitting on Mom’s lap, but other than that, we are one happy family. My living room does look like a “romper room” though!

Thanks again for the GREAT kitten!!!
Laura Gray
LSU Health Sciences Center
Dept of Molecular & Cellular Physiology

Dr. Henne,
Here are some pictures of Hamish in his new home! He and Angus are continuing to warm to each other and he is already acting like he has lived with me forever!

Thanks again. What a great kitten!!!




Leo, Daisy and Rudy

Hi, Suzanne!
I thought you might like an update on our trio. I'm attaching photos of Leo and Daisy to this message, and then I'll send one of Rudy + a group shot in a second email.
Leo, the British shorthair, is a delight! He is becoming quite the handsome fellow, don't you think? He's the quietest of the three, but certainly makes his wishes known. He sometimes watches the other two as if he were the indulgent older brother...which he is.
Rudy, the Scottish fold, is a real character! He is vocal, snoopy, sometimes clumsy, but always affectionate...our clown! He is often just laugh-out-loud funny! He is also our little piggie. The other two have great appetites, but Rudy can consume twice as much twice as fast!
Daisy is our little darling. She has never been intimidated by her older, larger brothers, but she will protest mightily when she thinks they've gone too far!
All three love to snuggle on our laps, usually at the same time; play with their various toys; "help" us load and unload the dishwasher; gaze out the window at the trees and birds; chase each other around the house; run and skid through the Sunday papers on the floor; curl up in their little beds (each has one but they often cram themselves in together); and explore behind, under and on top of whatever's handy.
We love them, and I think it's safe to say they love us too. We might have to think about one more little girl just to balance out our family!
Hope you all are well!!


Panther and Leo

Hi Suzanne,
We wanted to let you know that Panther is doing fabulously well. He has settled in with us and has bonded both with us and our blue Brit male named Leo. The two of them groom each other, sleep side by side and get the cat crazies every night much to the kids delight! We have fallen in love with them and it's such a great feeling! They have such different personalities, Panther is cool and calm and decides when he wants petting whereas Leo makes himself heard. Together they make a great pair!  Hope that you and your family are well. have a great summer.
Best regards,
Carole, Sam and Jonah


Hi Suzanne,
Greetings from sunny Florida! I thought I would take a minute to send you a new photo of Sebastian. Sorry it’s a little blurry. Photography just isn’t my thing. At seven months old, he is still just a ton of fun. So curious and into everything. His favorite spot is on the in the middle of the kitchen table on top of the newspaper – that I happen to be reading. He simply will not allow being ignored. He still sleeps curled up at the head of my bed every night and is so spoiled I have purchased a feather pillow for him to lay on. It really was just so I could move him OFF my pillow, but we don’t have to tell him that.
I check the website from time to time and dream about another beautiful kitten from one of your awesome litters, but with the new puppy (Buffett the yellow lab, who is now 14 weeks old) I have my hands full! Maybe next spring!!
Lots of love,


You are right about looking soooo little in that crate - but I think he will fill it up over the next few months. He is just great with the other cats - play time has started with them - just one cat is staying back and in an mode.
He has his own bedroom and I bring him out when I am sure to be able to handle "anything" is a situation arises - so far he has been out up to three hours at a time - and plays and plays and plays - when he poops out he sleeps on my lap and all the others are tuckered out by that time and go to sleep somewhere in the same room.
One thing has changed - his name. He is now "Marshall" - don't know why - it is in keeping with our western theme names - but he has such an attitude - he will keep the others within the "law". He even struts up to them and makes them back up....what a character....don't think he knows that he is soooo little.
Thanks for everything,


Hi Dr. Henne,
The kitten surely is a cutie and has the sweetest personality. Her eyes are especially distinctive. You have wonderful kittens, indeed!
We plan to take her back to Indiana soon to stay with my folks so that my sister's children can enjoy her and Reggie. They are up for two kittens - whatever makes the grandkids happy! :) It sounds as though her name will either be Kendyl or Lexie - McKenzie will be her middle name.  Take care & thanks again!



You are sooooo kind. We have 2 small boys on at the moment ages 4 and 6 and they come from a house with only dogs but they have fallen in love with her and the first thing they ask every morning or when they get back from fishing is "where is Bella" The dad of the boys (our bosses son) is asking loads of questions about her such what breed is she and I even caught him cooing over her. She is such a big hit with everyone. Brett has just counted up how many sea miles she has traveled with us - 10,248 and counting. We are at sea today
for 8 hours and anchor tonight and then depart for the Galapogos on Monday, that's another 800 sea miles there, she is very well traveled.
Brett just cut her nails this morning - she is soo great, she just lets him do it and she is very calm! We are playing with the poker chips just now, she is chasing them all over the place...
Thank you

Sammie and Blue

Hi Suzanne,
Things went just fine. They stayed in the safe room and did not make a sound all night. I went to them at 5:30 AM and could see a little white paw coming under the door trying to get one of the little mice that had been knocked under. It was Sammie purring like a machine on the other side. So much has gone on this morning. They both ate, drank some water and set about investigating every square inch of their new home! They even found and ate some of the grass I got for them. Blue is warming up much more so today and was just fine when Steve gave her the medicine. She took it and went back to playing with Sammie. After a while they tired out and when I checked back on them, they were both sleeping on my bed!!! Cute beyond words. Sammie is very talkative and not a bit shy. She head butts my son and fell asleep last night in his lap. Blue is becoming more brave and inquisitive every minute and I continue to reassure her. They are just gems!
Talk later.

Puffer and Smudge

Just a note to tell you again how happy we are with our girls. The cream & white British Shorthair, Puffer, (as in cream-puff), and the calico Scottish-Fold, Smudge, (as in she looks like she needs her nose wiped, but it’s her black coloring at the edge of her nose) are such a huge treat. They have taken it upon themselves to help me out of bed each morning. Since going to nursing school and working makes me especially reluctant to get out of my warm bed, they have taken on the responsibility of making sure I am awake. As soon as the alarm goes off, if I don’t immediately get out of bed, they are both on my chest or back with their motors turned really loud and kneading me with those baby feet until I give up and get out bed. They are absolutely delightful!!!!
Thanks again. We are VERY happy.


I just barely woke up a couple hours ago. Fila kept me up til about 6am wanting to play. She did get out of the couch as soon as my hand could finally touch her. I can't even explain how wonderful she is. She is non-stop cuddle and purr. Her personality is like a little human almost. She is soo intelligent. She is sleeping right now up in my closet in between all my stuffed animals. I was scared at first because I woke up to find her and I couldn't. She looked like one of my stuffed animals. She likes to play little hide and seek games with me. She is so affectionate and wants to be pet non-stop (when she's not out exploring her new surroundings) I am already in love with her! Everything you sent me has helped out a lot too. If I ever decide to get another cat I will definitely be giving you a call again. This has been a wonderful experience.
Marisa Sigmond


He is so sweet! He is my sons shadow, he follows him everywhere. Gracie has come around she is very cute, if he is doing something she doesn't think he should be doing she will go over and almost scold him and then just go back to whatever it was she was doing, it's so cute. She seems to always have one eye on him! She thinks she's the mom, she washed him and they nap together it is so cute. We love them , they are so sweet and gentle with the kids!
Joline Sokol



Dear Dr. Henne,
Attached are a couple of pictures of our "boys." They will be six months old on the 20th of this month and are growing like wildfire. We left them at "Miss Kitty's Boarding House" (run by their Vet) for four days this week and they grew noticeably while we were gone. They are big favorites at Miss Kitty's. Their keeper wrote us a note and called them "charming" this time. (We certainly think they are charming and quite "proper English boys.") We have been surprised at how well they mind with just verbal commands. They always obey when we call them and when we tell them "no" they know we mean it. Have never had to use any other type of discipline (except verbal) and they are extremely well-behaved. Guess you can tell we are very proud of them. We thank you for the big part you played in their early socialization and life skills.
David and Linda

Opal and Camellia


CH Ouachita Brilliant Opal (blue cream) and CH Ouachita Fragrance Camellia (dilute calico) were published in the cat catalog of Japan.






The title of the magazine is 「? Cat's photo encyclopedia 」?.

I scanned it. I send it to you. Opal and Camellia are nice

Black BSH is my cat. She is big and fat more now.
Loro will be published in this catalog next year.

Kind regards







Phew, we made it to NJ! No problems, "Velvet" was a trooper! He is an exceptional cat! Quite intelligent and loving... A few of Betty's friends came by to see him and brought gifts for him...they all loved him...  He will truly be a faithful companion for Betty..turns out to also be a lap-cat and enjoys watching TV as well as watching the goings on outside! Oh, of course,not to mention helping me type on the computer and helping me read the newspapers!  A lot of fun! You're an incredible breeder and it shows in the quality of cat Velvet is.. He, of course has an incredible amt of energy...all part of kiddy-hood!  I leave today for home and will miss Velvet's antics!  Again,a big "Mahalo" for your kindess and professionalism...you can be sure your praises will by sung to whomever is within earshot about your incredible cats!

Prissy and Sebastian

Prissy and Sebastian are getting along great. She ignores him and he jumps on her head, bites her tail, grabs her around the neck to wrestle and she just looks around completely annoyed like there is a fly in the room. The only time she seems to be completely upset is when he gets in her basket, which is where she sleeps when I am in the office. It has a soft baby blanket and heating pad (after all she is spoiled and getting older). Sebastian has no manners. He will crawl right on top of her somehow managing to wriggle to the bottom next to the warmth. However, his fur is so thick he quickly gets hot so it only last a few minutes before he crawls out onto the carpet. Every now and then when she has had enough, she will get on top of the bookshelf and torment him by flitting her tail from 6 feet in the air. I keep telling Prissy one day Sebastian will be able to get up there too. Yesterday she was holding him down bathing him and it was his turn to look annoyed . . .
The youngest - one of the hurricane rescues – is now 9 months old. Sebastian and Georgia are inseparable. They play together, rolling constantly. I was so worried Sebastian would get hurt during all the rough play until I saw him earlier in the week take a running dive onto the other cat. No mercy as they both went running down the hall, crashed into the corner, jumped through one of the plants and started all over again. My house plants look as if they have been shaken upside down.
Anyway, we are having fun. Savannah and John adore him.

Hi Suzanne!
At almost 15 weeks Sebastian is a hefty 3 pounds 5 ounces and is convinced EVERYTHING is prey. He stalks your feet, the other cats, the plants, and anything else that moves! He is also a total carnivore. He wants whatever you are eating and will literally crawl in your plate to get it. Keeping him off the table at dinner time is a major ordeal. (He’s not hungry – I free feed all the cats so there is food always available).
He is fascinated with water and actually leapt in the middle of the tub yesterday. A move he immediately regretted. They look so funny wet.
Life in Florida is good. He still sleeps curled up under Savannah’s arm and has won the heart of my husband, John, who is now a reformed “cat hater.” We adore him and can’t imagine life without him as he is a constant source of entertainment.
Take care,

Well, it has been a little over a week since Sebastian joined the family and I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful addition he has made. From the very first night, he has been without a doubt the most well adjusted, well socialized kitten we have ever had the pleasure of being around. Each night he sleeps snuggled next to me and does not make a sound, other than the loudest purring I have ever encountered, until the alarm goes off at 5:45 a.m.
     He hates to be alone, making sure to find Savannah or me wherever we are in the house. If I am in the office, that is where he is, if I am in the kitchen, I have to be very careful so as not to step on him. Last week he was a big help folding the nice warm clothes fresh from the dryer. As I type, he is laying on his back in my lap reaching up to play. Of course, by now he has complete run of the house and is quite curious. He and the other two cats quickly made fast friends and play together incessantly. He is so smart, funny, loving, and just into everything. We could not feel more blessed to have this little guy in our lives. 
     Thank you again for allowing us to bring this little ball of love into our home.
Denise, Savannah and John
Gulf Breeze, FL


Hi Suzanne,
Just wanted to let you know Sebastian made it in via Delta this afternoon with no problems. In fact, I think I was more traumatized at the thought of him flying, than he was taking the actual flight. When they brought him into the terminal I immediately reached for the carrier and started talking to him. At the sound of my voice he came to the front of the cage and began making the cutest little squeaking noise as if to say; “Hey Mom, you gonna get me out of this thing or what?”
Once in the car, he settled right down and played in my lap or Savannah’s during the 1 ˝ hour drive home from the airport. Now he seems right at home. He ate a little, drank some water, used the litter box, and is now sleeping snuggled under Savannah’s arm.
He is just precious - funny, snuggly, and completely full of personality – and scared of NOTHING!
Thank you again for all your patience while we selected the perfect new baby for our family. I can’t wait for John to meet him Friday when he gets home from flying.
Denise Loughrey
Gulf Breeze, FL


Hi from Kansas! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!  Wanted to send you a current picture of Dudley. My dad took these at Christmas. From such a little kitten to a 15 pound big boy at not quite 11 months, he is the most wonderful addition to our family. He is everything we had hoped. He is affectionate, playful, entertaining, a very good boy and lots of company. Thanks so much for raising these wonderful animals. I just browsed through your web site and you sure have some cuties!
Linda Plisek


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