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Testimonies from 2007





I got your phone message - I left you one also but I'm uncertain you received it.
Clementine got here safely. She was quiet all the way home. Once we got home I sequestered her in my bedroom (with litter box, food, water, cat condo, scratching post & toys) and stayed with her for 2 hours. Then I had to go to work. When I got off work I cleaned her litter box, fed her some wet food and played with her. She is well socialized and loves to be petted. She also likes to be held. She's just a little shy right now so I'm not seeing any ornery behavior. Althought I'm hoping for some soon! She is about as perfect a kitten as I've ever seen. And she is absolutely beautiful. I am thrilled with her. I'll write again to let you know how she is doing after she settles in a bit more.






Hi Suzanne,


She is doing well. She is 3 pounds now and lots of fun.
 She loves to play and entertains us for hours.
 Grace adores her and loves playing with her. She has such a sweet nature.

Thank You,

Lindsay and Michelle.




Sophie and McGreggor

just wanted to drop you a line and let  you know these beautiful kittens are doing really well.  they were welcomed easily by the other cats and they are just the best kittens. i don't know what i ever did without them. sophie is a great girl, she likes to go off by herself and then comes round regularly for some lovin.  she insists on your complete attention, wants to be petted with both hands. she especially wants that tummy rubbed.  she is so pretty and elegant looking and is a bit of a princess.
McGreggor is absolutely the sweetest boy around.  he's gentle and loving. he would be a lap kitten if he wasn't such a boy, he hands with the other guy cats. he especially loves AJ the main coon. 
thank you so much for the great work you do breeding the best.


Yoda arrived and he is very cute! I was worried when you said he had an ugly duckling stage but he is just what I was hoping for...and he is very playful too.... Kibbi and Yoda are adjusting to each other and I
think Kibbi is going to enjoy having his 1/2 brother around. I'll
keep you posted on how they are doing.....thanks again Mark




I have tried to send few pics of Winston, but the computer is acting up and won't do it...I will keep re-sending...or just send you some pics on regular mail for starters.

The little dude is doing great...didn't get in trouble when I was gone for 3 hours.
He has briefly met all the dogs...but 3 big heads wanting to sniff at the same time was enough for one day. He did sleep on same bed w/Mandy, who really doesn't care about other creatures. + She did live previously w/dominant cat.
Max wanted to lick Winston and full body wash wasn't the best option for him, but tolerated it well. The problem w/Max is that he is very loving and clumsy, he doesn't know where the tongue ends and teeth begins, also he is 94lbs.
Bruno was ok w/Winston when he didn't move...Bruno goes for the movement...therefore I will work w/them over the next few weeks. Bruno on long line and "too bad" place close by.
Winston is very curious and all over the place. He wants to be part of everything, so he has been in the pantry, dishwasher, closet, bookcase... and he is eyeballing the lamps.
He seems to be very happy when he is high up; back of the couch, top of the cat tree, etc.
I am still waiting for him to "crash". He sleeps his nights, but doesn't nap too much during the day. He is running 300 miles an hour. I am actually thinking about collar w/cow bell on it
A) to hear where he is B) to slow him down. Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet..
I do have to say, he really is a joy, such a good natured kitten.
Anyway, I will get some pics asap one way or another.
Cheers, Tarja.


Hi Suzanne!
We just brought her home a half hour ago!  She is absolutely precious!  She was very shy and quiet on the drive home.  When we arrived home we opened the carrier and she remained shy for about 30 seconds and then she crawled out and started exploring. 

 She is fascinated with a mirror we have in her safe room and she is playing with all of her toys.  She resisted letting us pick her up at first but as soon as you scratch behind her ears she sinks into a purring puddle in your arms.  She is wonderful!  We have our other cats in the next room and she made the decision to introduce her herself by pawing under the door.  We will wait another day or two before making a supervised introduction, but so far I think she will handle herself just fine. 

We will send pictures very soon.  Thank you so much for her! 
Best regards,
Joann and Rich


FYI.... He took 9th AB kitten in one ring today.....  (61 total kittens)Ouachita Makunda of FrontPageKat
I'll send you the pics of "buzz" the new fold, soon.... I think you'll really like him..
Take care,


Merlin and Angus



I took a few shots of my favorite turkeys yesterday, and thought you would be able to see that Merlin has indeed survived, and thrived!  He’s such a HULK!  I don’t know how many bytes or whatever you can get at once, so will send just a couple at a time. 

 Do you still have contact with the lady who bred Angus?  Do you think she’d like to see how pretty he grew up to be?  If so, send me her email address and I’ll send some to her…or feel free to forward these.


I just adore these little guys!  I had a little surgical procedure last Friday, and have been in bed most of the time since.  As you can tell, they stay right with me.  Most of the time, they’re at the foot of the bed, as shown, but sometimes Merlin comes up and lays down next to my shoulder, and Angus drapes himself across my legs.  They are such sweet creatures. 


 Thank you again for Merlin, and for helping us find Angus.  Our lives have been SO enriched!





Brooklyn (ie Sammy)


Thanks for the information and no hurry to get back to us.  We had a very nice Thanksgiving.  Glad you got to spend the time with your girls. 

Brooklyn is doing very good and he is such a dear boy if he would just learn the word no.  He is so curious about everything that sometimes he ends up in places in the house he shouldn't be.  Oh well.....don't we all at some point?  The new food just seem to be the solution.
Thanks Again for giving us Brooklyn. For your information we renamed Brooklyn a few weeks after we got him because he ignored that name.  We renamed him "Sammy" 


Hi Suzanne,
Just wanted to update you on Chase. He is wonderful. It took about 10 days for Simon to come around but now they play all the time. Chase thinks he can do any thing. He lays on top of Simon and just blends into him. He went for his shots on the 20th and all is well. Thanks so much from me and Simon.

Tavey and Fergus(long haired perk eared scottish fold)

I ordered soup!


How is this for an after Thanksgiving Dinner picture?


Both Tavey and Fergus carry their toys arround in their mouth. Is this a breed trait?
They take them where they want to play and then play. Then they carry them back and start all over again.

I also had a couple of questions;

Should I intervene and break up their "fights" sometimes they get really rough.

How much wet food should I let Fergus have? They have Science Diet and the Stuff you sent with them as dry food down all the time. I have been giving them 1/4 of a small can of pro plan kitten food about 4 X a day. Fergus would eat 1/2 can about every 2 hours if I let him. He is quite the beggar!
Everytime I go into the kitchen he meow's and meows for food.
Have a happy thanksgiving.
I bought them a can of turkey cat food for tomorrow:) Janet



                                                           They sleep!


It's our nap time!
Tavey and Fergus



I really think they are just fine!



We found the king size bed! What FUN!!!!







Where is the Sunday paper!!


Hard to get them to pose!

Both are fine and adorable :) Janet







Hi and good morning,


We had a restful night. They were both quite good. Fergus slept on my legs for part of the night, I am not sure where Tavey slept, I think in her little bed. There is no snooze alarm on a hungry kitten! We were up and eating by 6:30.

Tavey LOVES to play in the shower; she takes her toys in there and bats them around. She and Fergus play on opposite sides of the glass shower doors. It is really funny to watch. Fergus is the investigator. Tavey is getting more adventurous this morning. They are chasing each other all over. They ate well this morning. Each of them has sneezed a few times but no other signs of any issues.

Fergus wants love and lap time Tavey wants to play!

They are great with each other. Once during the night Fergus jumped off our bed and onto Tavey as she sauntered by-she hissed and batted him. They sound like a heard of elephants running around right now.

I am going to try to trim those little claws today, they are very sharp.

They seem to be happy and adjusting rapidly. Thanks for such well adjusted kittens, we are smitten!

Are your ankle bracelets the right length?

Thanks so much,

Janet, Rod, Tavey and Fergus


Hi Suzanne,


Well they arrived safe and sound. They were right on time. Tavey has been the shy one, Fergus-the brave-came right out of the carrier, ate used the box and sat in my lap. Tavey took her time coming out. She ate a little and the rolled and snuggled on my lap. They are both wonderful!

Fergus has already run around most of the house, Tavey is still playing in the bathroom where we let them out of the carrier. I had a bed and some toys, food and water and she is still there! They are so sweet.

Yep she just ate. Fergus was a pig, he ate and ate in the car. Tavey ate a little bit of wet food in the car from my hand. Then just now she ate quite a bit.

Thanks again for everything. They are running around like wild kittens. Little or no adjustment time required.



Thanks for everything,

More later,





oh tipu is doing just fine
every now and then we feel like his nose is a little runny and he sneezes or what not but his eatiing and playing habbits dont show that he is sick or something
we are looking into buying another kitten
what do you know about norwegiun cats?
would that be a good thing to have another kitten for tipu to play with or u think it is better for him to be alone with us?


or if you give me areal good discount i will buy another british shorthair from you...hehehe...
what do u think/?
thanks for checking in
i will send you some current pictures of tipu very soon






Hi Suzanne,


Sunflower is adjusting well, she is so sweet, Grace thinks she is wonderful.

She will not eat any dry food, she will eat the Friskies that we give her 2x a day. What do we do?


Lindsay and Michelle



Hi, it’s Kasumi’s owner!


I have a question about the microchips that you use. Kasumi is (nearly) ready for a one-month trip to France for Christmas (she got her vaccinations and all). The only thing is that France asks for the microchip ISO 11784, and I was wondering if the AVID microchip that she got implanted was this standard. Did you have any problems with the cats you send to Europe? I’ll also try to get some information from the French customs.


She’s still very sweet and very smart. With the winter coming, her hair is thick and fluffy, and she’s now nearly 9 lbs (I’ve attached a picture of her, she loves to sleep in boxes, in totally uncomfortable positions J ). I think she’ll love to travel and meet other animals. She spent a week-end at one of my friends’ and was quickly friend with her cat and 2 dogs. It should be fun!



Griffanie and Flame

Hi Suzanne,
I just wanted to give you an update on Annie and Flame. Both are doing great, Annie is a real sweetheart and is always looking for attention. She cooperates with brushing and nail clipping. She is a real sweetheart.
Flame is a sweetheart too when she wants to be. Right now all is good with her and she is coming to be for attention, but when i brush her, or epically when i clip her nails, she gets mad and it can take days till she comes looking for attention. After a nail clipping she will not come near me for days and if I go to her, she runs away. After a few days she is back to normal and looking for attention.

Thanks again for letting me adopt these 2 beautiful cats. If and when you have a male that is in need of a good home, let me know.
thanks. Gene


Isadore and Sherman aka Tank










Here are 3 new pictures of my babies in the new house.

 They seem to be doing fine, but are still not sleeping with us much. 

Jim, we think, figured it out ... it is becaue we slept upstairs at the old house and now, we sleep downstairs. 



 God, they are sooooooooooo cute. 

 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Love Dixie




Suzanne, here are a couple pictures of Ciaran.

The eyes cleared up very well and he is growing and doing great. We all love him to death, he gets very spoiled around here.




Bonnie, Steve and Hope




Good morning Mrs. Henne,


I just wanted to send you some pics of Daphne.

 She is absolutely wonderful! The pictures show Daphne doing her favorite past time, watching the fish in the fish tank. Thank  you again for the wonderful happiness she brings to our family.

Stacy James

She is sooo rotten! It is great! I tease her that she takes off running just to get the dogs to chase after her so they get in trouble.

Oh she likes him. She will go into his room when he is home and lay on his bed and 'talk' to him until Chase comes and pets her.  He thinks she is pretty special too. She is such a lovey dovey.




Opal, Perle and Leda


The latest pictures of Opal, Perle and Leda was appended.

Opal is active as usual and very friendly.


 Perle, mature became very cute.













As for Leda, she is large, and her head has grown a little.





Loro came the eat food well though there was no picture.
His weight is 5.0kg. I am looking forward to their growth.

My best regards






Tavey Blu and Fergus

Hi Suzanne,


Well they arrived safe and sound. They were right on time. Tavey has been the shy one, Fergus-the brave-came right out of the carrier, ate used the box and sat in my lap. Tavey took her time coming out. She ate a little and the rolled and snuggled on my lap. They are both wonderful!

Fergus has already run around most of the house, Tavey is still playing in the bathroom where we let them out of the carrier. I had a bed and some toys, food and water and she is still there! They are so sweet.

Thanks for everything,

More later,





Dear Suzanne:


I am not sure if you remember me, but we purchased our little Cielo from you in 2003.  It is hard to believe that he will be 4 this January!  I am enclosing a picture of my curious one and wish to thank you once again for all the joy you have brought into our lives with this lively little boy.  The other picture is of our oldest boy, Osito.  He will be 7 in November.  He came to us from Elusive Blue in 2001.  Osito’s father was Raleigh of Elusive Blue and he was in the line of Elusive Blue Conner of Turningleaf that was Cielo’s father.  It is a small world.


The main reason for my note is to ask if you would please notify me when you have a retired cat coming up for adoption.  My son is currently in Medical school at the University of Louisville in Kentucky.  He and his fiancé would like to have a British shorthair, but since she did not grow up with cats, they feel that one that is a little older rather than a kitten will be easier to adapt to.  My son really is a pet person and at some time would like to have more than one cat and or dog in his household, so we would want to make sure that he chooses a cat that likes people and other pets for the future.  He has also looked at your Scottish Fold website and since they tend to have the same adorable personalities as a Brit, he may even consider one of them.  Of course, his first choice would be Cielo’s mother, Vina, his sister, Sonora or his uncle Stormy.  However, depending on the timing and the cat, I am sure he would consider any of the others.  They are all so beautiful!  He would love to have one of mine, but I could not part with either of them and without the other one to keep each other company, I am afraid my home would be in danger of the aftermath of loneliness.


I do have a bit of sad information.  In July, we lost our 18 ½ year old baby girl, Patches.  She was a stray that found her way to us and is missed greatly by all of us.  My veterinarian keeps telling me that my “boys” need another playmate, but I am just not ready yet.  I have told my husband that I am keeping an eye on your sight, as I have done for the last 4 years, and when that little face or even retired face grabs my heart, I will be giving you a call!


Thanks for you time, your wonderful website and the purrrfect little Cielo that we could not live without!  His road races and his favorite hobby of stealing my hand towels from the bathroom rack would make for a dull household.




Jan Gibbons


Blue (IP...Instant Purr)


Thanks for your advice, I will email you some pictures and videos of him. He is like a little hopping teddy bear that attacks everything. He is also quite the jumper! He is already getting on our counters, and likes to watch tv from high places like the back of the couch. We found him asleep on a placemat on the table once too. He is so funny. Chris has nicknamed him IP (Instant Purr) because when you pick him up, or he rubs on your legs when you are walking he just breaks out into a loud sudden purr. He is so cute.





Hello Suzanne,

Show in Harrisonburg, VA. This past Saturday was a success! Our Casanova did well.

 He was competing against two grands however one Judge picked him as 3rd best cat in premiership over the others, Said he had excellent coat , eyes, expression, weight,etc. He maid Three finals in all, not bad for first show in premiership. His Main competition came from Paddy another one of your fine gents.
Hampton and Heather have both grown up to be big, beautiful, and Sweet cats! Thanks for sharing! Tried to get a decent picture, But not much cooperation.



Hello Suzanne,

What a great web site you have! Not to mention the furry beauties.

Lionel < Casanova > is handsome boy and he is getting BIG. Saturday is his first show in premiership, may take some time he does not have a lot of Completion, however he handles beautifully and does not mind the noise excitement, etc. After growing up we decided that he is a spotted tabby His face needs to get fuller and I think it will.




Hi suzanne,

Brie is great and has grown a lot, we are very very happy with her, thank you because she is the most lovable kitten.

here i am sending you some pictures





the relationship between the cats is good.





hi suzanne- Just wanted to give you an update on Buckley.  He's doing great and eating like a horse!! He loves hanging out with us and follows us around the house. There's never a dull moment. We love him so much! Thanks for all your help. I'm still giving him the eye meds and it really seems to be working. I will keep you updated. Take care
Marissa and Del







Orso and Leia


Hi Dr. Henne,

  Here are a couple of pictures with Orso(cream) and Leia(blue),

 expressing different types of  sibling love J






An & Wayne 




Angus and Merlin



I hope you had a good time – and great results – at the races! 

The camera is once again cooperating…a little bit…the focus is still a bit off, but what the heck!  Here are a couple of shots I took a few hours ago.  The little devils KNOW I want to take pictures of them, especially together, so naturally they avoid me whenever they see the camera. 

 I wish you could see them side by side to appreciate the size difference!  We’ve renamed him about four times, but since Merlin the Magnificat is his registered name, guess he’s stuck with it.  The more appropriate names include “The Incredible Hulk” (he really is a hulk), “Sasquatch” (his feet are huge), “Bigfoot”, and “Velcro” (when he charges up the stairs, you hear his claws shredding the Berber every step of the way…and fast!).  I’d guess him to be about 15 pounds or more…Angus is 9 or 10.

 I’ll try to get better photos soon…I’d really like to get his posterior spread out over the back of the sofa!  Steve says he’s about three axe-handles wide, but he’s really NOT fat.  He’s just a Brit!  Looking at the latest pix of Burton on your website, I can see a lot of him in Merlin.  Especially that kind of frowning expression, whereas Angus is so round- and wide-eyed.  Burton looks like he’s about 18-20 pounds?

 Must go.  Hope you had a satisfying weekend, but were glad to get back to all your babies.  Thanks again for ours!!! 



Hi, Suzanne!


   I just finished looking at your web pages -- like to to do that occasionally to see your new babies and everything – and I LOVE the new look!  I think I got the best laugh I’ve had in months looking at the big blue male on the letterhead!  That looks like one royally ticked-off pussycat!  I get such a kick out of some of their facial expressions.

   The new photos throughout are priceless.  If anyone is even remotely interested in adopting, and sees them, you’ve got sales!  There is one of a blue lying on its back in what I call the “shameless hussy” position on the computer desk…exactly Merlin’s favorite pose.  Guess that shows they’re relaxed and comfortable, huh?  We also really liked the one draped over the front of the green machine!

   I hope everything and everyone are fine at your place. 

 Our boys are a continual source of amusement and joy.  One of these days I’ll have to get some photos out to you – Merlin is a horse!  Angus weighs much less than you’d think by looking, and Merlin much more. He really shows his bulk lying on his side, or viewed from the rear when in the meatloaf position.  Steve says he’s about three axe handles wide.  (He does exaggerate!)  I can’t lift him anymore, but that’s not his fault, and in fact he prefers not being picked up. (I think he still associates that with being taken to the counter and medicated.)

    Anyway, the boys have been so sweet and comforting.  I swear they can read minds, pain levels, or something.  The days I have to be in bed, I’ve always got company…but they somehow know when I can’t stand having them lie on me.  Depending on the severity, they cuddle into the circle of an arm, against my side or legs, or just near my feet…sometimes draping a paw over me somewhere.  I’d swear they’re trying to soothe me.  What would life be like without these little people sharing it?  I don’t ever want to find out.


   So…thanks for sharing all the little darlings on your web pages, and especially, of course, for our Merlin Magnificat.



Suzanne & Steve,

Angus & Merlin






Birthday Boy!






Celebrating with sister Poodie



Post-party rest with Poodie and brother Harley



Here are some pictures of Jasper when we first got him in July.







He still has a lot of energy, very playful.  At night and in the mornings he likes to run what I would refer to as “sprints.”  He runs from one end of the house to the other several times with no intended purpose.  It’s pretty funny.  He’s starting to get really big and has a ton of strength!  His favorite thing is to have his foot pads rubbed.  Everyone loves him!


Gavin N. Cree

Glacier Real Estate Finance




Good morning. I wanted to send you some pics of my girl. She is beautiful.

She has become very vocal, and very demanding. She is adjusting to life with 2 dogs well. (I adopted another Cocker Spaniel, 2 weeks ago). My husband calls our house 'The Zoo'. Daphne is very loving, we are so happy to have her in our 'Zoo'. She has put on alot of weight, and is not nearly shedding as much. The second pic is not great, but it shows her on the bed with the dog, just like she belongs!

Thank you for entrusting her to us. Stacy


Hi Suzanne
It was good to see you too. Chase is wonderful. Simon growled and hissed at him for the first 3 days but it didn't seem to bother him too much. Simon is better now but still won't play with Chase. Chase is a mess. He sneaks up behind Simon and reaches out and touches him and then runs and hides. Simon acts like he doesn't know who it was, he looks around and Chase is gone. It's so funny. Chase is eating good and he hasn't had any problems at all. Thanks again for this wonderful baby. I will write back and keep you updated.




Bell and Smokie

Hi Suzanne

Hope you are good today.  Bill and I are enjoying the kittens!!  Bella is "the queen"  eats like a pig.  She is three weeks older than Smokie, but quite a bit larger.  Is this normal?
I thought he would be out-growing her by now.  He is a true sweetheart, loves early morning time, head butts, chin and belly rubs.  He's not a picky eater, much more of a
little lick, small bites type guy.  I'll keep you posted.  Hope all is well.



Well, the venezuelan experiences have been a lot jajajajaja.

everything is progressing but we are still having some problems with our other cat, he is a himalayan, male 8 years old, he looks calm but brie is very tense and scared of him, we´ve been kepping them separated, and when we get them together we are around. I think it is just a matter of time till they get along very well.

We still don´t let her out in the garden because we are scared she will run away (it´s not thet easy but our other cat has done it many times), when we let her out we are with her.

Today she was sleeping more than normal, she was kind of weird but i think it could be a late reaction to the climate change.

she is eating and going to the bathroom normally.

She loves to be with people and is very calm and unaggressive.

I´ll keep you informed and will send you pictures later because i haven´t taken yet.


We decided to name her BRIE.

She's been running all over the house and playing with us a lot, she is so cute, not shy at all.

We've been paying a lot of attention and brie just loves it.

She is also a fast learner, she already knows she can't go upstairs.

We were kind of worried because she wouldn't eat, not canned food, not dried food, but this morning she went into her cage that was open and started eating the food that you had put inside, which is the name of that food?

She's been sneezing , should that concern us?

I will send you pictures when I get to caracas.

Thank you for everything

Oriana Matheus



Here are some pictures of Faith that I took today. As you she is very comfortable here.

 It's hard to get pictures because everytime I get up to get the camera, she jumps down and follows me. She is just a doll.
Thanks for all your help.





Monte weighs just a  shade over 9 lbs and sounds like a horse when running through the house. He is a beautiful cat and full of love.


Big Boy----almost 11 months!  Monty has been a joy....so full of love and eager to please.  He comes much like a dog when called  and certainly knows the word NO and what it means....

Carolyn and Ed Baltzell


Orso and Leia


Hi Dr. Henne,

   It’s been more than a year since we got Orso and Leia from you!!!
 We thought we should send you a few pictures of them. They are doing great and they bring so much joy to us. Thank you!!!

  Leia(blue) Orso(cream)



An & Wayne 






Snapped a few pictures. 

Thought you might want to see Juliette's best friend.







Suzanne - Here are the latest pictures of Bentely.








Hi Suzanne, 
Max is now 4 lbs. 12.5 oz., (just a bit over 4 mos. old) so growing well, I guess his indulging in the adult cat food more than the kitten food isn't hurting. 
He and Newman are finally friends, it is fun to finally see them play together.  Max thinks Newmans bushy tail is a great new toy.....Max is always trying to snuggle up to Newman, I think he misses his siblings.  I am really happy that Newman has taken to the little speed demon so well.



Have enclosed a few pictures so you can see his progress, he is still loving and very playful. 

 Do you think his coat is going to be spotted like his picture?

Thank you for my precious little gift.
Hi Suzanne, 

 Max and Newman are finally becoming friends, they have started playing together....Max really likes playing with Newman's big fluffy tail.  He is totally at home now, even got himself locked in the coat closet for about 2 hrs. yesterday....he wasn't out playing and had to start the hunt for him.....he just looked at me when I opened the door "it's about time you found me".   He loves the outdoors, playing with the leaves and trying to catch the bugs!

He is as cute as can be, just love him so much.  He now uses the big boy litter box, and occasionally chows down on Newman's food...I guess it won't hurt him....he just has to chew a  little harder.  I will let you know what the vet. says and how much he has gained....will send you some pictures this weekend...you know kittens, they end up in some funny places!


Sorry about the delay in response. Hermione is doing well, we love her so much. Every morning when my husband showers she greets him the bathroom. She and my shih tzu are doing well. My shih tzu just tolerates her. With this breed of cat, is it normal to have drainage from the eyes? I clean her eyes everyday with some warm water. I notice she drains more from the left eye. When will her eyes turn copper? Will they be that color all the time? Is her breed a relative of the Persian? Just asking b/c this is what my vet said???
Everyone is so surprised about her soft coat. She always purrs in the  morning. She has just recently started purring for me when I rub her stomach. Again, we love her so much.
Thanks, Stephanie Cook

Sherman and Izzy





Ophelia Sue

Do you think she is happy? LOL!








Hello Suzanne,
Maggie has been doing well-- she has put on a nice amount of weight and her fur has been growing in densely.

 We've been trying to find a cat treat for her and have tried "Pounce", but she does not like that brand whatsoever.

 Is there a particular brand that she might prefer? Right now she's overly fond of "Petromalt" for hairballs (she comes sprinting when she sees the tube), but that's not quite a treat. Also, has Maggie ever been sensitive to certain foods? She has recently succeeded in commandeering some cream that was meant for tea, and seemed to have some lower digestive problems. I'm  aware that most cats are lactose intolerant, but this seemed a bit different.

Here are several links to new pictures of her-- I'm sure you'll agree that she is getting prettier every week!




We decided to name her BRIE.

She's been running all over the house and playing with us a lot, she is so cute, not shy at all.

We've been paying a lot of attention and brie just loves it.

She is also a fast learner, she already knows she can't go upstairs.

We were kind of worried because she wouldn't eat, not canned food, not dried food, but this morning she went into her cage that was open and started eating the food that you had put inside, which is the name of that food?

She's been sneezing , should that concern us?

I will send you pictures when I get to caracas.

Thank you for everything




Brooklyn is wonderful!!!  He traveled without any problems we talked to him most of the way until he got bored hearing us and went to sleep.  It took us 7 hours because of the weather.  You were right he needed no quiet room.  He was busy exploring and wanting attention from the time we got home.  We went to our vet yesterday to introduce Brooklyn to them and she was very impressed with your procedures and paper work.  She also said that this was unusual with her past experience with cat breeders.  We just can't thank you enough for such a wonderful cat and experience.  We love him dearly. 
We will be getting you some pictures soon.
Thanks again,  Donna

Orso and Leia

Hi Dr. Henne,

   It’s been more than a year since we got Orso and Leia from you!!!

We thought we should send you a few pictures of them. They are doing great and they bring so much joy to us. Thank you!!!

  Leia(blue) Orso(cream)




An & Wayne 




Tipu Sultan Khan

Hi Suzanne,

How are you?  Tipu is doing fine although I wanted to ask you how much should he be eating in a day I want to make sure he is eating enough.  How fast does he grow as far as weight and stuff.  Is it normal for him to sleep a whole lot?

I am also sending you a picture.




Hi suzanne,

How are you.  We are well and so is Tipu.  His full name is Tipu Sultan Khan and is doing very well.  He was very friendly but not to active when he first came but last couple of days he has been jumping off the walls.  I mean he is very energetic and playful.
Oh yeah and he misses you...




Here's Woodrow draped over the front of our tractor. He's always doing something cute.

L. Tinz


Hi Suzanne,
I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to let you know that Faith is just getting more gorgeous each week.  Her colors are getting more vivid and her face is just precious.
I want to let her get a few months older before I send you any pictures.  I do plan on keeping you updated on her because I know she is just going to be a beautiful cat.
Thanks again,
Oh, I was wondering...how old should kittens be before starting to use Shed Stop?
I wasn't sure when she would start getting her adult coat and shedding.


CH Ouachita Ophelia Sue

Ophelia is settling in well.  She is a little skittish at some of the

household noises but is quickly overcoming that.  Last night she found

the toy basket and by the time she was done it looked like I had

fifteen toddlers running around the house.  She had toys scattered from

one end of the house to another.  I was almost in tears laughing as she

would get one toy and then pick another and then try to get both of

them and then remember there were more and go back.  She and Kitty Kate

are already becoming fast buddies.  They play race kitty several times

a day.  Right now Ophelia is attempting to climb a fake ficus tree. 

Thump....she just figured out that it will not support her weight.  She

is now hiding amidst the leaves after she turned it over.


Kiki and Zoey


Hi Suzanne!
Thought I'd send you a couple more pictures of KiKi, (calico), & Zoey, (blue).  They are growing up to be gorgeous cats.  KiKi weighed in at 9 lbs. at her checkup a few weeks ago, & I'm sure Zoey isn't far behind,  (but she's not due to see the vet again until December)  
I forgot to compliment you in my last letter on your redesigned site.  I enjoy seeing "our girls" featured on some of your pages.  We did have to put one of our bulldogs down last April, (Molly the one on the right), but that picture still brings a smile to our faces - seeing them all pose together!  I still can't believe we actually got them to sit still long enough to do that!  I also especially like the testimonials that include your original pictures, (as tiny kittens), along with the new owner's recent ones, so thought I'd include KiKi & Zoey's baby pictures too.  (I'm sending 4 pictures in all)  It's amazing to see how they change in a few months!

I was really excited to see you've included a silver tabby in your breeding program.  Robocats has some wonderful looking cats.  Their markings are gorgeous.  Are you planning on getting a female also?  When I first started looking for a British kitten, I was hoping to get a silver tabby.  If you do start breeding them, I may be tempted to add another Ouachita kitten to the family!
Take care & I'll continue to keep you updated on the girls!



Hello Suzanne,
I just wanted to give you a short update on Maggie. She's been doing very well and I would say she likes her new home. We have found that Brit Shorthairs are indeed very easy to train: she will not go on the same "forbidden" surfaces (like the stove!) twice and behaves wonderfully. She also likes to talk when she wants to play and grumbles if she can't capture the toy she's stalking.
We have received the packet you sent (that was fast!). We'll send you more pictures of her in a few weeks.
L. Zanzi



Sherman (tank) and Izzy

Hello Dr. Henne,


  Enclosed are some pictures of Tank, now called Sherman and Izzy. 

 They are wonderful and a delight.






Leda arrived at my home. She is tired. She keeps quiet in the corner of the room. She is so cute. I am pleased.
Thank you!





Hi Dr. Henne,

We just wanted to give you an update on April and of course show you her cute new photos (taken today!). She is a pleasure! When we get home she meets us at the door and will follow us around the apartment until she feels we have given her an adequate amount of attention-- which of course we are happy to do!! She loves sitting on our desk chairs or by the window watching all the birds (we have a lot of trees outside our window!). We have her on an indoor cat dry food (science diet) and she has kept a great weight - and we just keep her daily amount of food out all day and let her munch! She seems to like that. And although she has a water bowl by her food, we realized she much prefers to drink her water out of this huge metal bowl (one of my old mixing bowls) we had used one weekend that we were away! So now we leave both water bowls out - just in case! We really love her and could not have asked for a better friend!!

Thanks again for all your help with her! We will keep you updated!!

Tara and Dan (and April)


Ozzy and Charlie

Dear Suzanne,
Here are pictures of the boys.  We are really enjoying them.

  They went to the vet today to get a shot.  She also trimmed their claws.  So now I know how to do it.  Charlie is so laid back that he did not even meow for his shot.  All of the staff kept saying that they are beautiful.   


We are so glad we got two. 

 They are happy to have each other. 

 It is great fun to watch them as playmates.  They run around and wrestle each other and chase each other.  The kids just love them and to play with them. They sleep together alot too. 



Very cute.  They are truely wonderful pets and everything you said they would be. 






Piper and Cessna


Hello, Suzanne. I'm sorry I haven't written sooner about Piper and Cessna, the sisters we bought from you back in December 2006. I wanted to update you on how they are doing.

First of all, they have adjusted to our family very, very well. They
are so sweet and gentle. Cessna is definitely more adventuresome.
We intended for them both to be indoor cats, and they are, but Cessna has a yearning to go outside with the dogs. She goes out with them
every morning, does her "business" and then comes back in with them.
I think that she thinks she is a dog! It is so funny. She doesn't want to go outside unless her buddies are out there, and when they come in, she comes in. She has grown to be a wonderful cat, and even
though she was the runt, she has really come into her own size-wise.
She tends to be more aloof, but not to the point of timidness or unfriendliness.

Piper is my sweetheart. She follows me where every I go in the house and keeps me company when I do laundry. She curls up in my lap daily when I finally have 10 minutes to sit and read. 

When I get a chance and find my digital camera, I will be sure to e- mail them to you. Cats, I am finding, are not easy to photograph, but just so you know - they both look wonderful!

Thank you, Suzanne. We are grateful to have Piper and Cessna.

The Welborn Family
Anchorage, Alaska



Wellington is doing fine. He has been a pleasure to have as a pet. He has a great personality & has binded well with the whole family, grandchildren included. He & our golden retreiver have become the best of friends, play together, & frequently sleep together. The first thing most of our friends ask when visiting is, where is Wellington? Needless to say he is very spoiled & now considers the house his private kingdom.


Charlie Murphy


Well it’s been a LONG time, but finally wanted to get back w/you in regards to the kitten I purchased from you.  We did finally name him, Charlie Murphy, and he’s a true joy to own (actually he owns us….). 

Murphy has one of the most unique personalities I’ve ever come across in a cat.  He’s his own man, that’s for sure!  Not one day goes by that he’s not up to something – he’s too smart for his own good at times and for sure, always does it HIS way!  I’ve attached a few pics for your enjoyment….




April Guth


Hi, I was planning on writing later. Max is wonderful.   Of course before we left Atlanta I had to hold him, then he hid under the front seat of the car all the way home.  When we got home I kept him in my large master bath for about 5 hrs. so he wouldn't feel so overwelmed...got him to the point where I could pet him...and his lttle motor started purring.  He started eating and drinking and using the litter box, so I opened his space to include my bedroom.  He would do a quick sniff of me but walk away and explore his new space.  He slept under my bed all night, no crying at all.
Yesterday morning he started warming up to me when I sat on the floor...he was looking for some affection.  He would come to me and rub up against me, allow me to caress him and play with him.  He became much more relaxed as the day went on, wanting to be by me(\\\\\) those little marks are Max emailing you!  He did jump up on my bed last night, but chose to sleep under the bed again.
Since he seemed so comfortable with me this morning, I decided I would bring him to my downstairs level to start getting introduce to Newman....a little bit of growling...Newman is so layed back and definately not agressive, they are having the occasional stare down but no definate contact yet.  I don't think he knows what to make of th little speed demon.  They are keeping a small distance between them, I think they will be fine.
Max went up and down the stairs for the first time, as he came running down the steps and approaching the last 2 steps, Newman was waiting for him at the bottom...eye to eye and had to put on the breaks and make a quick reverse turn...it was pretty funny.
He is having a ball running around my lower level and investigating every square inch...not to mention discovering many new toys to entertain himself with.
He is so soft and desires affection and now approaches me all the time...I guess he knows I am his love source and affection.  I am really enjoying just spending the day, watching him play and becoming more comfortable with his new home.
I will keep you updated on how he is doing and of course send pics.  Thank you so much for this precious little gift.



Hi Suzanne,

I just wanted to send a quick update to you on little Sanchez. He is absolutely adorable, and full of personality! He has already begun exploring around the house and is making friends with our resident cat with ease. I'm sure that they will become the best of friends once they get settled in.

Here's a nice photo that my husband took of him this morning - what a ham!

Brought this little man home from the airport yesterday.

He is very well adjusted. Steve is not impressed at all.

Thanks so much for all of your efforts in coordinating shipping - and for providing us with such a wonderful and well-socialized little kitty!



Winston and Columbo

Suzanne - Hi! A few new pictures of the kitties.

 Winston's gingivitis problem has healed up using the gel. We have also started using filtered water and the Oxyfresh solution in it to try and prevent any problems in the future.

Let me know if you have problems with opening up any of the attachments.
Take care,

Pamela S. Pivinski
Mustang, Oklahoma




Anabelle and Bluebell

Hi, Suzanne,

One of our visiting friends who is a professional photographer took a couple of wonderful pictures of "the girls" yesterday.

Annabelle managed to not have stomach problems this spring, which was good. We still love them both to pieces!!

I love to look at your website once in a while and show it to others who may be interested in a BSH kitty. One of my friends was totally taken with what fabulous cats they are!

I'm heading off to a convention in Jeff City, so I'll close. I hope you're having a good summer!!

Kathy Bowers
St. Louis MO



He is doing very well. He is becoming increasingly more mischievous and playful. We often find him climbing, or at least trying to climb, over and on top of everything, including us. He is very curious about his new surroundings. And, of course, he is very affectionate. He has his very own area with plenty of toys. Overall, therefore, he seems to be adjusting quite well. He is drinking and eating regularly. He seems to be afraid of water, however, and is timid when approaching his water dish at times. He seems very healthy, too. His ears appear to be bothering him less. We have noticed that his eyes get very watery and crusty when he sleeps, though. We will be going to the vet soon, just to get acquainted. I'll be sure to let you know how he progresses throughout the next couple weeks.






I had to send you these,  she gets more personality and more gorgeous by the day!

Hi Suzanne
Well I thought I'd wait the week (that is tomorrow!) but can't wait to update you on our Ashley, what a joy she is, you have done such an amazing job with her.   She is full of fun, loves all her toys, Da Bird being the favourite, is independant and a total joy to have around.  You would'nt know she has claws she is so gentle.
She is a pickty eater and only gobbles down her food when I mix in the wet canned food, she is not too crazy about the dry food and will have a token mouthful once shes eaten all the wet food.   I tried her on kitten treats but she does not care for those.     I would like her to only eat the dry food but do not want to do anything that might upset her happy little life.
Her eyes were never really a problem but have cleared up completely.  She still sneezes occationally and I am almost finished the medicine.
Can you tell me which shampoo I should buy and how often do you suggest I bath her.
I bought the scoop free litter box but so far she thinks its another toy to play with.   Maybe she is too young what do you think?
Kind Regards


Hello Suzanne
It has been a few weeks since I wrote to you.
My first question has to be that Ashley seems to make an attempt at miaowing but does not succeed at all.    We are not sure if this is a problem or not as it is quite disconcerting when on the odd occasion she has got into a filing cabinet, the dishwasher or a cupboard and has not been able to get out,  she cannot make any sounds so we dont know where she is.     She does not like to wear her collar and sometimes when I put it on her teeth get stuck in it so I dont let her wear it unless I can watch her.
Please let me know if this is normal for her age.   In all other respects she is absolutely fine with super sensitive hearing!

There is good news!   she is simply divine still sweet, affectionate, playful and extremely inquisitive
she really is a special little girl who delivers endless joy.
I look forward to hearing from you regarding her not miaowing.




Fig and Olive

Hi Suzanne,

I'm forwarding a bunch of pictures of the babies. They are so much fun!
Fig has really become quite the loverboy and olive is very curious. They love to eat and Fig ends up hogging a lot of Olive's food. I'm going to start calling him Fig the Pig. They have started sleeping with me and follow me from room to room. The love to be picked up and held and they both purr very loud!

They are growing like weeds - Fig especially. Let me know if you want me to send pics for your site.



Ouachita PercysMaggieAnn  (Maggie)


Maggie is doing extremely well. She's already adapted to her new home (it actually took her about ten minutes) and is eating and drinking healthily. She had a small poo-poo accident, but nothing major. She also talks quite a bit when she wants attention, and already has an array of "toys". She's learning quickly what's acceptable and what isn't, particularly to not follow us out into the bedroom. Otherwise, she's quite dog-like and likes to follow us around all day. She has also found how much fun it is to unroll the toilet paper all the way around the place, but has been good at learning it's a no-no. I can safely say she's been very happy, particularly sampling different kinds of food (don't worry, we're informed as to what cats shouldn't eat).


During the first day she wouldn't eat or drink much, probably due to anxiety and the trip, but she seems to have gone back to a dietary routine.
Here are some pictures:
We've taken the liberty of renaming her. Well, we've given her a bit of a last name. How does Maggie Thatcher sound? Seems British enough.
We'll send you further updates over time and let you know how she's doing!
L. Zanzi


Maggie got here perfectly ok today! She arrived on time, and in very good condition. She wasn't scared, just a little weary, it would seem. She's currently marking territory...






I will write you further along with pictures when Maggie's not busy.... rearranging our bookshelf. :)
Thanks for the smoothest transaction. She's a beautiful, happy cat.
L. Zanzi


Tank and Isadore (Izzy)
(Tank-  Cream)   (Izzy-Red Mackerel Tabby and White)



Hello Dr. Henne,

The kittens are doing great. 

 You would never know they have had such a long journey.  They have not missed a beat.

Carol Coalson



I should have written you sooner, but I have just been enjoying her.
I got to the airport early.  When she arrived, she was just purring and not afraid at all.
On the way home I put the carrier on the front seat facing me and she just cleaned herself and purred all the way home (about an hour)
I was going to contain her to one room, but she won't have that.  She is all over the house and has used her litter box once.  She hasn't  eaten or drank anything yet, and I hope she remembers where the litter box is.  I have put her in it quite a few times today .
By the way,  she is gorgeous!!!!  When I saw her face, I fell in love!! Her markings are more beautiful than in the pictures.
Would it hurt to contain her to one room with her food, litter and toys when I am at work or gone?
She is just so curious, I am afraid what she might do if I am not watching her
Thank you for Faith,

Leo and Max

Hi Suzanne,
Here's a couple of pictures of my two boys.  Leo is sitting on the top shelf in the red bowl that he helped make.  It has his prints on the inside, and once it was complete I placed it where he had been sleeping in an unfired piece.  He loves being up high.  Max is checking out my work by the wheel....he must think he's my little quality control check. 


They love helping me out, and this spring the two of them were quite the mousers.  Leo is getting to be huge!  They are wonderful cats!!

Kindest regards,

Jelly Bean of Frisco

 Jelly Bean of Frisco, Texas has the sweetest personality and is perfectly liter box trained. One cat from Ouachita Britishish Shorthairs is not enough. We bought four. If you have one cat you might as well have two, we think. Reslers and Greenwo





DOB:  5-16-2007
S: CH Gogocats Storm Cloud of Ouachita
D: CH Ouachita Flamin Delilah 

Ouachita Dandy Robbie Dundee



January through July 2007

Raleigh and Halle

Hi -
Here are a couple of pictures of Raleigh and Halle (they're soooo cute). Enjoy!












Dr. Henne,

So here is the update we promised.

 As you can see, April feels right at home, and is always getting into something. I think she wants to start helping me make dinner...(fortunately at that point we had not yet turned the stove on!!)

Tara, Dan, and April









Hi Doc Henne!

I thought it time to give you an update on Wellington who co-habitates with the Coulons here in New Orleans.
I was raised with cats, the house never being without at least one, but I can't remember ever having a cat that I enjoy quite as much as Wellington. He has become the focal point of the family, a position in which he appears very comfortable. He has a great personality, always willing to have a free head rub, always happy, always getting into something. When bored, he attacks Lacy, our golden retreiver, jumping on her back & hanging on for dear-life. Lacy has learned to tolerate these sneek attacks & actually allows Wellington to sleep with her on occasions.


  7 month, 8+lbs Has he taken over ?  What would you say

Gotchya, your my ice cub, and your not getting away this time

Leia and Orso

Hi Dr. Henne,

  Here is a picture of Leia (blue)and Orso(cream),.

  Look at his mouth J   My friend also thinks it gives character…


Eliza Dolittle

Hi Suzanne,

I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to once again thank you for Eliza. She is so adorable. We are best of friends. She has amazing social skills. Every time I sit down she sits on my shoulder and drapes her paws over my shoulder and puts her head right up against my head. She loves to be kissed and cuddled. She is beautiful. I love her.

Thank you and if I every get another cat, you will be the person that I get one from.

I will send a picture when I get one.

You can use this as a testimonal if you want.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.




She is definitely the queen of this castle!  When she comes thru, Sassy just gets out of the way!  She has brought so much joy and happiness to my life when life seemed so bleak.  My kids are finally coming around more, my oldest is already away in school.  I am on my way to Hot Springs and pick her up for Father's Day weekend.  Greg is going with me, Tim B has to work.  They say "HI!"





sunbathing at its finest!





Kasumi is very happy at home! She gained a few pounds (she now weighs 3.4 kilograms) and she became more "adult", she's still adorable but a very fierce hunter (flies or spiders don't last long in the apartment with her). I will have to send you some updated pictures of her, but I'm not very good at taking pictures :-(




I wanted to give you an update on Sebastian.  Last weekend ,he traveled with my wife [Diana] to an antique engine show in Waukee Iowa which is about 200 miles from our home. 
He had no troubles and sat in his little pet bed which we placed on the console between the seats of the truck.  Once we were at the show he was very outgoing and had no trouble at all making friends with the spectators.  In most cases he was the one to make contact. We started leash training as soon as we made friends after we received him from you  and he is starting to get the hang of it. 

 While we were at the show, he stayed in my chair and was the perfect gentleman.  Everybody was quite impressed with him and could not get over his behavior.  I took a lot of pictures with him interacting with the spectators.  I will be sending you a disc with pictures of the show and of Sebastian. 

 As far as my wife and I are concerned, he is the best kitty cat in the world.  He is a little bundle of energy and is smart as can be.  We are having a wonderful experience with him.

Thanks for everything




Hi Suzanne-

Thought you might like to see Lucy at 18 months.  She's 7 pounds of energy and personality.
  She wakes up in a new world every day and is pretty much in charge of things, even her older pal the Burmese.  They get along great but every now and then Lola will get tired of her antics and take a swipe at her.  We're loving having her around the house!
Larry and Betty Pope


Olive and Fig

Hi Suzanne,

Olive and Fig arrived safe and sound. They are doing great and adjusting to the new digs quickly. Olive is so social and follows me everywhere I go. She is such a sweetheart and loves to be stroked. Her little motor is so cute. Fig is taking a little longer to adjust but is sweet as can be when I get my hands on him. He really gets into the chin and neck rubs.
They started using the litter box immediately and have been good eaters too. I am so happy they are finally here and appreciate all the care you took in sending them on their way. It really shows!




hi! i just wanted to send you an updated picture of Baloo....he's doing great, loves the outdoors-trying to catch anything that flies, and he's very lazy when inside.hope your doing well...take care




Hi Suzanne,
I thought you would love to see some pictures of Joey with his older sister.

Chloe is the white 6 month Birman, and we are one big very happy family...we're doing great!  Joey is having a good time on the large kitty "condo!"

Enjoy!  Joey has such an amazing personality...he is really something. His appetite is unbelievable - he would eat an 8 course gourmet meal if he could!
Best regards,


We received our little Joey - wow he is a fiesty little one!  He's doing great - thank you for everything!  We also received all paperwork - thanks very much.  He is already eating well....my type of guy!
I'll keep you posted on his progress
Best regards,


Also, Joey eats like he never has eaten before????  I always leave dry food out - but when I give him a little can kitten food - he is a terror! I think he will eat our dog's food if he could!!!  Is this normal??? I'm worried maybe he has worms etc....I will take him anyway to our vet - but my other kitten eats well - but not like this.  I wonder if I should feed him 3 times a day -especially since he is so little??? 
He is such a character -  I love it.  The most inquisitive and curious thing ever...trouble is his middle name right now. He's adorable.


Thanks Suzanne. I greatly appreciate your insight and help.  I always leave dry out and they each have their own bowls of food. I've never seen such an appetite...but since we love food ourselves - I appreciate his gusto (I was kind of worried - seemed very abnormal)!  I just don't want him to overdue it. But like you said, he will soon feel more secure and understand that he will be fed regularly and that he doesn't have to over due this each time.  He was even better with the dog food this morning!!! Funny.
He's such a character - I love it.
Thanks again,
Best regards,







Click the link above to see a picture of Jasper in the Seattle Post-Intellignecer, one of two major local newspapers.  I sent his picture in online.

Gavin N. Cree


CH Brittasweet Isabella of Ouachita

British Shorthair Cat Pedigrees
CH Brittasweet Isabella of Ouachita
(Blue-white british shorthair female)
S: GC Catsetera’s Medicine Man
D: CH Brittasweet Valerie Muscari Nthesun
View my full pedigree


We had a good trip home, no problems.  We stopped by the nursing home in Nashville to see my 92 year old grandmother.  Isabella was a big hit among the residents!  I might have to get her certified her as a therapy pet, she was so calm.  It's amazing what little it takes to bring a smile to an old, lonely person.  I'm sure many miss their pets.  My grandmother really enjoyed our visit.  Isabella is a sweet girl, she purrs a lot and loves to have her chin scratched.  I think we are going to all get along great.  Since I live alone, they are a lot of company to me.  S.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to provide a loving home to this beautiful girl, I will do my best to make her life as wonderful as I can.  Thanks again.
Tim Greathouse

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." -Gandhi


Ouachita Mocha Bean "Bean" and
 Ouachita CashthisCoin "Georgie"


Hi Suzanne,
Sorry to be so long updating you, but it's been a little crazy around here. :-)
It took about a week, but we finally settled on a name for our little Tortie.  She was registered as Ouachita Mocha Bean, Bean for short.  It was her color, it reminded me of coffee when the cream had just been poured.  She seems to have adjusted to it pretty well. 
As for her personality, she is everything you promised.  From day one, she has let everyone hold and pet her.  I opened her kennel, showed her the litter box and food and she was off making friends and exploring.  She never hid or was the least bit timid.   She has also helped Georgie open up.  They sleep most nights in bed with me, Bean up close and Georgie at the foot of the bed.  The nights they aren't with me they are busy racing around the house playing all night long.  There have been a couple of times my mother has had to close her door because they get so roudy.  Three or four times Georgie has even let me hold her for a couple of minutes. She has also displayed signs of nurturing with Bean and anytime the front door is open they can both be found sitting side by side watching whatever is out there...birds, people, bugs.  Bean is a real joy to have and as you can see from the pictures even Braeden, the baby (11 mos), is able to play with her.

In spite of having 2 cats already, my mother has fallen in love with #37, the Cream Classic Tabby and White.  Could you let me know how much you are asking for him.  I don't know that I can swing another one, but for her I'll give it some thought.
Thanks again for Bean.  We just love her.


Hi Suzanne,

The new baby is here safe and sound and she is so adorable.  Our first meeting went very well.  She was very friendly, doing everything she could to get our attention and wanting us to pet her and even hold her.  I think she is going to be perfect.  She has already met the vet and now she is meeting Georgie.  The vet went fine, but she keeps growling at Georgie.  I thought Georgie was going to be the one that would be upset, but she is handling it very well. 
Suzanne, I can not thank you enough for this gift.  I really do think that she is going to be a perfect fit with my gang.  I haven't told any of the grandkids yet.  They are coming tomorrow night and we decided to surprise them.  I'll let you know how that goes. 
I haven't come up with a name yet, but am working on it.  I want to see her out and about a little before deciding, but as soon as I have something I'll let you know so we can get her registered.
Thank you again. She is just wonderful!

Kiki and Zoey

Hi Suzanne!

I thought I'd send you some recent pictures of the girls.  KiKi was a year old in  ;April & Zoey is 9 months. 
 They get along great together & are an absolute riot to watch when they play!  We enjoy them both so much!


Becki & Rick




I just wanted to share pictures of Paddy from the banquet in June for him winning 2nd Best of Breed in the Southern Region. I hope you like them!!!


Becky Carrion

Britacoon Cattery



I just wanted to share the news with everyone that I just found by mistake and was totally unaware of. I just learned that Paddy is CFA's 2006-2007 "2nd Best of Breed" British Shorthair in Premier!








Here are some updated pictures of Fergus. He is such a love and is getting to be such a big boy. He has so much personality!











Poodie’s three years old today and is feisty as ever!  Hope all is well,









hi suzanne~

things are great with buckley! i attached a picture of him for you. he loves to nap in our steeler helmet! we are so happy to have him here. he is the most playful and lovable kitten i have ever seen. he keeps us company at all times. he loves the shower and he jumps in the tub everytime someone gets a bath. we love him so much and we are so grateful for all of your help with our silver too. i took them both to vet yesterday to get tested and for buckleys shot. they are both in perfect health. thankyou so much again. buckley is everything we wanted.

marissa and del





"Just a Minute....  And I will Pose!"

Mac is joining the Karpowica Family

Hi Suzanne!


I wanted t let you know that Mac arrived safe and sound and he is resting comfortably from his trip. He will be staying in Mom’s bedroom as we slowly introduce him to Charlie and Cobbie although Cobbie has already struck up a friendship with him and they started playing together almost immediately.

 Thank you so much ! Everyone at the airport made a fuss over him, even the pilot. We even exchanged emails with a few people who wanted your name as they loved his eyes and coloring. Most people here in Rochester aren’t familiar with the British shorthairs, so when they do see them, they really stand out.

 We’ll send pictures soon!


Elizabeth and Holmes





Hey:  Did you receive the pictures I mailed you (of Holmes and Elizabeth).  What did you think?  Aren't they beautiful.






Leia and Orso

Hello Dr. Henne,

  It’s been awhile….

  Leia(blue) is doing okay, but we have to keep cleaning her right ear at least twice a week, we think that we should start her on the tresaderm once in awhile to get her ear all clean up. Could you send us some and also let us know how often we should treat her and the duration? And also how we should go about paying you (check, credit card, etc…)..

Please read the email stream below for the history on Leia.

   I’ve also attached here a picture of Leia and Orso. It’s misleading because Orso(cream) it’s ~11lbs vs Leia(blue) ~9bls but she looks much bigger than him in the picture




so we are excited that april is turning 1 year old in just a few days...but we wanted to know if there was anything we could get for
her as a birthday treat (like fresh fish??) that would also be safe.
we promise to send you a picture of the birthday girl on her big day.

thanks for all the advise. we are SO happy with our girl.

tara and dan


We absolutely love our kitty, Cheerio that we got last December! He loves Tennessee. We have, however, run into a dilemma. Our youngest child, Gabriel, was diagnosed with being sensitized to the cat allergen. He is allergic to Cheerio. Since Gabriel has a minor history of wheezing, the physician is recommending that we find a new home for Cheerio because this allergy increases Gabriel's risk for bronchial hyperresponsiveness and asthma. Though not officially diagnosed with a cat allergy our Daughter has reactive airway disease, a precursor to asthma. Finding a new home for Cheerio is something that we do not want to do if possible, but will do so if necessary.

I was wondering if you had any recommendations for people in this situation regarding living with cats. Second, if we need to find a new home for him, would you please help us find one.

I cannot tell you how sad this makes us. Cheerio instantly became part of our family and the thought of him not beingable to have a cat in the home is literally devastating to me, a lifelong cat lover.




I thought you might like to see a pic of Chloe.

I think she is beautiful.





Hi Suzanne,

Dutchess is doing wonderfully. She likes my husbands law office (in home office). We find her sleeping in banker boxes along side client files. ha ha!

She likes to play alot. She drinks alot of water. Her and Muffin get along just fine. She comes running when we call her name. She has   many toys but favors the ones you put in her crate. I have taken her outside on a leash when I walk Muffin. She doesn't seem to mind. She used to sleep underneath the bed, now she sleeps up on the bed all night. She wakes me up at 5:30 am daily, wanting fresh food. She doesn't eat very much hard food. Dutchess will be home alone for a week b/c we are traveling to Paris. I have a pet sitter coming in
3 times a day. I hope she does not get too lonely. She also is getting big fast. You should see peoples reactions when they see her...they say they have never seen a kitten so beautiful. We love her. Thanks Suzanne. I will send updated pictures later on today.

Happy Easter.

Lance, Terrie, Muffin and Dusty Dutchess!

Hi Suzanne,

Dutchess arrived safely. Thanks for the food, crate, blanket and toys. She is absolutely adorable. She immediately began eating and used her little box as soon as we arrived home. She gave Muffin, our poodle, a big hiss, so that may take some time. I will send you some pictures once she decides that it is okay to be out of her crate.

You are the top of a line breeder/vet. I am glad we decided to purchase a kitten through you!!!

Thanks again.

Lance, Terrie & Muffin Greene


Just wanted to drop a note on Elizabeth.  She is doing wonderful.  We celebrated her 1st birthday this week.  The boys and I took her to PetSmart for a new collar, toy and a small can of soft food (this was the cake ).  Elizabeth got to see the birds, lizards and fish.  She never acted scared.  After we got home and she had her cake, it was cat nap city. 
Elizabeth has been great for the boys.  One person commented that if she didn't look like a cat you would think she was a dog.  She still enjoys riding in the car.  The girls at the bank and cleaners are disappointed if she is not with me.  The weather has permitted her to be outside with us.  Stacy and the boys hit golf balls in the afternoons and she chases them all over the yard. 

If we are watering patio plants, she is slapping at the water.  She loves to run from the backdoor all the way to the clubhouse and climb the steps to the top.  She will sometimes take the slide down.  We love to watch her chasing after a bug or bird.  Elizabeth also has learned our bedtime routine.  Every night after we read, she looks for me to pick her up and Lee Pearson gives her a kiss and then she snuggles with BJ under his covers.  After they go to sleep she gets up.

She is just great.  I have attached a couple photos.




Hi Suzanne,
This is Mary in Portland, Emma's mom. I have noticed that your webpage has been down for about a week now. Are you, your family, and the cats ok? I really miss checking in to see the cats every several days. I hope the site is back up soon.
Emma is doing wonderfully. She is my little furry daughter.
I will write soon.




At this rate, at 6 months old, I guess she's really going to be a BIG girl. I've actually cut down just a little bit on the dry food, just a little less than 1/2 cup twice a day and 1/3 canned twice a day. She seems to be okay with this.

She's only affectionate with me when the lights are out and I'm in bed, then she's all over me, or in the kitchen when she's ready to eat. Other than that she always runs when you approach her, especially other people and she doesn't like to be held. She's very playful, though...we have various games she likes to play...hide and seek, swinging in the basket and she loves to go in the car. All I have to do is show her her carrier and she jumps in as lies down. Very good in the car.


Hey Suzanne,

Fergie was 6 months on the 5th of April and yesterday she weighed 8.3 lbs. Is this too much? Can you give me some sort of guide line for feeding her? This is what I give her: Every morning 6 am about 1/2 cup dry Iam's Kitten Food and 1/3 of a small can Iam's Kitten Food. Same in the afternoon about 6. Should I be giving her less and will her flabby belly go away if I cut down? She's pretty active, but maybe too much food......




Hi Suzanne,

Things are great. She loves going in the car. I take her when I run  errands or go to Starbucks to get coffee. She sits in the window and takes it all in. Yesterday she went with us when we went to a friends house to help in the yard. She sat in the sun in the back window and played with her mouse. Then we went to eat breakfast. She used the little litter box she came with, and although she had litter everywhere, I was glad that she used it.

Hope your and your gang is doing well.


Fitz and Clicquot "Klee Co"

Hi Suzanne,

Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you with  a name.  Anyway, after great debate we have decided to call our new little girl Cliquot.  In case your French is not great the pronounciation is “Klee Co”.

Fitz is an absolute delight.  He has lost all of his Kitten fur and is into everything.  However, he is carried around so much I’m not sure if he will remember how to walk!

Lastly, would you please provide the earliest date that you would be comfortable letting Cliquot go so we can make travel arrangements.  We are planning on flying to Little Rock to pick her up as we are not comfortable with her being shipped.



Kris Cat








Good Morning Suzanne,
You Bet...It would be my pleasure to send you a picture of Madison....Just this very morning I took some more pictures of our little lady...(smile) Photo's will go into Waldgreens this weekend...Suzanne, I don't want you to think I'm being prejudice b-u-t-t-t-t...Madison is a little Doll Baby, I couldn't love her any more than if I actually gave birth to her myself....I thank you so much for her!!! You did a GREAT JOB!!!!
Have a swell day today & weekend.
Always, Val

Hello Suzanne,

Just wanted to say hello...It's been a little while since we last spoke...All is well with Madison these days, I'll be sure to send you some new photo's of our little one...Soon to be a yr. old (4-14-07) Smile... I'm Still very much in love with my "Little Sugar Lump" LOL...Awfully happy she's in my life...The very best thing I could have ever done!! Her newest spot in the house, On top of the washing machine, until it goes into "High Spin" cycle. HAHAHA

Have a great Day!!!


I love the new Web site..."New Face Lift" (smile) Your Babies are beautiful...I would love to get another little one (my apt. is too small) A male this time. I will keep intouch with you though, things may change, you never know. (smile) Have a great day Suzanne, all the very best to you.



Suzanne - Just wanted to let you know that Paddy had a one year check-up and Doctor Gates thought he looked great (teeth and all) and he weighs in at 11 pounds all muscle..not a bit of fat on him. Paddy has now taken to a raw diet..no can food for him anymore..go figure.

Suzanne -

Do you want the newsletter or my Oxyfresh website? (check for Rebecca's link on the link Page)

got an email from Julie Hanson who has two of your kittens who are about Paddy's age and I explained to her on what to do..believe it or not Paddy has no problems with his teeth at all...as I am always looking at everyone's teeth. It seems my red Maine Coon suffer more with gingivitis then any other color. Anyway..I told Julie what to order and how to use it and she did and I told her to be patient, but be diligent with the product.  There is a pet gel that you can rub on their gums that has aloe in it to sooth the gums and help with healing and helps fight bad breath.

 Did I tell you that I just found out that Paddy is the 28th Best British Shorthair in TICA in the Mid Atlantic and that is just from one show and he beat out the 3rd Best British Shorthair girl.


Suzanne - I just wanted to let you know how well Paddy did this weekend at the cat show at High Point, NC. He made 4 out of 6 finals and he got 3rd Best Allbreed Cat in Premiership, 4th Best Allbreed Cat in Premiership, 9th Best Allbreed Cat in Premiership, and 10th Best Allbreed Cat in Premiership.

Now we are taking 3 months off from showing and then we are going to run him for a Regional Win starting in May.



Hello Dr. Henne,

Just let you know Pebbles is doing good with us. He just turned 1 year old few days ago. I attached some of the pictures we took in this week. :)

Thank you,

Jackie & Albert





Winston and Colombo

Suzanne -

Here are new pictures of Winston & Colombo, Winston is huge!! We have switched them to Eukenubauh Adult Indoor Cat Food for Less Active Cats since Winston especially has a tummy on him, hopefully he'll lose a pound or two with this food. They are so funny at times, Winston loves to drink out of the bathroom sink faucet but has a unique way of doing so, he sits down in the sink and puts his paw under the stream of water and then licks the water as it comes off his paw. Other times he will actually just stick his head under the faucet and just lets the water pour over his head then shakes Shis head like a dog would to get the water off and water goes flying everywhere! I actually think he would walk into our stall shower if we'd let him. Columbo on the other hand doesn't guard cat at the back door because that is where we feed the outside cats (he can see them thru the glass door) and he does not like them and will talk and howl at them.

Hope everything is going well with you and your family. Take care,




Pamela S. Pivinski
Mustang, OK

Winston II

Hi Suzanne,

My name is Robert (Bob) Wells. And, as you can see from the e-mail below, my wife and I purchased Winston II from you some time ago, in August of 2004.

Winston has grown into a very handsome young man and we are very proud to be his "parents". He is about 14 lbs. now and until the week of March 1st was in good health. He has had all of his shots and we feed him IAMs pouches daily which he loves. We also give him dry food which he only rarely eats.

On 3-1-07 we left town for vacation. Winston stayed in the home with "Grandma, Esther" and we thought all was well. Winston and my Mother-in-law, Esther are good "buddies" and Esther has been staying with us and feeding Winston in our home since Jan. of this year. During the day Esther is the only one home and they get along very well.

About 3-4 days into our vacation Esther began to tell us Winston was drinking lots of water and was urinating frequently. This continued until we got home on 3-11. This past Tuesday, we took Winston to our Vet. The Vet said Winston had a BUN of 51. The Vet prescribed a diet change, to KD and amoxicillin (in case Winston had a urinary infection). We began the amonicillin yesterday (twice daily). Today, Winston is somewhat lethargic and seems thirsty (we are giving him water via a syringe every hour or so). He is not urinating as much nor as often. He has refused to eat any of the new KD food so we have begun to feed him his old IAMs food again. We hope to begin to mix in the new food in with the old IAMs slowly. After eating some of his old food this evening, he threw up. He has thrown up in the past but not on a regular basis; this is the first time he has thrown up since we left on 3-1.

Can you help us with the issues described above? Are there any traits which his Mother, Father or siblings may have exhibited that could shed some light on this issue?

Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated...we love Winston and only want to see him healthy and happy!

Thank you for your time.



Good to hear from you! 

 Soren is doing fine.  She and Lazelle now have run of the house while I am gone during the day and although Lazelle still hisses at her when Soren gets too close, they manage to scurry off in opposite directions.  I don’t know who is using which litter box.  I catch lazelle in both, but have only seen Soren use her own.  They are both sleeping in bed with me now which brings me great comfort.  Soren is much more playful than Lazelle and gets more of my attention, which I think Lazelle is jealous of, but when I encourage her to join in and she just doesn’t want to partake.  Such totally different personalities!  The remind me of the aunts who raised me!  Lazelle is like the one we had to endure although she had a nasty temperament and Soren is like the one we all adored (although Lazelle is named after that one!)

Bottom line, I love Soren more and more every day.  She is the PERFECT cat for my temperament.

Best wishes,



Hi Suzanne,

Just giving you an update on beautiful Soren.

Seems she and Lazelle are getting along somewhat better (knock on wood!)  Whenever I am home, they both have free access to the whole house and I now keep Soren in my bedroom with the door closed when I am gone.  They both are very cautious around each other and Lazelle still hisses when they are too close, but the other night they both were lying on my bed, (about 3 feet apart) and although Lazelle was growling a tad under her breath, it was the first time they had been that close without major disapproval from the other. Lazelle sleeps on the bed with me and Soren sleeps in her bed on the floor next to mine.

Soren developed a slight cold so when I took her to the vets, it was a heck of a time getting her there.  She would not go into the carrier (the hard plastic type with a wire gate on the front) and managed to scratch me so badly, I thought she had torn my earring out of my ear.  I later discovered that it was only a scratch that bled somewhat heavily until I could get it under control.

 I eventually put her into a cardboard carrier box that loaded from the top, with her blankie and a toy and although she was still reluctant, at least I got her in there.  All the girls at the vet's had never seen a BSH and thought she was exquisite (which of course, is a given!).  When they took her out to examine her, she apparently LEAPED out of the box and scurried around a great deal.  I had her nails trimmed and they gave me some orangey liquid meds to give to her which have already helped tremendously.  I mix it with some moist fishy tasting food as she would not take it straight.

Lazelle seems to want to use Soren's litter box when I am around and I try to discourage it, but can't watch her constantly.  Is this normal and is it OK?

Also...just to let you know, my neighbor (who doesn't even like cats) really loves Soren.  Says she is the prettiest cat she has ever seen.  I tell her (Soren) every day that is she is the most beautiful thing in my life.  She doesn't seem to like to be held (did she when you had her?), so I just am constantly petting her and scratching her behind her ears and under her chin which she can't get enough of.

Thanks again for allowing me to be her new mom!  I love her abundantly!


Soren is more beautiful than I could imagine!  I promise to love, honor and cherish her till death do us part! And thank you for the Welcome package, that was so thoughtful of you.

She is understandably timid, but on Saturday night I just gave her her own space in the hotel room.  She spent a lot of the time on the seat of a chair that was under a table.  I sang to her softly and moved slowly from the bed towards her with some toys and eventually she came down to play.  I let her sniff me out and she warmed up as soon as I started scratching her behind her ears.    When I went back to the bed, she jumped up and we played some more.

The first thing I did when I got back home was to put my cat (Lazelle) in a bedroom and closed her in.  Then I brought Soren in and put her in an enclosed area in my furnished basement.  Got her bed all set up, pulled out all the new toys, set out her food and water and litter box.  At one point she got out and although I managed to block it off so she couldn’t get upstairs, she found a good hiding place that took me a while to find her.  My water heater and heat/ac unit are in a little room all by themselves and it has an area that is only accessible by little creatures and that is where I found her.  I just sat by that opening, singing to her and playing with couple of toys she could see and hear and eventually she came out. We played for sometime and before I went to bed, I checked on her and all seemed well.

Lazelle knows there is someone else in the house, that’s for sure!  She was sniffing me and was on guard to see who might come through the bedroom door as I lay there reading last night.  She has access to the area in which Soren is being kept so I imagine she will go down and sniff at the door while I am gone today.

The cat show was a real eye opening experience!  And Kathy is great; I don’t know how she does it!  All the cats I saw were amazing and I might see what all it involves to enter Soren in the upcoming KC show this spring.

Thanks again for everything.  I will be sure and send you updates as time progresses.

Best wishes,


Dear Suzanne

Attached, please find several pictures of the kittens. They are doing well. The boys received two vaccines last month; the girl is due in April.

They are beautiful and have great personalities. My family and I enjoy them very much. I can not thank you enough for them.

Best regards,






Suzanne - Here is Bentley relaxing on the couch.








Suzanne, wanted to drop you a line and let you know how Aengus is doing and include a couple recent pictures. As you can see he is really growing and developing that classic "Brit" look. He is very healthy, extremely smart and has taken over the house as his domain. He constantly checks on all of us as he likes to know where each of us is at all times. He seems to want to make sure we are all present and accounted for. He sleeps in our bed and doesn't even budge all night and seems very content just to be with us wherever we are. He is really the perfect pet. No muss no fuss and a pleasure to have around. Thanks for wonderful pet.

Steve, Bonnie and Hope

Aengus is doing great. He now "owns" the house including sleeping at the head of our bed. He is very happy, active and playful. He has been pretty good about scratching things and is learning what he can scratch and what he can't. Bonnnie gave him a bath and trimmed his nails on Sunday and he did pretty good. He is also growing very fast and has lost alot of his kitten look already.


All in all, things are working out great. I am on the road right now but will take some pic's in a few weeks and send them to you.

Steve and Bonnie

Annie and Flame



                                                                                          GCWindmillrose Griffannie                


  CH Sunami Red Flame Chaser







Sorry to not have responded to you earlier. I brought her to the vet last Saturday just to be sure that everything was ok. She took a urine sample (that was ok) and checked her anal glands, but she didn't find anything abnormal. She just put Kasumi on antibiotics and gave me a syringe and a small container to pick up the next discharge (if any happens). Kasumi was a bit traumatized by the thermometer, but she quickly forgot and explored the whole room (I picked her up three times from the vet's sink and twice for the cupboards). Everybody was saying that she has gorgeous and that her hair was so soft, she was purring like crazy!
Since then, she hasn't has any discharge, and she's doing well. I also give her Laxatone as hairball treatment once a week, so it may be that. We also changed her dry food (at the beginning we gave her Iams, but now we give her Science's Hill). Could it have been a problem of diet?
Thank you so much to check up on her like that!

Sabrina Doblas


Hello again !

Well this morning she had no discharge whatsoever, just as usual. We will continue observing her carefully for a while, and we'll talk about it during her next checkup (we wanted to bring her in for a routine checkup soon anyway). And about her being less energetic, forget about it ! Maybe yesterday she sensed that we were worried and became less playful, because this morning, she is as explosive as ever. Just out of curiosity, what meds would you have sent ? Could it have been her anal glands acting up (we read some stuff on it on the internet, but we don't have a DVM ;-) ? Maybe her diet is missing something, she is currently on iams.
We noticed she is progressively losing her tabby, and her eyes now have a wonderful deep color to them. Do you know about what age she will have her definite looks ?

Sabrina Doblas

I would have sent a drug called Rondizole and put her on it for 21 days.  I also would have added laxatone for hairballs twice per week for the next month then routinely.  Loosing her teeth will also make her not feel well. Suzanne

Hello !

Everything is going well with Kasumi, she is now an adorable young kitten. We finally managed to take some good pictures of her, have a look ! We are a little worried because this morning she had a pinkish/brownish, very stinky discharge from her behind. Right now her anus is a little moist with apparently the same substance. However her digestive functions seem ok (she eats, drinks normally, urinates and defecates regularly, and her stool have normal consistency). She is slightly less energetic than usual, but it may just be her growing up. Do you think this is cause for alarm ? We will bring her to the vet tomorrow morning if things don't change.
Sabrina Doblas

Hello !

Everything is going well with Kasumi, she is now an adorable young kitten. We finally managed to take some good picturesof her, have a look ! We are a little worried because this morning she had a pinkish/brownish, very stinky discharge from her behind. Right now her anus is a little moist with apparently the same substance. However her digestive functions seem ok (she eats, drinks normally, urinates and defecates regularly, and her stool have normal consistency). She is slightly less energetic than usual, but it may just be her growing up. Do you think this is cause for alarm ? We will bring her to the vet tomorrow morning if things don't change.

Sabrina Doblas

Hello !

Ok, so we've put our Kasumi on antibiotics, hopefully it will also clear her
left eye (she closes it from times to times, but stops doing so when we brush it with a clean moist towel) ?

Other than that she is a very lovely animal and exceedingly smart ! She was a little afraid of the bumps in the car, but as soon as she was home she explored everywhere, showing us nooks and crannies we did not even suspect existed in our apartment. Her personality is incredible, she is extremely playful but also sometimes simply she keeps purring on our knees. She does not mind spending time alone when we are working, she just comes to check us out when we come back, and then, on to her games !

Like you said she is very much into electronics (see the photo, and how she is assisting me in writing this e-mail properly !), but a paper catalog will also do just fine for her to rest on... We had absolutely no problem whatsoever for her "education", she found her litter right of the bat, and the few rules we laid down for her are now almost completely assimilated (she does not try to go where we tell her not to any longer). We believe she likes us, and for sure we like her very much !

Philippe + Sabrina


   Hello, this is Kris Butler from Pontotoc, Mississippi. I bought a British Shorthair kitten from you a few months back. The kitten (Maximus) is doing well.  He is for sure part of the family. He is sitting right by me now purring.

I have sent you an updated picture!



                                                         Kris Butler



Hi Suzanne,
I have been trying to get on your website for several days and it doesn't respond. Just thought you might not know.
Noel's ringworm is completely cleared up now and she has fur growing back on her paw. I got the prescription filled that my vet here wrote but Noel wouldn't have anything to do with it since it was orange flavored. If she should get it again I would rather purchase it from you since she took yours readily. She is doing wonderful. Growing like a weed and becoming more and more social every day. We are still considering a playmate for her so don't be surprised if we don't contact you concerning kittens in the future. I will send pictures as soon as we can get her to sit still long enough for a good one.
Thanks again for all your help.
Talk to you soon.
Susan Rasmussen

Hi Susanne,

We recently purchased Noel from you and are just in love with her. She adds hours of pleasure to our day and we are having so much fun with her.




I have always had at least one cat (except for the 3 months after my 13 year old Persian died) so I am absolutely in heaven. I just saw your new retiree and wanted to see how much you are selling her for. Noel would love to have a sister. Let me know all the details and get back with me as soon as possible.

Thanks for our precious Noel and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hi Suzanne:

Just a quick update. Noel is doing fine. She explores all the time and is very playful!  Our alarm can be retired because she is up in bed at 5:30 sharp every AM. Just wants to be near us and gives a little nudge.  She loves to be around us and follows from room to room. Of course everything is on her terms but very affectionate. Take care…….

Ron Rasmussen


Just wanted to let you know how well Liberty is doing.  She has really warmed up to me and seems to love her new home.  I have completely fallen in love with her.  I took her to the Vet and she checked out well.  Has a little bit of a cold from her flight from Little Rock, but not bad enough for treatment.   She sleeps at my feet on the bed with me every night, she even comes out from under the bed when I call her.  I have nicknamed her Libby. She understands no when I say no to her when she is thinking about getting on the kitchen counter.

Having never had an indoor pet before, I am surprised at how much company she is - now I wonder how I ever lived without her!
I will send pictures of her soon.
Phyllis Montgomery


Hello Suzanne,

Lionel behaved beautifully in his first show.
The only British short hair in the entire Upper Marlboro MD CFA two day show.
An international judge awarded Lionel tenth best in kitten class.
My American short hair Jack picked up forty points in his maiden premiership.
A judge questioned Lionel's color class registration saying he not a cream & white tabby, but either a mackerel or spotted tabby, what you think?




Hi Suzanne,
It's been a couple of weeks since I last wrote and so I thought I would send you an update.
In our last email we discussed working with Georgie with treats....well, I got a wide selection to try and would you believe that no matter how they are offered she won't eat a single one.  I didn't mix them or even offer them at the same time, but I had no luck with any one of them. I've never seen anything like it. 
We have made progress in other areas in that she will now jump up on the chair I'm in and will let me pet her.  However, she won't lay down on my lap nor will she let me hold her.  If I move too fast or she thinks that I'm going to pick her up she jumps off.  She will also sit for long periods of time letting me brush her, but as with the petting I can't hold her or move suddenly.  She loves to sleep on her "tree" and runs through the house like she owns it.  She even comes to the back door to meet me when she hears the garage door.  With all this you would think she would let me approach her, hold her, or even pet her if she is laying down and I pass by, but that's just not the case. 
She still won't come out and sit or be around any of the family.  She only darts through the room.  As long as no one is in her path or close by, she will go to her food and water, but then it's right back to a hiding place.  Everyone keeps trying, but my granddaughter Peyton is the one that is getting frustrated.  She is dying to pet Georgie.  She's almost three and when Georgie runs past and she can't touch her she plops down on the sofa and lets out this hugh sigh and says "oh man!"  It's cute to hear her, but you feel bad for her at the same time because she wants it so badly.  Guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.
I'll try to have some new pictures the next time so you can see how Georgie's grown since she got here.  
I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Easter!


Hi Suzanne,

Sorry to be so long getting back to you.  Georgie seems to be settling in okay.  Within a few days she started coming out and sitting on the furniture in the room with us, but the slightest move made her jump and run.  She doesn't run off quite so easily now, but she still won't let us come toward her, she has to come to us and proximity is limited.  We can't pet her yet unless she initiates it.  It starts with her tail and within a minute of two we can pet her from her neck to her tail.  She doesn't quite trust us around her face. If we move too quickly she scoots away and will check things out from a distance before she gets near you again.  Forget picking her up.  The few times we tried, and we were careful, she literally ripped into us.  When the family was together she darted through the room and a couple of times sat at a distance and check everything out for a minute or two.  I play with her everyday getting her to chase things and such, and I've tried to give her treats, but she won't come to me.  I'm sure I'm headed in the right direction, but do wonder if she will ever bond.  I don't expect her to be picked up or held or in someone's lap all the time, but it would be nice on occasion.  Any suggestions would be welcomed.


I've attached a couple of pictures of Georgie.  I thought you might want to see if she's changed any.  She's definitely beautiful.  Everyone that's been able to see her agrees.



First I should tell you that she got dubbed Georgie.  We tried hard to come up with something that tied to her registered name and ended up doing a kind of six degrees of separation.  You know... from Cash and coin to Dollar, Penny, Dime, Quarter to George Washington, whose pictured on the dollar and the quarter, to Georgie.  It was kind of a fluke, but we think it worked out fine.

Georgie finally come out of the kennel, but went immediately under the sofa and hid.  After a while she started peeking out and even sneaked out several times to explore a little ,but she was really nervous and even started meowing a bit.  I spent time off and on during the evening talking to her and trying to coax her over to me.  I did get her to play a little, chasing  one of the toys.                   

This morning she was still under the sofa and wouldn't come to me, but I was able to coax her into the kennel pretty easily so she could go to the vet. She did fine and everyone there just loved her.  I don't think any of them had actually seen a BS other than in a picture.  Dr. Driscoll  removed a suture that had poked through.  Said that it wasn't uncommon, nothing to worry about, and that she was very healthy and was looking forward to taking care of her.
She's back under the sofa this afternoon, but she's sleeping peacefully.  I'm hoping that by this evening she'll explore a little more. For now I've limited her access to the main floor, but once she is a little more secure I'll open the rest of the house to her. 
All things considered, I think everything is going fine.

Leo and Max

Hello Suzanne,

Here's a couple of photos of my two sleepy cats.  I continue to be amazed at the silvery beauty of Max's fur.  Doesn't Leo look happy sleeping on the rug?  They both enjoy watching me work at the potter's wheel, as well as watching while I do handbuilding.....plus the basement is one big place for a hide and seek game for them.    They are actually about the same size and weight, but their shape is quite different.  I think Leo will end up being much bigger than Max as he seems to be bigger boned.  At any rate, they both have wonderful personalities, are beautiful, loving (when they feel like it) and just a joy to have.

Just a quick note today...
Leo (black) is fitting in just great.  He is a wonderful cat, friendly, loving, even talks a little.  Everyday the three of them are getting along better and better.  This morning he watched me trim pots, then later when I was in my recliner he jumped up into my lap, rolled over on his back, and let me pat him.  His eyes seem to run a little, so I've been using a wet wash cloth to wipe them a couple of times a day
Cold!!!!  oh my goodness...the house was 48 this morning!  I'm surprised I couldn't see my breath.  It's warmer now of course, since the fires are going.  I guress someone turned down the thermostat?  It's a good thing he came when he did.
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to adopt such a nice cat.
Will send some pictures shortly...first I need to vacuum real good since he plops down anywhere and seems to be a magnet to dust!
Hi Suzanne,
Here's some recent pictures of your two cats and my old boy.  The three of them are getting along pretty well but they do have sort of a pecking order.  Shadow backs down to Max, Max is intimidated a little by Leo, and Leo runs from Shadow which pleases him to no end.  Lately I have caught Shadow giving Leo a gentle lick though (cleaning his face), so I think he really likes him .... just likes the fact that a cat runs from him.  Max and Leo spend a lot of time playing together and running around and both of them enjoy being my studio helpers.
A week ago I began to find a bunch of little sticks...twigs really, and wondered where they were coming from and assumed they came in with the fire wood.  Then one day I went to the basement to do some work and both Max and Leo followed along but when we got to the wheel, Leo jumped up on the shelves where I put my pots, got to the highest one, stepped on one pot that was drying upside down, reached up to the timber just under the first floor and picked some twigs from a bird nest I had stuck up there.  Then he jumped down, ran up the stairs and across the floor, then returned to get some more.

Today when we got back from being out, Leo jumped up in my lap anxious to get patted, then took a long nap there.   Did you notice the cover on the book - which blocked me?

They are wonderful cats.



Right now when Shadow or Max has the chance they growl.  Black Leo doesn't seem to mind too much....he's very curious and ready to explore more of the house.  I think once they can sniff each other...when the other isn't looking..they will begin to get along.  I hope Shadow is motherly with Leo like he is with Max.  He would have been a great mother cat.  Black Leo is so loving....he curled up in Sylvia's arm while she was in her bed and just layed there purring and content.

Miss Bonnie


 Hope all is well with you and yours. I’m assuming your holidays were the best????? Here in NH, we are currently experiencing very, very cold weather. Yesterday with the wind chill factor, the temperature was below zero by several degrees.


Miss Bonnie, her step-sisters and I are doing great.She is a love. She is the best thing to come along in a quite some time.She is very active and so I have not had a chance to take a picture.She has adapted to our routine quite well.She developed some crystals in her urine and so my vet has put her on Hill’s SD in hopes that it will clear up the situation. How I discovered this is that she was urinating in the kitty beds and on the carpet. My vet is rechecking her urine next Monday. Her new diet must be working because she hasn’t had an accident in over a week. Hopefully I haven’t jinxed myself by telling you this. 

By the way, I was trying to get onto your British Shorthair site this morning and it was coming up as The page cannot be displayedIs the site being revamped or does not exist any longer?  new website address; www.ouachitabritishshorthair.com

 Looking forward to hearing from you.

Charlotte L. Richard


Hi Suzanne,

“Fish” is holding his own, but I tell you if Sebastian could figure out how to get in that tank, they would take their relationship to a new height!

I actually have a couple of really cute pictures of Sebastian lying next to the fish bowl, some of him batting the bowl, and a few of, well . . . Sebastian just being Sebastian.

I’ll download them and send them later today.

I did find the new website and the kittens are absolutely adorable – I’ll take them ALL! Of course, I’d have to find a new place to live, but trading a husband for a kitten might be a good idea


# 2 the cream male is PRECIOUS!! I’m not kidding – I’d take him in a second!!


Hello Suzanne,

WOW, I can’t believe it’s been so long since you’ve had kittens. I check the site frequently – not that I think John might let me have another one, but I just can’t resist.

I think I’d like to have a long coated kitten next . . . maybe this fall.

Sebastian still rules the roost. We have a new Beta fish (Savannah had to have it) and Sebastian is DYING to make him his friend J !

Can’t wait to see the photos of the new babies!

Cheers from Sunny Florida!



Hello Suzanne,


WOW, I can’t believe it’s been so long since you’ve had kittens. I check the site frequently – not that I think John might let me have another one, but I just can’t resist.

 I think I’d like to have a long coated kitten next . . . maybe this fall.

Sebastian still rules the roost. We have a new Beta fish (Savannah had to have it) and Sebastian is DYING to make him his friend J !

 Can’t wait to see the photos of the new babies!

 Cheers from Sunny Florida!


Blue Chevalier

Dear Suzanne,

See pictures just taken an hour ago.
Blue Chevalier pick up new home really fast,
 and he purrs a lot when I give him a hug.

                                     Ouachita Blue Chevalier

Tony Chan







Miz Eliza Doolittle

4 weeks of age


Oh my, she is just beautiful. I wish that I was close to you so I could hold her. My daughter saw her and she said that she can visit. My 18 month old grandson saw her and just kept smiling and saying kit, kit.

I am so excited now. I am going to print out her picture and look at her all the time. Still haven't quite picked out a name for her. Do you have any suggestions?

Have a great day, and thank you again!!!



What's this ice cube doing in my water ????????              

Monte,almost 5 months.....thought you might like to see how he is growing...





The Baltzell family of Winchester,TN would like to introduce to all, Lord Mountbatten of Ouachita ( Monte ) born 13 Oct,06. Arrived Winchester,TN. 3 Feb, 07
Said Monte has taken over, and the speed is Run every where he goes.
The Best to All,
 Carolyn and Ed.



He thinks  if he sits there long enough we will take his picture and we did



Rose, Deani, and Bus

Dear Suzanne,

Both girls arrived safely and in good form.  Robeblue is very active and soon adapts to her new home.  She walked around the house and my wife likes her very much.  Bandini is a bit shy and she prefers to staying in the background.  They are put together in the bedroom prepared for them.  I will stay with them tonight.  I and my wife are very pleased to have them. 



CH Ouachita Robebluizzastormin

I would like to call Bandini as Deani and Robeblue as Rose.  Bazel 's little name is Bus because he is as big and strong as a Bus.  Murphy is called Ah Fai (Ah Fai is a very common name in Chinese just like Ah Singh for India and Ah Khan for Pakistan).

CH Ouachita Winston's Bandini






CH Turningleaf Bazel

 CH Belnute Mr Murphy

Pictures of both will very soon be sent to you in a few days.  I and my wife(Teresa) would like to take this opportunity to thank you for offering us these wonderful and beautiful cats.  They are not simply cats but members of my family.  We are very proud of them and very much hope to get some achivements at the CFA cat show on 14-15 April, HK.  Even if they do not get any awards or points for advancement to GC, I and my wife are 100% sure they are the best.

Best wishes,
Stephen and Teresa 


She's all love, very forgiving, bundles of energy and takes no one seriously at all ... I absolutely love her. I took her to my vet today along with Tigger, her other roommate. They're quite a pair and kiss each other all the time; however, she even manages to wear him out too with all her energy.
She's quite the entertainer and our home is cat heaven or Disneyland for cats. She's thrilled with the three story custom scratching post and carpeted open stairs. She's been playing all day and into the evening, and then sleeping all night in bed with us.

Thank you so much ... she's absolutely perfect!

Best regards,
Bernard, Jeff, Tigger & Rosie!

Rosie's doing wonderful ... she's driving us crazy!  However, we still love her dearly; she's constantly playing and running around the house nonstop!  We believe that she's on the move 20 hours a day and rest for maybe 4 hours ... if we're lucky!  She's driven Tigger (our Tabby) to the brink of alcoholism.  He tried bitting her last night at because he had just had enough; unfortunately for him he bit off more than he could chew because  she swatted him in the face and just keep on going!

She's relentless and we love her.  She's definitely in her terrible two's!  I'll send you some pictures soon!
Best regards,
Bernard Cordeiro


She's all love, very forgiving, bundles of energy and takes no one seriously at all ... I absolutely love her.  I took her to my vet today along with Tigger, her other roommate.  They're quite a pair and kiss each other all the time; however, she even manages to wear him out too with all her energy.  She's quite the entertainer and our home is cat heaven or Disneyland for cats.  She's thrilled with the three story custom scratching post and carpeted open stairs.  She's been playing all day and into the evening, and then sleeping all night in bed with us. Thank you so much ... she's absolutely perfect!

Thanks so much for the update!!  I knew Rosie would be a great match foryou!!  I am not surprised at the sniffles, it was  a huge day for her Never being out of the clinic before!  Did the box arrive with the Antibiotics??  If so let's mix them up (directions on box) and give her>One dropper full 2x per day by mouth..  that should take care of any Cold she may have picked up..  was she loving when she got home /??? Please keep in touch! Suzanne

> Rosie made it out here in one piece.  We just picked her up; it took them over an hour to get her to us.  She's not shy at all and was making friends before we left Delta Cargo at SFO. She's in her room right now with Jeff.  She's vocal; used her liter box; >and has jumped in and out of her bed and an empty drawer that we have in the room for her to play in.  She does have a bit of the sniffules and will be visiting our vet early this week. Thank you for sending us a beautiful british blue!  She looks alot like her father         

Regards,     Bernard, Jeff, Tigger & Rose

Higgins and Hodge

Suzanne, just a note to tell you that they are doing great!  Higgins is better every day.  Much less skittish and allows you to pet him and pick him up without running away as he did in the beginning.  We were out of town a lot the end of February, so had someone come over once or twice a day to check on them…didn’t want to board them.  They seem glad to have us back.

They sleep with us most nights and are surprisingly good.  We have nights where they want to play too much, so need to close the door, but mostly works out well.  They love playing with each other and like the dog a lot too.  It has finally gotten warm enough here to have the windows open, and it is a whole new world for them to sit in the sill and watch through the screen.

Funny that they are so quiet.  Rarely meow, but do make sort of snuffling noises when they want something.  We are very pleased and have taken a thousand pictures of them!

 Hope all is well with you.  Must be beautiful down there this time of year.



Suzanne, I wanted to let you know that Higgins is a lot better.  He used to be much harder to pick up and would run away all the time.  He spent a lot of time under the couch. 

I think he is about 5 weeks behind Hodge in interacting well with humans and the dog.  He is just now jumping on the bed in the morning to lie down between us.  In addition, he nuzzles the dog now, and purrs around her.  These are things Hodge has been doing for at least a month.

Neither of them meow unless they are in trouble.  Hodge got stuck in the fridge one day as I closed him up without seeing him.  He meowed like crazy to get out.  Hodge makes little moist snorty noises, and now Higgins has just started doing that too.  He also purrs more.

Their eye and noise discharge is unremarkable.  I put some of the ointment on their faces, under the eyes and around the nose about every other day, but no big deal. 

They are about 4 months now and seem to be gaining well.  Higgins is still a little bigger than Hodge, but you can’t tell from the wrestling who is bigger, as they both go at it.

About every week or so, Higgins will spend a while sucking on Hodge’s belly.  They seem to enjoy it, as both are purring, but worry about Hodge getting skin sores.  I separate them after a bit, as Higgins can be pretty pushy in nuzzling Hodge.  Clearly a calming thing for Higgins.

We are very pleased and find them so beautiful.  The plumber who came yesterday couldn’t get over how pretty they were.  Anyway, hope you are well.  One of my vets, Robin Goodyear, may be contacting you.  She was interested in getting a black one.

Thanks again 

Kaye M. Smith

Suzanne, they are doing great….close to 4 pounds each. Their tails are longer and their fur is less ‘two-level’ and more uniform. Higgins’ stripes and spots are much more pronounced and he is a little darker all over. His fur is thicker, not as soft at Hodge’s, but really soft and rich. They are starting to get that under the chin jowliness, looking more chubby. Both have gold eyes and I can’t really tell that Hodge’s are more gold then Higgins.

No meows unless they get scared, like getting lost in the basement. Hodge does make a little squeaky sound when he can’t find Higgins. Hodge also growls when they wrestle!

Hodge is very easy to pick up and will come when you call him. Higgins seems to know his name and will look at you when you talk to him, but still skittish in getting picked up. He reminds me of a two year old that really doesn’t know what he wants, as once I get him, he loves to be held and have his belly and chin rubbed.

I wipe out their eyes and around their noses every day with a warm washcloth and sort of wipe them down all over. Still some discharge, but reduced. An occasional sneeze, but they are really fine. They seem to like the daily attention and then spend forever cleaning up afterward. I have also gotten them used to being brushed a little.

The dog is fine and Hodge seems to think she is harmless. Higgins is more careful.

My husband enjoys playing with them and the laser pointer, as they will chase it forever.

We are really pleased. I can see the future of two lovely companions for us and the dog….just need one more dog and we will be up to the legal animal limit in our little town! Inka is just 3 and these guys are babies, so really nice to have three healthy young ones for a change. We had the arthritic geriatric lab and the diabetic cat before, so these three are a breeze to take care of!

Hope all is good with you…saw some ice down there in your area. We have been lucky so far this year. Thanks again!



Good evening. I hope all is going well. Frosty is absolutely wonderful!
He is growing an aweful lot; he weighs eight pounds and almost looks like a full grown cat.




I believe all his adult teeth are in now and he enjoys me assisting him in brushing them. Our vet gave us feline tooth paste and a "fingertip" tooth brush. He loves to chew the brush and allows me to move it all around his teeth. They really stand out when he smiles.

He seems to snore when he sleeps now. If I remember correctly, you mentioned once that the Brits are "nassely". He seems okay and doesn't gasp as he breaths; is "snore" normal?



He still sleeps with us at night and kneeds as he goes to sleep; I hope that lasts forever! Once I take more pictures, I'll send more your way.

Take care. v/r Della


Wellington is amazing. I left him have about 2 or 3 hours down time to chill. Then when I looked in on him he darted out of the "cat room" & has literally taken over the house. He met the dog & quickly established the rules of the relationship. He met the kids & played & ran about with them till about 2200 when I made him go to bed. He was up bright & early this morning, saw the kids off to school & is now supervising a crew putting up an awning on the back patio. 


Wellington has landed, a little stressed but in good physican shape. He's in the "cat room" for rest & relaxation, that is, to get his breath & adjust to his new environment. Will keep you posted.

Maggie and Max

They are both doing well. Maggie took a little longer to adjust here than Max but her size really didn't hold her bac like I thought it would. It took a while to get her over the eye thing and I guess cold virus she had picked up so I tried not to put her under anymore stress than I needed to. She is still a little short legged girl but she is fattening up. Max makes about three of her. She has met the boxer and at first was a little taken back. She went up one side of me and down the other, caught me off guard and the boxer only came up to the door window! Ha Ha. But she has taken to her better these days and last night laid in her bed. So all is well here. Now they are all flying around here, its a hoot! Later

Zoey and Kiki

Zoey is quite at home now. She & KiKi are great pals & spend a lot of time playing together. Zoey enjoys being petted & will usually jump on your lap to get attention. KiKi is more independent & likes hanging out with the dogs. I'm sending a couple pictures that I took this weekend.

Rick, Becki, KiKi & Zoey

Was looking at some of the new kittens today & am interested in one of Tipsy & Bazel's girls, (#284 & 294).  Would like to get a playmate for KiKi.  Do you have any other pictures of them you could send me?  Thanks!

Kiki is sitting in my husband's suitcase here helping us pack a few weeks ago!




Dear all,
 Besides ASH, there were wonderful BSH at the 3rd SCLS cat show in Shanghai last weekend.One of the exhibits, GC Belnute Vanilla Ice of foreverstar, was granded at the show. He is the first male BSH  being granded in mainland China, according to the CFA show

GC Belnute Vanilla Ice is a cream classic tabby, with very mature look and wonderful tempernment.


He was imported to Shanghai about 2 months ago, and now is working on the breeding programme for his new owner.



Congratulations to his breeder and all owners!



Tony Chan


Dear Suzanne,

Just want to let you know Vanilla will be a new grand if he could make another 4 grand pts in the coming show.  He was shown in Beijing but he had a cold, Pam picked him as 2nd Best SH champion. Everyone loved him so much, and I am sure he will be granded within 1-2 rings.

Tony Chan

6th China Cat Fanciers' cat show in Beijing
Jan 6, 2007 was so chilly in Beijing, however cat fanciers were so excited as it was the first day show of China Cat Fanciers' 6th Cat show in Beijing.The show hall was filled up with cat fanciers and our beautiful exhibits.

Compared with our previous shows, our 6th one was definitely not a big one. But, there are new elements which were incorporated with this show.

It was the third time for having the same show venue, Golden Resources Shopping mall, which has over 68,000 square meters and is located in the downtown area. The location is one of the landmarks in Beijing, and also considered as the biggest shopping mall in Asia.

The show was a 2-ring show with our 2 judges, Pam Delabar and Kathy Black, and our special guest, Bob Zenda also took part in the show.

Pam was one of the 2 judges of our first show which was held in early March 2004. Time flies, no one would expect a new club could be able to hold its 6th show within 2 years of time. I think God has been taking good care of the club and let it grow so well with his full effort. Pam would be the best witness for the development history of pedigreed cats in mainland China. Both Pam and Kathy spent plenty of time in judging each exhibits meticulously, the audience were so involved with their explanation and presentation of each breeds and breed standards accordingly. Honestly, most of the cat fanciers are still not very familiar with the CFA system, hence we requested the judges to spend extra effort for achieving this. Both judges' presentation were marvelous, please accept our salute again!

The club has designed attractive poster and show brochure for the event. Thank you to the photographer, Larry Johnson, for granting us the copyright for using the image of GC NW Heida I Luv Rock'N Roll of Do'ver. Elvis is now residing in Beijing and owned by one of our club members, and carries his mission in promoting the pedigreed cats in the country. He was benched at the show as "For Exhibition only" and demonstrating his ideal beauty of the breed to the cat fanciers.

In order to broaden the awareness of the pubic, the club had interviews with mass media. One of the Beijing TV stations had interviews with Pam and the club's president in the afternoon and the documentary was on air at 9:30 pm on the same day. 2 television monitors were transmitting the show process during the whole event, and cattery commercials and event reviews were being run during show breaks. Maybe, breeders would be familiar with cattery ads from show catalogues or yearbooks or almanac, but they would wonder what "cattery commercial" is? In fact, the club's members are so creative and they helped breeders to design the cattery introduction with footages, as well as pictures and different sound effects. Each commercial was around 1 min in duration, and 20 spots were for the rate of around US$50. The club was not trying to make showing cat or breeding cat to be commercial, it is merely one of their tactics for promoting our animals via some video aids, so "why not"?

There were exhibitors from different provinces in mainland China, as well as Hong Kong, Malaysia and Philippines. In fact, the show was an International one.

The highest score kitten in show was a black and white male Persian, namely D' Eden Lover's Prince William, and the highest score cat in championship was GC Kisan's Kilohana Keloa of Green Tea, a Flame point male Himalayan.

Though there was only one entry in the premiership, everyone was so admired the beauty of this chestnut spotted tabby OSH, namely Chperson Brown Charlie.

The title of the highest score HHP in show belonged to the 9.3 years old neutered male, namely Yuyan, a red mackerel tabby and white exhibit.

The show was a very enjoyable one, see below links for the pictures of the event:

Tony Chan
Advisor of China Cat Fanciers

Katy and Cheesie

Hi Suzanne,

The girls are absolutely gorgeous! Katy, of course, is totally outgoing and affectionate. Chessie is more reserved – so far. Both are so sweet and playful with wonderful velvety fur and beautiful faces and eyes.

We enjoyed meeting Kathy and Kristen and really appreciate them bringing the girls to Alexandria. They are so nice, and all the cats they brought to the show were just beautiful.

We had a very quiet, calm trip home. The girls were very relaxed and slept most of the way. Neither was interested in the food, water, or litter box we had available during the 200 mile drive. When we arrived home, Katy was out of her carrier immediately. Chessie was out of hers within about a minute. They explored the entire perimeter of the kitchen/ breakfast room, and within just a short time were playing. I will send pictures soon. Katy was really panting after playing with the great feather you sent in the kitten care package. Is this normal for cats with shorter noses?
They love all the toys. The cat tree we got a few days ago is a big hit. It is so entertaining to watch them together. My husband actually said I was right to get two cats. I love being right – especially since I get to have both of these precious girls.

I already have the appointment with my vet set for Monday, so they will continue to receive excellent care. I will be in touch soon. Thank you for these wonderful additions to our family.

Take care,


Here's a few new pictures of Max. He likes going into boxes and somehow is able to crawl in and then turn around and come out. He is so flexible. And of course, he enjoys napping on the cat tree.

Max sometimes helps me in the basement when I work on my pottery and it takes longer to get things done (not a bad thing) because we have to stop and butt heads and I have to pat him and tell him how pretty he is....and he loves it.

Have a great day,



Not only handsome, but vain too.
He is doing great! Attached are a couple of pictures of him. 

He has "run" of the house now, but stays with us in whichever room we're in. He sleeps through the night with us and still uses me as he kneads himself to sleep. I love him!

Della Garcia

The girl eats a lot! She's the best cuddle buddy I've had in a long time. I had no idea this breed of cat is so loving, I've been doing some reading up on them. At some point, I will probably want to adopt another one. She's more than I could have ever imagined or expected. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to have her. I hope your new year is off to a good start. I'll send more updates as time goes one!



He's great. He's extremely playful and contrary to the breed's reputation, is very vocal. He sleeps on the bed next to me most nights and races with me every day after work down the hall way of my apartment building. All my friends love him. He's getting really big already. I'll send some of the 15 billion pictures I've taken of him when I get a chance. How big is normal at his age? I think he's over 4 lbs already. I took him to the vet the day after he arrived and the whole office was gushing over him. His eyes are alrady a coppery color. How long before their eye color is fully developed?

As far as grooming is concerned, what do I need to do? I've clipped his claws once but I'm so worried about clipping them too high that I just clip the tips. Should I comb or brush him? Do I need to ever bathe him in any way?

He accidentally jumped into a clean toilet one morning when I think he thought the cover was down. It was pretty funny. I fished him out and dried him off but he wasn't very happy!

Anyway! I'm very happy with him and whatever it is that you did to socialize him worked great. He falls asleep on my lap or stomach-chest all the time. He has no fear of people at all and comes running anytime I call hi or come home.



Hi Suzanne,

Terk is doing very well - her eye is all cleared up, she's growing like a weed, she's almost due for her second feline leukemia booster, and our other two cats have welcomed her to the family! We couldn't be happier! As a matter of fact, she's helping us type this email right now. She's a real techie! We're giving all three cats toothpaste - they love the flavor, and it's supposed to be good for their teeth. Of course, we'll still get everyone's teeth cleaned yearly. She loves tunnels and hiding places, so we've built little places with pillows and large sheets of paper where she can hide and stalk us.

Bob and Nancy


Hi Suzanne,

Sorry we never got this off to before Christmas - we've been quite busy as we are in the yard in Seattle (been here since September) and we are nearly finished, should be leaving for warmer waters in Feb. We are heading to the Med for the summer.

Bella is as lovely as ever though she has been in a wee bit of a sticky situation lately.

She excaped outside and went for a walk on her own - into freshly laid epoxy on our transom. She walked all through it! We tried to get as much as we could off her paws while it was still wet - we didn't do very well - the next day it was hard as concrete and the poor thing - well you can imagine!!

Anyway we had an appointment at the Vets to get all her jabs up to date as we are heading to the Med and they require that the Rabies shot is less than 6 months old when she arrvies. Anyway she also needed a new frequency micro chip. They tried to get the chip in and it didn't work and she screamed poor thing - you know the size of the needle - I felt quite faint after the event and she poor thing would have been very upset.

Anyway we booked her in for the next day to do it again while she was sedated.
They gave her the chip and tried to cut out the epoxy glue - they did a great job, she's able to walk quite nicely now though she is down in the dumps.

So that's her big news of late.

Hope you had a great Xmas and we wish you and your family a wonderful New Year


Brett and Gina


Hi Suzanne...just couldn't resist sending you this photo of Ella taken just yesterday, January 7th.  She has grown so much and is just beautiful...she has rounded out nicely just like she's supposed to and her fur is thick and full and sooooooo soft.  This photo also shows her gorgeous eye color! 


In response to your earlier question of whether or not our tree survived the holidays with two kittens in the house, we chose to not put one up this year for obvious reasons.  We decorated a very small live tree out in the garage on Christmas Eve and brought it up just for Christmas Day and put it way up high on the entertainment center so the kittens would not play with it.  That worked well for this holiday and they were safe and we were stress free regarding tree issues!
Happy New Year to you and yours...


Ella is a love; she's grown to 9 pounds and is round as a little teddy bear.  Everyone who sees her falls in love with her, and they especially like to touch that thick fur!  I had her in to see the vet last week and the issue with her tooth has resolved itself!  Dr. Izo said she didn't see any need to do a thing with it. 

Attached are photos of Ella and her brother (aka "Stash"), my Snowshoe-mix rescue kitty. 

 These photos were taken just last week. 

I hope all is well down your way...I still frequent your website to look at all the new kittens and read the testimonies of their parents...they are all so beautiful; I wish I could have one of every color!
Thanks again for thinking of Lisa...you've touched my heart...
Bonnie Cudney 



 Jack and Joseph

Hi  Dr. Henne,

 Hard to believe that the La Rue brothers will have been with me for a year in January. They have been a joy. Jack and Joseph want to wish their Father Burton and Mothers both Autumn and Flame a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hope to send some pictures soon. Thank-you for breeding such wonderful cats. Have a wonderful and safe holiday. Barbara Kelleher


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