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Testimonies 2008



They are just SO darn cute!

 Emily likes "daddy time" the most, and often sleeps in the open on a cat pillow.

(That is, a pillow with cats printed on it, not a pillow especially for cats.)

 Charlotte prefers to sleep in the carrier, in the laundry room, but she likes some daily time in daddy's lap, too.




For some reason, the last couple of days Emily has taken to sitting on the Drinkwell, either the reservoir or the lid.




Anyway, here are some photos of daddy's little girls.


Hi Suzanne,
I've attached a few photos of Stormy Blue. As you can see, he's living the good life. Stormy gets along well with my middle aged cats, and enjoys an occasional squish into a tissue box.

 I'm still deciding whether I should put up a Xmas tree this year. Something tells me it may not be the best idea with this little guy around!

Stormy is so much fun - he's a nice kitty mix of affection and aloofness. His coat is just gorgeous - so lush my fingers get lost in it. Thanks, Suzanne for breeding such wonderful cats. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. I know we will.
PS - Stormy sends his best to his Mom and Dad. Will you please tell them he's happy?


I"ll have to try that oxyfresh. I thought it was probably that because Sam had the problem too, with gingivitis so I was not too worried.  Apparently it went away because we took her to the Cat Clinic in Birmingham and she was fine. Her sneezing has gone away too.  There is a problem in this area with vets sometimes being biased against anyone who runs a cattery. I have had the problem with my other cats, getting lectured about buying a pedigree and catteries not being safe.(I have had two cats from a rescue but I love british short hairs.)  It is like I should have got a cat from a rescue. Shelters also have problems, and so does buying animals and not being responsible and not spay and neutering. The vet was saying she could have herpes and that catteries are not safe. I did not want to tell you that because I know that the vets around her are biased. The Cat Clinic loved Darcy and thought she was the cutest thing since pumpkin pie. She was fine. They thought it might have been a reaction to a recent vaccination. Everyone wanted to keep her.  She did get a distemper vaccination when she was seen there several days after being at the emergency vet center (I guess I over reacted).
She is definitely not shy and has taken over everything. She some times does not know when to leave Rudy alone, unfortunately he will be 11 in January, and we have had to remove her for a bit as he will start growling. He will play, but when he has had enough...usually raising his paw stops her but not always, so when it goes on I just pick her up and play with her etc. She will sometimes try to keep him from even eating any food!!!What a hoot - this little girl thinking she is a match for him.
Sorry not to have let you know. I took some pictures but the coloring isn't quite right. I'll try again. Her eyes are definitely larger and so is she! Joyce and family


Day 3
The little guy is adjusting wonderfully.  He's eating well and he's been a great sleeper at night.  Spending both night's in my bed on top of the covers. 
Last night I took him to a friends house that has a 1 year old male cat, Charles.  I expected Spencer to be a little timid, but he had no problem making himself at home.  He was so excited to have a whole new playground!  Charles just watched with amazement all night as Spencer ate from HIS food bowl, played with HIS toys, used HIS litter box and even made a bed in Charles' favorite spot under the Christmas tree!
He seems to have an endless supply of energy!  It's so sweet how he will be running around like a wild man than bounce up in my lap for affection.  He's a great cuddle buddy. 
Thanks for checking in on him.  He's doing great and I love him to pieces!
Ok, I guess you can tell by the abrupt ending of that email that just about the time I stopped paying attention to him he suddenly got very interested in me!  One scratch under the chin and that boy turned to butter!  I think he has decided my lap is his own personal massage parlor.   His purring just went into overdrive!  He's wonderful.  
Thank you so much Suzanne.  Only two hours together and I am in love!
More later,


Spencer is safe and sound in Nashville!  He is beautiful!  Those golden eyes won me over the minute I saw him!
The little guy hasn't missed a beat since we got home.  I opened his carrier and out he
bounced!  He checked out every inch of the downstairs and then `190w20 (ok, he's checking out the laptop now!) barreled down the hall and up the staircase.  I guess everything checked out up there because after about five minutes it sounded like a herd of buffaloes was rushing down the stairs with Spencer leading the pack!
After exploring a bit he headed over to his water bowl and drank for what seemed like five minutes.  I guess he was a little parched from the flight!  After about an hour home he used the potty like a big boy.  I was a little worried because he had already been in the box a couple of times playing but I guess that time he decided he'd do his business while he was in there.
He's having a big time playing with the pompoms you sent and playing hide and seek under the couch.  He's getting the hang of the hard wood floors and how much fun he can have sliding around on them.  He's so full of energy I don't want to take my eyes off him!  He's been pretty curious around me, walking over me and pausing beside me but so far has not stopped for any attention other than a quick brush of my hand.  I know that will come in time, right now he's just having too much fun to slow down!


Just wanted to tell you that I was at Broders Book store and pick up the latest Cat magazine and I loved your new picture.

Sammy is doing great and really starting to look like a full grown male.  He really is adorable and we love him to pieces. 
Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and the coming holiday is joy full.


Hi Suzanne!

Can’t tell you how much we love Bluzier.   Unbelievably, lovable, easy going kitty.

Lots of stories to tell you,

Thanks so much!!!!


Mungo Jerry arrived yesterday, happy and healthy. He is learning his new surroundings, and immediately used the litter box. He plays with his toys and want to be with us humans all the time. Thanks for everything.


I thought you would like to see me in the spirit of xmas...trust me these darn bells scared me to death.
I try to ran away and they kept following me; faster I ran,
louder they got.
But I was explained that the stupid thing comes off as soon as I settle and do few poses.
Darn paparazzi.

But I do have to admit, I am petty boy and I don't mind my picture taken.

I wish you and your family + my mom and dad very merry xmas.

Licks, Winston.


These pictures look bit "brutal", but no cat nor dog got hurt!!!
Winston is just checking Max's tonsils.
Any news about the classic silvers???
Mean while we ended up w/another GSD...well, we don't have her yet, but on next week I hope.
Marina is her name and she is 9 months old and sounds like she obeys better at her age than my boys, hah. She looks like Max, but girl and smaller, of course and younger...

another friend for Winston...who is by the way doing great. He is very entertaining; how he tries to be the fastest and most acrobatic cat ever on this world...and then he miscalculates his speed or his jump...and lands in places he wasn't planning to and then he runs under anything to hide...
Better go to bed, bright an early morning ahead...
Cheers, Tarja.





It's Kasumi's human! I'm sorry I didn't send you any emails lately, the last 6 months have been pretty hectic. I graduated last May and I am now done with school! I was proposed a post-doc job in the same laboratory where I did my graduate research, so Kasumi didn't have (fortunately) to experience any moving.

We are thinking of giving Kasumi a little brother she could play with. Do you have any updated pictures of the small blue and white kitten? It's the number #47, I think, that was born on March, 24th. Otherwise, do you think you'll get blue and white male kittens sometimes this year?

Also, we took Kasumi on a trip to France last Christmas. She was wonderful! She wasn't bothered at all by the 15 hours of plane, not even by the delayed connecting flights and the night we had to spend in Atlanta on our way back. She loved to meet my mom's dogs and cat, and became used to them very quickly (I was a bit afraid that she would be afraid of the dogs, but everything went well). I attached some pictures of Kasumi's trip to France.



9 months old. A great guy. 9 3/4 PBS.
What is a good time to call you? BS cats are basically unknown here.


Oscar had his 7 month birthday on Saturday and weighed in at 7 3/4 pounds. He is BLACK, very social ( he follows us around and is not afarid of little or big folks), very inquisitive, he and Cody play together (sometimes a bit rough but Oscar holds his own), and we are more than happy to have him in our home. He will have another perioid of adjustment when we take him back to Texas but if his adjustment is as quick as it was when we arrived here, we see no problems.

Hi Suzanne,
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how Quincy made out at the vet today.  He gained almost a pound in the last two weeks.  He now weighs 2.75 pounds.  He got a clean bill of health. Everyone at the office just loves him.  Do you think that his weight is OK for his age?  Other then that, all is well and he is doing great.  Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.
Well apparently my errands were more traumatic for me then for him.  I left him at 130 and my son came home from school at 2 and when he went into my bedroom to let Quincy out, he was sound asleep in my bed!  So if he carried on it sure wasn't for very long. So all is well here and I will work on getting him interested in the dry food.  Take care and oh, thanks for the info and food shipment. 
Well we survived our first night together!  Quincy went to bed with me at 1030 and stayed there until the alarm went off at 530 this morning.  He slept on the pillow right next to me.  He is using his litter box, drinking water and eating.  He loves the canned food ( of course) and could care less about the dry, oh he is training me already!  I have some errands to run today so it will be the first time I have to leave him alone.  I will lock him in my bedroom (safe room) but I am sure he will carry on ( meow, meow, meow) the whole time I am gone.  I will probably set speed records all over NJ just to get done and not traumatize the little dear too much! So I have 2 questions for you.   Is it OK if he eats canned food all the time instead of dry?  I know that it can make their bowel movements smelly but is that the only down fall?  Will it be awful for him if I leave him for a bit so soon after his arrival?  Thanks,

Mz Hathoway


Jeremy sat their last night and brushed MZ Hathoway for over a hour.  He just has fell in love with her.  I will drop the kennel off in the morning on my way to the FOOT meeting.  He has been calling her Biscuit.  He says her head looks like a biscuit.  The other cats like her tooo.  We have made her a bed in our room with her food,water and liter.  He wants her close to him.


Shelby's first snow day.


John "Goose"






As promised, finally a picture of my beautiful boy. He's 8 months old now. I love him dearly.

He's has quite the personality!

Lori Rogers






Hi Suzanne,
Just wanted to drop you a short note and let you know how wonderful Quincy is doing.  He has been here one month today and he is quite a character.  He sleeps all night and is just such a sweetheart.  He has a VERY healthy appetite and gives me no problems at all.  My mother has an exotic short hair who does not like to sit on laps or be picked up.  She comes over to visit with Quincy and just adores him.  He comes right up to her, jumps on her lap and sits down to get loving.  Quincy is such a little love bug and is never far from me.  He has added so much to my life in such a short time. Although I may have to get a second job just so I can afford to feed him, LOL.  Thank you so very much for my little man.  He is the BEST!!



Hi Suzan

 Here are my wonderful girls! They are doing great. Very lovable and both have distinct but great personalities.
They are 2.5 Yrs. now and each weigh 11Lbs.. Blue is a real chatterbox and Sami a real show off.






They are both beautiful and the loves of my life.



Hope things are good with you and your family. Love Norma & Steve      


I wanted to share this with everyone, since Paddy retired from his show career this March, and was CFA's Best of Breed - British Shorthair. He feels this is how to spend his days.
Britacoon Cattery



Oscar is growing. He is very athletic. Up and down stairs, on top of tables, dressers, counter tops, etc. He and Cody have an exercise time for about 1 hour every day.

He weighed in at 8 lbs.,6 oz. today on his 8th month birthday.

We are very happy with this guy!
He is fun, and Margie adds that we all love him.


Hello Suzanne,

  I just wanted to let you know Murphy (It fits him well) made it fine on his journey.  He pretty much stayed to himself yesterday, but today, he is doing well.  He's beautiful and will be a wonderful companion.
  I haven't received the box yet, but not worried about it.  I should receive it soon.
Thanks again,


Good morning Suzanne,

Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know how the big Q is doing.  He is doing great (just don't ask me about the wet food) !  He is sleeping with me every night and behaves when he is alone.  This was the first weekend that I had to work since his arrival.  He sat on the bed with my son and watched him play Xbox 360 and then slept in my room alone while I was at work.  He did seem to miss me while I was gone but behaved himself. 
 He is sleeping more now during the day then he did the first couple of days.  In the beginning he would only take little cat naps, 15-20 minutes at a time but now he naps for a couple of hours at a time.  I guess he is relaxing and feeling more at home.  Sound about right to you?  He will be visiting my vet in the next week and get his check up.  So overall everything is great and I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful addition to my family.   I will let you know what my vet has to say about the little guy.  Take care,

I am on the left...  FIVE WEEKS OLD

He still could care less for the dry but I started to mix the dry into the wet and he eats it just fine.  I will just add less and less of the wet food but its SO hard to say no to the little devil when he meows in front of the fridge! 

 So I guess I am partially trained but will work on my self control, lol!  I will keep you posted, thanks for everything.  Oh and he slept all night with me in my bed again last night.  I guess he will be there for the next 10 years!


Hi Suzanne,
Just wanted to let you know that Quincy has arrived in NJ safe and sound.  He has been here for about 45 min and has used the litter box but not interested in food or water yet.  I have to say that he is the cutest kitten you have ever breed!  Thanks so much and I will drop you a quick note in the next day or two and give you a progress report.

Fergus and Tavey

Hi Suzanne,


The Soft Paws were not a big hit with either cat! They wiggled and squirmed and I never did very well at getting them on. I regrouped and have been diligent with water spray bottles to make them stop scratching the furniture and carpet. I am making progressJ

Tavey has become so much more loving the last month or so. They are both the most affectionate cats. Hard to believe that in Aug they will be a year old! They went to the vet today to get their ears cleaned. While there I had them clip their nails too. They were very good kids-so good in fact that they did it for ½ price! They don’t behave that well for me when we clip their nails! They know that I am Mom and they act up.

They are happy and healthy. We have had beautiful weather; days in the 60’s to 70’s and nights in the 40’s so the windows are open almost all the time if we are home. They love looking out. We have a Cooper’s hawk that flies around here and cries-the cats duck when they hear it. We also have an owl that hoots some nights and they watch closely when they hear it.
 I am beginning to transition them to adult indoor dry Science diet cat food. I am being careful to take a week or more with each incremental increase of the adult food to prevent digestive upset. They still get Friskies wet 2X a day.

This morning they woke us at 4 am pounding on the glass of the gas fireplace. A moth had gotten down the chimney and was flying around behind the glass and they were going nuts trying to catch it. I had turned off the pilot light for summer so here I am at 4 in the morning with the vacuum out and opening the front of the fireplace to suck out the moth so that they would quit pounding on the glass and we could go back to sleep for an hour!!

They are always finding something interesting to doJ

We love them both and they have been such joys.





They look so good on the World Wide Web! Our “kids” can be viewed by allJ

You did a good job of pasting the photos in with the text.



I was SO thrilled to get the good shots of Tavey, she is very hard to photograph because she is always moving.




The ONE place I try to keep them off of is the kitchen counter. The shot of her ripping up the paper towels was just too funny not to photograph! She is a busy girl.

Fergus has grown into such a beauty. He tolerates being combed every other day, but is not really thrilled with the process. He is the most loving cat I have ever had.

They are wonderful additions to our life. Thanks so much for all the love you gave them to make loving pets.

 Janet and Crew 



I thought you would like to see the birthday boy...

Cheers, Tarja

PS. Any news about the classic silver tabbys??


Actually, we had some guests the other week and the hubby is NOT a cat person at all.
Does not touch cats and hardly even looks at one..but he thought Winston was amazing and could not keep his hands off him.
So, I am trying to advertise BSHs as much as I can. Most people get bit worried when I tell how much it costs to get "proper" cat. ( So much cheaper to go to the pound and hope for the best...
Down side is that rescue cats come w/the package and it's quite unlikely they will ever come around totally if they been ill treated or they have been strays...Dogs seem to be able to accept their new life better. ) Oh, Winston has moved up from playing w/running water from the tap to taking showers. If we are running our shower and the door is open, he does not hesitate to get in and cut in line.
I think he is too focused to play w/the water w/his paw and on a side gets soaking wet, it doesn't seem to bother him a bit.
He does look like a wild cat after his shower. Crazy.
His apetite is huge; he loves his 1/2 can of Fromm's tuna in the morning ( and you won't hear the end of it if it's not front of him by 7am, and 5am is too early for him...) I also have started mixing EVO and Fromm's kibble for him...If any of your clients ask about the food...I would recommend it. It actually smells really good even for me...it's bit higher in protein than CA Natural etc.
The Whole Dog journal has Fromms in their "recommendation" list for pups. ( Max my old GSD needs his canned food to shovel down his kibble and he prefers Fromms over Merrick ). Merrick is ok if Fromms is not served on the menu, hah.
Back to Winston, poor dude is trying to have a friend -> he drives poor bunny crazy w/his attention. Max gets bored w/him within minutes. Marina wants to play chase -> bad thing indoors, things get broken. Bruno wouldn't be fair playmate, also Winston is not known
for his acrobatic skills -> he falls of places and miscalculates his jumps and trying to escape from Bruno , he would actually end up on Bruno's lap.
It's not that easy life for little Winston, hah.
When u'll get the new silver, send me a picture, cannot wait to see it...

Tlak to you later. Cheers, Tarja.


These pictures look bit "brutal", but no cat nor dog got hurt!!!
Winston is just checking Max's tonsils.
Any news about the classic silvers???
Mean while we ended up w/another GSD...well, we don't have her yet, but on next week I hope.
Marina is her name and she is 9 months old and sounds like she obeys better at her age than my boys, hah. She looks like Max, but girl and smaller, of course and younger...
Only down side is that she has the evil monster; MegaEsophagus, non- symptomatic at the moment and actually has been for most of her life. Obviously nutrition is big factor and I found more good food options on Whole Dog journal's annual food list. Also joinded the megaE group and get emails everyday about other people's megaE pups...Stories do scare me a bit, but Marina's foster mom has amazing tips...she believes in western medicine and holistic approach, so we'll combine both worlds and tons of TLC and hopefully we won't have to take the roller coaster ride.
Marina has tons of energy, eager to learn, weight is about right ( I was told she cut put couple pounds on, but she is eating well and food goes thorough normal route, not the short cut. ). She eats twice a day, unlike most of the ME pups. She never has had aspiration pneumonia ( and trust me I am knocking all the wood I can find as writing this statement ). She never been hospitalized because of ME. ( Even when she was in the hands of the 1st owners as baby and they did not take care of the mega monster. ) It could be that we might have the miracle dog of ME world.
I do need to learn a lot about this disease. My vet has been warned about his new client. I already ordered MANUKA honey, which is amazing stuff for people and animals. I think it might even help Max and his borderline chronic inflammation of tummy/irritable bowel syndrome.
I keep doing my dog food research. I have an idea what kind of raised feeding arrangement I need to build ( or ask my neighbor w/power tools ).
Marina doesn't need the Bailey's chair and hopefully will never need it.
Have you come across this disease? Any good ideas how to deal w/it?
So there you go...another challence, another friend for Winston...who is by the way doing great. He is very entertaining; how he tries to be the fastest and most acrobatic cat ever on this world...and then he miscalculates his speed or his jump...and lands in places he wasn't planning to and then he runs under anything to hide...
Better go to bed, bright an early morning ahead...
Cheers, Tarja.


Hi Suzanne,
I fell in love with tyler's kitten while we had him until Tyler got him.  He is so sweet and friendly.  He also loved the feather toy I bought him.  Tyler's face was precious when he saw kitten.  He looked like proud father in love.  Last night Kitten slept with Tyler all night and woke him at 6:00 a.m. to play.  tyler will email you when he has a name and some pictures to show you.  Kitten did not get runny eyes or nose from the trip. 


Lucy is doing great!  She has a routine now and plays most of the morning with all the toys we have here.  She loves the tree house and that is where we can usually find her.  She lets us pick her up now if we are in the kitchen (hoping for food).  She and Taz get along well and even now are chasing each other around the house.  So things are perfect here.  She is doing fine with her weight and eats like a little pig.  Thanks for everything.


I am so glad to hear that! YOu and Lucy made my day...  she was a sweet girl here just a bit timid
with strangers til they were around so I did not want to send her with kids but I thought you were
the perfect situation for her. Her mother is a total pest so I knew her personality would come through.
I must say I was worried!  I am sure your patience will be much worth the personality that Lucy
Please keep me updated...  the spaying really dropped her weight. 
i do have a custard I make up and give daily to help with weight gain:
2 packets knox gelatin
3 cups boiling water
3 cans evaporated milk
2 eggs
3 tablespoons karo corn syrup
6 tablespoons real mayo
6 tablespoons yogurt
mix together and refrigerate,  it forms a custard and they love it.  loaded with fat and calories really
puts the weight on
have a great night


Well I am happy to say that I take back my request to send Lucy back to you.  Just as soon as I sent that email, she started becoming more friendly.  She now gets on our laps to be scratched and rubs and loves making bisquits on our bed.  She is getting easier to approach and pick up and is just really getting a lot of personality.  She and my other cat are playing now and getting along fine.  So thanks for your patience and thanks for Lucy.  She is also putting on weight and is really filling out nicely.
Thanks again.



Dr. Henne,

Yazmine is safe and sound back in Kentucky. She seemed to do well for the plane ride. We took a break in Batesville to visit relatives.
She is very playful and is adjusting well to her new home. I was amazed to see her use her litter box right away. Wow, it took us several weeks to potty train Stanley, our miniature schnauzer.Her and Stanley are getting used to each other. Yazmine has her safe room.Yazmine is so playful. She goes everywhere, hides, jumps, a real character - very self-assured.She just now came downstairs and ran in the utility room to use her litter box.Thank you so much for all your work with her and us to make this a great experience.
We will let you know how she is doing.



Hi Suzanne,
I've been meaning to email you - I was waiting to get a good photo of the gang together but Stormy moves too darn fast for that! I just adore him. The first week here he was constantly attacking the other cat's tails (didn't go over so well) but he's over that now. He has a bit of kitty ADHD but when he's tired he's just a joy. So lovable, he's just boneless when he's happy!  He's been to my Vet and got a clean bill of health - weighs 3 LB now.
Thank you for everything. I'll keep in touch and send a photo soon.

Hi Suzanne,

I did get the flight information last night. I'm so excited! Murray and Gwyneth have been informed that they are getting a new pal - I can't honestly say that they looked excited but Murray did promise not to eat him......




I have some more pictures but it keeps telling me your email is full, so I thought I would try to send you a smaller message.








Hope you are having a great July.


Katherine Anne







Hi Suzanne,
Baloo turned 1 year old on September 29th. 

 She has become such a big part of our family, it is hard to believe that she is only a year old. 











 We thought you might like to see how much she has grown. 




 Hope you are doing well.
The Hopwood Family


Clementine is the perfect cat in every way. I have never had a cat that was so loving and easy going. She loves to be brushed and lay on my chest when I read in bed. Her hair is very thick and plush and soft. She is friendly to everyone that comes over to visit and seems to have a smile on her face always. She is a real buddy cat.


Hi Suzanne,
I am sending a couple of updated pics of Rocco at 7 months.  He is doing great and developing quite a character. We feel so blessed to have him a part of our family.  I have a question about his appetite.  He is a vorious eater.  He eats anything......his food, the Great Dane's food, our food, the neighbor's food if he could get to it!  We had Carribean Mango Curry pasta one night and just after sitting down, I was distracted.  When I returned a few minutes later,  Rocco's head was still in my plate and at least 1/3 of my food was gone!  I think that his shut off valve is stuck open.  Of course we monitor his food daily.  He has a mix of Halo and Royal Canin twice daily and boiled chicken once(sometimes twice) daily.  He was 6.4 lbs at 4 months and the vet thought his weight was okay for his size. He is overall a large cat.  At 7 months, he is about 10lbs.  I just want to be sure that this appetite is normal or should he have any tests run?  He is moderately active. We again want to thank you for breeding such a good quality cat.  He is delightful!
Stacy and Diane in Oklahoma


Hi Suzanne

Just a note to say Ash is doing extremely well.   She certainly rules the roost here!

I have a question.    I was looking on your web site and see you have added Darcy (Robo cat) and I am wondering if and when you may have kittens.    We are not in a hurry to get a play mate for Ashley but think it would be nice for her to have company . we are not sure if she would prefer  female or male company but think she may not be able to refuse the company of  an easy going affectionate playmate!  What do you think ?

Regards Geraldine


Dear Suzanne
I know it is many months now since I have written to you.
Our little girl celebrated her first birthday in Feb.  I have been in and out of town but over the past few months have taken some wonderful pictures of her which I have wanted to share with you.    However for some reason, which I have only just found out, my new camera downloads the files too large!
Here are just a few that I have managed to email you and hope they came out well and that you can see for yourself just what a beauty she is!
Now about her.   Firstly I must confess she is really really spoilt, has her own games she like to play, whenever she wishes of course.   She has regular, pedi, mani and spa nights (my term for her grooming) which she is not too fond of but tolerates them with fairly good grace! 
She seems to fancy herself even more after these sessions!   We absolutely adore her and cannot thank you enough for making it possible for us to have such a precious, dare I say it, cat to add to our family.
Best Regards


Thank you for your time.  I have found a few deteriants.  But Bella is too smart for most of them.  I will try to make my husband have more patience with her.  She is the model cat except for this one offense.  She has brought so much joy to my family. 

Just wanted to let you know that Bella is doing wonderful.  She is growing very fast and has become best friends with my 10 month old baby, Danielle.  They are inseperable and have an enormous amount of fun. We are having one behavior problem, and I am seeking your advice.  We are having a difficult problem with her jumping on the kitchen countertop.  The water gun does not deter her at all, my husband is threatening to get a scat matte but I prefer a more gentle option.  Do you have any advice or a book that I can read that may help?

Thank You,



He's a delight!  We are sending you more pictures now - he is still purring all the time, and putting on weight, getting darker eyes and coloring.  He is still very playful and Jenny (Devon Rex from Seattle), tolerates him pretty well.
 Yesterday, she was scratching her claws on a mat on the floor and here came Mac running at full tilt toward her.  He rolled into her so that she had to jump up out of the way.  She complaintively meowed at Mac, but didn't hiss.  They like the same kinds of feathers to chase, so we have to watch it - to be sure they don't run at a feather and collide.  

It appears that Bella (our Tonkinese) is even tempted to play with him sometimes, but we saw a pretty funny scene this week.  Bella came running out of one room hissing and spitting and looking back - Mac was closing in  on her heels, chasing her.   :)  We never thought we'd see that!  We do stop him when he's being persistently pesky, as Dr. Leopard said it was a good time to help him learn some manners = and may put him in the crate for a brief quiet.

He has a preference for drinking his water from a glass - is that a first for a kitten of yours???  We must have 4 water bowls throughout the house with fresh distilled water in them (too much calcium in our tap water).  But, he comes running for a sip, whenever we have a glass of ice water - so we get him a small glass of his own, with ice cubes in it.  :)  He sleeps by himself at night, and we're discussing the possibility of letting him sleep with Jenny pretty soon. For 3-4 hour stints during the day, they have done fine in a room together.  Sometimes we leave everyone out together - seems to work OK, too.



 He likes being outside in the cat park, and runs around all over, but tires in about 10 minutes with the heat, and comes back in and splays out on the cool tile floor.


 He still does not know how to use the cat doors, and we are purposely not teaching him - we don't want him outside without one of us being there as he has climbed the plastic mesh of the cat enclosure before, straight up to the top (8 feet) and couldn't get down.

We hope you are doing well - 

Ann & Dennis



Cooper and Stormy

Hi Suzanne,

The girls are doing wonderfully, all settled in, routine's established and in good spirits. Stormy is becoming quite the love bug waking me up at 4:30-5:00am purring and walking all over us. She's quite large I'd estimate close to 11 lbs now :) she loves to get in my lap or on my desk and have her belly rubbed which is quite adorable. She also likes water, every morning she will jump in the sink in the master bathroom and whine until the faucet is turned on enough to dribble water at which point she sticks her head under the running water.
Bizzare but cute :)

Cooper is much quieter but a lover too. She is still tiny about 3 lbs despite eating just as much if not more than Stormy. They both get along really well bathing one another and chasing the toys across the house. Cooper has a tendancy to be the dominant one often chasing Stormy off the bed and through the house, stealing toys when she can.

They have certainly enriched our lives and are a joy to come home to at the end of a long day at work. Thank you for letting us bring them into our lives.



Hi Suzanne,

Here is a really cute picture of Brutus from yesterday. All of my friends are so in love with him. He gets A LOT of attention. We just sit around talking about how great a cat he is and constantly play with him. He follows us around and hangs out with my friends like he is just part of the group and is chillin.

I have a question to ask. Do you think It would be a good idea to get another British Shorthair or should I wait? Any advice? I want a girl.




Hello Suzanne,
I just wanted to update you on Caesar. He is doing very well. He is very playful, friendly, and funny! We just love him. He loves to eat and is growing fast! He always follows me around the house and likes to be with me at all times which I love. I am attaching a picture of him.
He is certainly not camera shy as you can see. Thanks for all of your help. You have really done a good job socializing him. Take care.



He has been very playful and affectionate to both my husband and I. Our resident cat is having a bit of a problem so far so we are keeping them separated for the time being. Caesar did not even seem phased when he got out of the kitty carrier at the airport! He also came out right away when I got him home. He responds well to being pet and held. We just love him. You have done such a good job with socializing him. Thanks again.


Hi Suzanne,
I just wanted to let you know that Caesar is home! He was hardly even phased by the trip. He came right out and looked around. He was jumping into my lap and then diving back onto the carpet :) He is so funny. Please let me know if I should know anything else for the time being. I got the package of food. Thanks for everything.


Hi Suzanne!  We just wanted to give you an update on Teddy.  He is doing great! Both our cat and our dog have accepted him already.  Teddy and our cat Lola play together.  She seems to really like him and always wants to play but, Teddy can't keep up yet. They are so funny to watch.  We couldn't be happier with Teddy.  He is perfect.  He loves to be near us all the time. I included some pictures of him- one of him sleeping with our dog Oso and two of him playing with a paper bag with Lola.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful kitten Suzanne!  We couldn't imagine our lives without him. Carla & David

Hi Suzanne.  Things are going great!  He is such a loving kitten!  We have named him Teddy. He made himself at home as soon as he walked out of his carrier.  He is very confident.  Our resident dog and cat are very curious about him and spend a lot of time at Teddy's safe room door.  Teddy's eyes only seem to water while he is eating for some reason. We also did introductions today.  They went okay for the dog.  Our resident cat seemed to have some issues but, nothing you didn't tell us to expect.  We will continue with the carrier in the living room until all seems well with the resident cat.  Thank you for everything! 









Suzanne -
Wolfie definitely has a hearty appetite. From the attached picture, I think you can see that he fully understands the concept of his new food source.
Thanks again -




Definitely affectionate -- but not annoyingly so. He'll lay in my lap, whether I pick him up or he climbs up on his own, when he's in the mood, of course. He's usually close by -- he likes to sleep on the end table between my husband's chair and the sofa where I sit. At night he stretches out in bed between us and as far as I know stays there all night.
Our 10-yr-old male cat, Big Red, is beginning to find him more amusing than annoying, and we've even found them sleeping together a few times. Our 12-yr-old female, Scout, is beginning to warm up a bit toward him also. I think she was mostly afraid of him, and she's now beginning to realize he's not so threatening.
He certainly has a hearty appetite -- still having trouble getting him to eat dry food though, but have started mixing it with his canned. Likewise, he seems to be growing really fast. I'll send pictures in another week or so.


Suzanne -
Thanks for the follow-up.
Wolfie made the trip without a hitch, sleeping almost all the way, and we made it back to Dallas last night around 7:30.
We took him out of his kennel when we got home, and it's clear he'll have no problem whatsoever adjusting to his new home! He has shown no fear whatsoever! He is either playing, or eating or sleeping. He was hard to catch when we first let him out, but this morning he's coming to me, lets me catch him (except when he's too busy) and even climbed up to sit in my lap (albeit it for a very short time).
I forgot to thank you for the complete care package you packed for us. Is the Wormer med marked "Saturday" for today or next Saturday? I now see why you suggested the regular nail clippers -- his nails are too small for my cat clippers. I appreciate all your advice, so please give it freely.
He doesn't like my Science Diet kitten food I offered him last night, but when I opened a can of regular Fancy Feast Turkey in Gravy for my other 2 cats, he proceeded to eat it like he was starving! I didn't have the heart to take it away from him since he was enjoying it so much, but should I make sure he eats only the kitten foods? He does seem to like the Fancy Feast kitten food.
Again, Gene and I really enjoyed meeting you and your husband. Thanks again for such a wonderful addition to our family!


Sir Bentley Fuzzpants


Bentley is totally wonderful!!! He refuses to eat dry food or “kitty” gushy food, Is he missing vital nutrients that I need to replace? He’s getting darker along his spine. Will he lose his spots? Will I still have a little blonde bombshell?

How are you and all the wonderful little ones? Are you able to catch a breath between litterings?

The bonding between Bentley and Cluseau is a beautiful thing to see!

When you come to KC let me know so I can show you my little dynamo pride and joy.

Best wishes

Barb  m ^..^ m


Bentley is a big boy now. Yesterday he had his litter box moved to the basement with the big cats. We carried him down a few times and then Cluseau (the Chartreux) caught on to what we were doing. He started going to the foot of the stairs and yelling (as much as a Chartreux can yell ) until Bentley comes running pell mell down the steps then they have a community potty and Cluseau looks on like a kindly Uncle.
When Bentley first got here my goal was that he would not eat table food. My goal now is that he will not eat the table! When you sit down to eat your breakfast of cereal and coffee the little tiger is now where in sight. The next time you look up he's drinking the milk out of the other side of the bowl you're eating out of. When you empty the bowl and return to the table he's drinking your coffee!! He's the most accomplished food thief I've ever seen.
When we got back home today Bentley was on top of Cluseau just wailing the daylights out of him. Cluseau gave me that "When are you going to take this little weasel back where he came from?" look.
He finished his vaccinations this week. He now weighs 2 5/8 pounds and has been pronounced "perfect". His offering price has gone up to $30. He's also driving me around the bend. At least I'm going laughing.

Dear Dr. Henne: 

I have a spaghetti eating, curtain swinging monster on my hands. Do you think it would help if I switched him (Bentley) to Decaf ?All kidding aside he’s totally wonderful and exactly what we needed. He’s gained 10 ounces and his strength and balance is improving daily.Seriously he head bobs a lot just like my Scottish Fold did. This is normal isn’t it? He also walks just like a show dog and looks so cute  striding out in all his stubbular glory.He also makes the best air biscuits ever!

  Barb Smith—Staff to Sir Bentley Fuzzypants







well we picked her up last night around 12:15.
she meowed the whole way home and ran around once we let her out and hasn't stopped since.










she is a wonderful cat and we want a dozen more :) if you could let us know when you have a litter of blues that would be great.

Anchorage,  AK

Teddy Bear Eddy


Hi Suzanne,
Thanks so much.  I got the pictures.  If you ever get any other pictures of Gogocats Storm or Burton's Katrina, I would love to have them to show people how beautiful his parents are.
We are very happy with him.  We couldn't have done better.  He is sitting in my lap right now as I am typing just purring away.
By the way.  When he is relaxing or just before going to sleep, he kneads and sucks like he is on his mommy.  He will suck on one of those fuzz balls or my nightie or just the sheet if there is nothhing else.  I always thought that was the thing a kitty would do if he was taken away from his mom or weaned too soon.  It is cute, but is that normal at this age?  Should I be trying to stop that habit?  I can't imagine him doing that when he is big like his dad.  That would look really funny.
Also.  Of course we put a litter box in our bedroom the first night so he would have a place close.  He also has one where I would like him to use it permanenty.  That is what I thought was going to be his safe room, right next to his food.  He has chosen his safe room as our bedroom.  He will eat in the room I want him to.  I can even put him in the box after he eats, but he will run all the way down the hall to our bedroom to use the one in there.  He is very smart. He knows that is where he was the first night and only wants to use that box.  After about a week or so can I just start moving that box further and further down the hall until it is in the room we want him to use?
Otherwise....We couldn't be happier.  He went to my doctor's appt in the car with us yesterday. No problem.  Perfect. He just sits in his carrier with his head out looking around until he decides to go to sleep and never says a word.  Today we are going to the pet store to get him a harness. 
My husband is in love.  He can't believe he would like a cat.   He says he has never loved a face like he loves his except, of course, mine. 
Sorry we didn't get a chance to talk longer.  I think we were a little stressed after the ride and I was scared Jim wasn't going to let me spend that much money on a cat.  But all is fine.  He can't believe we spent that much, but says you couldn't get him back for $1,500.  Thank God and Thank you too for breeding such wonderful cats.
Susann & Jim


Hi Suzanne
We had a great trip home.  Teddy Bear Eddy was comfortable and just great.  
Teddy slept with us last night.  "Jim said he would never have a cat in his bed"  Huh, he is the one who put him in bed with us and Teddy Bear slept great.  He drinks a lot of water, loves treats, and the canned food you gave us, but doesn't eat much dry food.  I only give him a little spoonful of canned food.
Can you send me pictures of him so that I can print them like you did the orange mackerel? From you sight, I have to print everything. I can't get just him. I would also love to get pictures of his mom and dad.  Is that possible?
He is the sweetest kitty.  He's already taking over.  He hasn't seen the whole house yet because we don't want him to go somewhere and we won't be able to find him so all the bathroom doors are closed and all of the bedroom doors are closed except for the master bedroom that I think is now the Teddy Bear room.  Tee Hee.


I thought the last place he would explore would be the downstairs.  But, no... just like he knew where he was going he went down the stairs and that is one of the places he likes to hide.  He runs half way down the stairs and hides (he thinks) until one of us walks by and he pops up or runs all the way down.  When he runs all the way down stairs, he cries until I call him and he comes running up the stairs.
By the way, he purrs all the time and will sit on my lap.  I love it.  The living room and bedroom are a mess.  Toys everywhere.  Jim says he thinks are lives are changed forever.  He definitely stole both of our hearts.  We made a good choice.
Thanks again.
Susann & Jim


Tipsy and Abbey


Good Morning, Suzanne.

 Tipsy's is in good health, very much a talker, and still slightly timid when we need to walk around her. She is more used to Doug (a bit of a step back during the ear medicine week), and still intently watches Jared from a distance. The boys are still kind of getting used to her as well her size and her ways, I think she is going to basically be Lisa’s cat. J


Tipsy is also starting to be more playful, her favorite toy is a small stuffed mouse, which she whacks across the wood floor and chases after. She also ‘yells’ at it while she carries it, or drops it on the floor. The first time I heard it I went running for her because I thought she was hurt, but she was in the middle of the floor with it, and nothing else going on.


Abbey is only slightly larger than when we got her LOL but has learned to jump on the couches and beds. She enjoys playing in Jared's toy cubby (Jared had emptied out her favorite yellow one to play in). She is still very much playful and smart, still needing a little direction on the proper areas to scratch. J  She also helps me ensure that the boys get up in time. Funny that all I have to say to her is “Go get Daddy up” and she will go up to the bedroom, jump up on the bed and nudge Doug’s head until he moves. Abbey is definitely the family and friends cat. When Jared’s friends are over, she is there keeping an eye on them, when the doorbell rings, she runs to see who it is.

 Abbey is also an instigator, which on the surface is funny, but is also slowing down the process of the girls getting more used to each other. Tipsy has calmed down a bit with Abbey, but the little one knows she is safe with me or Doug, so (one of many scenarios) will sneak up on Tipsy, literally whack her on the behind, and then come running by us for 'safety'.

 Right now it is more of an 'attention' issue than anything else. We were doing yard work yesterday and when I came inside for a break, the attached shows the proof. :) When I’m around they normally nap in separate rooms or furniture. They will also eat next to each other now without too much fuss, so I was able to finally get Tipsy's food and water out of the safe room and downstairs next to Abbey's. I put a little of Abbey's food into Tipsy’s bowl, which keeps things more neutral as well.

 I’ve been trying to get a decent picture of Abbey, but when she sees the camera, she wants to head-but it. Tipsy did allow one close up, which I use as a computer background, also attached. She has very wise eyes.

 Thanks for checking in, you can do that anytime! I appreciate that.

Hope you have a great week!



I'm sorry to be so slow to respond, but we have been out of town and so forth. Edgar is doing great. He is now over 10 pounds and eating well.
I'm surprised by how much he wants to sit on our laps. Scratchy sat NEXT to us, not on us. Edgar wakes me up each morning around four and the alarm goes off at five. He then runs to get into the shower before me. He actually sits in the water and tries to lick the spray. He gets soaked. We now have a separate towel for him so I can dry him off before we go upstairs to have his scoop of dry Iams with a teaspoon of wet food. He does have his routine and needs to be right with us much of the day. One major difference between Edgar and Scratchy is that since Scratchy was a chocolate brown the "eyeliner" was not noticeable. Edgar looks like a feline version of Alice Cooper. Right now I am seated on the edge of my chair because Edgar has curled up behind me and like to stretch.



Enjoying a snooze with morning coffee, And play time.







Dear Suzanne,

  just wanted to say Thank You for helping me with Mocca.

Please see her recent pictures.








Cannot remember if I sent you this picture...glamour boy.

Winston wanted me to remind you that he is still searching for a girlfriend.
His research shows that the classic silver BSH are the hottest in the market.

Actually I had "kitty talk" w/my friend Debra Pasemann, who might contact you on same matter; classic silver tabbys.
She and her husband might consider this particular breed w/this particular color.
They love Winston and his goofy personality; well, confused cat personality.
I did say that there wasn't kittens available at this time, but we are ( sorry, Winston is ) on unofficial waiting list and if they are serious about this commitment, they might be able to get on the same list...I did say to contact you and get more information about your kittens and all the questions they might have concerning BSH as family member ( sorry king / queen of the house ).
They did check some Maine Coon breeders in AZ and they had kittens for $1200...To me it sounded more "money making program" than anything else. But I do not know what the realistic pricing is for Maine Coons. I don't think these cats were high end show cat quality / breeding cat etc.
Do you know what would be current "rate" for this breed...I did recommend to check with Cat Fancy???
of their breeder listings...
I do think they might lean more towards BSH.
Anyway, when you have time drop me a line or two, please..
Cheers, Tarja.


Hey Suzanne,
Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know that Shelby is doing fantastic. about her third day here she figured out how to get into the window sill above the headboard of the bed and with not much room to walk in the sill she fell and hit every part of the headboard on the way down.


                                                          THE TRIP HOME



 She hit her eye pretty hard and I thought it was going to be an issue for about a week. . But as you can see in the pictures she is just fine.





She has been a lot of fun for Tiger


. I tell everybody that she's not my cat that she belongs to Tigger and she has turned out just as I hoped.


John "Goose" B









Mungo Jerry


Hi Suzanne
He seems to be doing fine. He is so smart and figures out everything so fast and is very affectionate. I've seen the pics of his dad , he looks great. I noticed Mungo-Jerry is eating more, I figure he is getting over the trauma of the trip. Got the priority mail, last night, have not had a chance to go over it yet.


> Mungo Jerry arrived yesterday, happy and healthy. He is learning his
> new surroundings, and immediately used the litter box. He plays with
> his toys and want to be with us humans all the time. Thanks for
> everything.
> regards Ted


Hi Suzanne,
We celebrated Moxie's first birthday a couple of weeks ago. 

 She is doing great!  She has such a sweet and sassy personality.  She loves to curl up in our bathroom sink and she is very affectionate.   She is still petite, but she is filling out nicely.  She has made such a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn't be happier!  I have included some recent photos of her. 

I hope all is well with you.  We check your web site from time to time.  What beautiful British babies you create! 
Best regards,


Oh good!  I was going to email you several times but was trying so hard to be patient.  I didn't know how often you had one available.  Is there any way I could see a picture of the two others that are available too?  Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly.  I forgot to send a picture of Sydney.  I will attach it to this one.  She is so incredibly spoiled - lol.  She is so sweet though and everybody loves her.  Sarah (my sister) has so many pictures of her its ridiculous, but this is one I particularly like cause her eyes match the curtains.
Thanks again and we'll be in touch soon.  Oh and we would probably drive down to get her/him again since we dont live that far away.
Talk to you soon!







he is doing great luvs to travel in my car and thinks the new couch i have is HIS....luvs to take naps in my lap BIG PLUS


Thought these were pretty good, given subject matter   :-)
Have a great day!





I caught my babies playing today.  Is this cute or what.

Hi Suzanne,
I just wanted to let you know that Caesar is home! He was hardly even phased by the trip. He came right out and looked around. He was jumping into my lap and then diving back onto the carpet :) He is so funny. Please let me know if I should know anything else for the time being. I got the package of food. Thanks for everything.


Bentley 6 8 08 036


Sunshine on my tummy makes me happy!!!!

 Coleman and Barb Smith


Hi Suzanne,

I had to wait for the pictures from my son. Here are Winston and Fiona as they look now. Aren't they pretty?





The third picture is Phoebe. She is also a pedigreed BH.

I got her from a local breeder. Winton and Fiona are my son's babies. Phoebe is mine.




Here are some more pics.



Katherine Anne


Hi Suzanne

She is doing GREAT!  I keep meaning to send you pictures.  Ill have to do that this weekend.  She and George are getting along great.  He follows her around constantly and they play a lot.  They aren’t quite sleeping together yet but they are good buds. 

 She is eating like a horse!  She even tries to eat George’s food. 

 She is supper cute and outgoing and sweet.  Like you said she is not scared of anything.
 It is fun watching her learn how to jump on things…which she often falls off of.  She is very clumsy.  She likes to follow me around wherever I go, but sometimes enjoys a nap on Chris’s tummy.

  She has a funny obsession with the bathtub.  

She likes to jump in it after one of us showers.  The other morning she was sitting on the edge watching the water run down the wall.  Her pink mouse you sent with her is still her favorite toy.  She discovered herself in a mirror the other day and that was pretty funny.  She puffed up her tail and arched her back and kind of head butted the mirror a couple of times and jumped around. 

 I think she finally realized it was herself though.

Well I will try to get you some pictures soon.  Hope you had a good 4th as well.



Dear Dr. Henne,
Star and Oreo just love napping together!
They are the very best of friends now and I think Star is enjoying her new life in Park City.

Hope all is well with you.
Jennie, Oreo and Star






Here are a couple of pictures taken this weekend.

Scratching pad is 18.5L X 10W inches.
Have you ever seen a cat sleep with its chin on its left front paw, and it right front paw behind it?


Hope all is well,
Carolyn & Ed





Hi, Suzanne,

We thought you'd want to know about Mac's latest accomplishment! He caught a mouse for us!!! You see, Bella frequently goes out into the cat enclosure and catches mice in the grass, brings them into the house, and lets them go - she has never mauled or killed one. Even though it's just the absolutely best entertainment for our cats to have a mouse moving around the house, it's upsetting to us to hear squeaks under the bed while we're sleeping or scratching behind the wall, so we try to find the mice and let them go into the field behind our house. That's where Mac helped us out yesterday.

While the two adult cats were snoozing in the afternoon, Mac honed in on a mouse in the laundry room. Dennis was sitting in the living room, and he looked up from reading to see Mac entering quite triumphantly with a brown "toy" in his mouth. Only, Mac flung the toy into the air, and on landing, the toy took off, running underneath our love-seat. So, Dennis tilted the love-seat foreword and asked Mac to "Get it!" Which he did! Dennis was ready with a towel to grab the mouse from Mac's clutches, and Mac got some fish flakes and lots of praise for being the Mouser of Nighthawk Drive!

You can see below that Mac likes shoes - often drags them around the house by the laces. He's in the cat enclosure below - you can see the black mesh of the fence in the background. He doesn't like to stay out on a hot day as long as Jenny or Bella - usually just 10 or 15 minutes in the shade is enough. One of his outdoor delights is finding and chasing little darting lizards around the plants. He can easily overdo with that one activity! We usually have to stop him and bring him in so he doesn't get overheated.

We are just starting to teach him to use the cat doors - as we haven't seen him climbing up the fence anymore - in several weeks. He still playfully annoys Jenny & Bella somewhat (and sometimes Jenny swats him a time or two with her paw), but he is not bothering them as much as before. Both seem to have a little more tolerance for him. We are thinking of letting him sleep in the same room as Jenny at night, as they seem to be getting along pretty well. He likes to take a taste of everyone else's food flavors, and just recently started wanting the fish flakes that are so delectable to the other two. Mac seems curious about water, and approaches us while we're washing dishes sometimes. He surprised us and ran through the sprinkler this
morning. . . He's still outgoing & very friendly with visitors to
our house - he starts purring the minute we open the door of his "bedroom" each morning, and purrs a lot throughout the day.

We hope all your other kittens are doing as well as Mac - we are so happy to have him here with Jenny & Bella! It must be lots of fun for you to watch your kittens growing up. . .after all your diligence in getting them off to a great start!

Have a good weekend!
Ann & Dennis




Here are pic's of Hootie. I adore him! Hambone still making progress as Hootie should of been named Brutis. Ha-ha! Everytime he sees her, he'll jump on her back and try to wrestle her.

She whines, hisses, and runs. Sometimes she fights him back and then he know's she means business.

They finally eat together and honestly, I think Hambone enjoys the constent attachs as I see her instagate it at times. Hootie is very smart, and catches on quick. Speaking of quick, Jack and I laugh as we say he must of gotten into the internet highspeed again like that commercial hee-hee-hee!

 Thanks for everything and would purchase another any day. Everyone that sees him absolutly love him. He's my Boy Blue Velvet Hootie Hoo   :)

Enjoy the pitures!

Tammi & Jack




Hello Suzanne, sorry I haven't gotten back to you! Been busy with my Mother. Here is Hootie with his kitty cube and one with Hambone sitting near him. He chases her and she'll hiss or whine, but overall she is coming around. He is doing great.  We all go in next week for annual check-ups as were scheduled to last Thursday except Hambone wouldn't cooperate and had to cancell. She just wouldn't let us catch her. Once she seen the cat carrier it was over. See she usta be farell/wild and I've had her 8yrs. The other two she lived in an alley and had one litter of three. Gunther I found as a newborn kitten in a dumpster and he was the only kitten alive. Then I had inherited a persian from a friend. Hootie is our first pure breed and we adore him.

He has his meatball belly. I trimmed his nails yesterday as he likes to run up our pant leg and doesn't know the differance of skin. Oh ya, have lots of play battle marks. What a lover he is too! Jack says he sure loves his mommy. Can't go anywhere without him at my feet while doing dishes, sitting on the toilet ect. he has to be near and in sight. Mostly sleeps noon to about six pm then the thunder comes out. He races around as if he had gotten into the internet high speed. We laugh all the time. He's been outside twice and getting usta it. In time as our little 15 min is quit the adventure for him. Hambone sits and watches from the kitchen window as she never goes out. Can't keep a collar on her and if you do it is sad how she chokes and jumps, so we don't do it. Worse with a harness, but Hootie is great. He likes both, just scared of all the sounds and will come to love it like Gunther did. I can't thank you enough for the joy filled heart he gives me. Our little boy blue Hootie the cutie says,"hey to all the kitz back home in Arkansa mitta meow." I'll keep you posted on his adventures here in Minnesota and send pics O.K.

Tammi, Jack, Hambone & Hootie
PS- grandma loves him as everyone else who meets him. He blends into our furniture as it is slate blue, Funny!  :)








Hey Dr. Henne: Found the registration for the chip. Thanks for your patience!

Here are a few photos of Mac 'settling in' at our house. Please
notice that he is using his "I can sneak up on you" skills already!
The whitish cat is Jenny(anydots) and the dark is (Griza)Bella.

Macavity makes many approaches to the other two. Hopefully they will take a chance and return the willingness to be together with him soon. Right now, they are finding him a little too intrusive!

Many Thanks, Dennis








He is tearing around as I type this - she said we could use this
teachable opportunity to help him have some manners around the girls.
So, we're going to encourage him not to pester them mercilessly :)
Ha! He weighed in at 3 pounds 7 ounces, so she was pleased with his growth. Next visit in 1 year.


He eats well and drinks plenty, although Jenny seems to enjoy eating everyone's food in addition to her own. The outdoor shots are inside the cat park Dennis put up. He loves running around out there - tonight he was watching a house finch feeding it's chick on the limb above him. And, the three cats seem a little less grouchy with each other outdoors. You can see all the cats are getting closer to each other. . .with less distress. Mac is a pest sometimes, won't leave them alone! Ha! He knows when to stop, I think - most of the time!
Do you think Mac looks OK?
Ann & Dennis






Dear Suzanne,
Mocca doing just fine.

It seems that all symptoms of adapting to the new house are gone.

She is great health and appetite.

 She is full of energy and even tried to play with my fitness ball that is at least 10 times bigger than her:))

 She has explored almost all house by now, but her favorite place will be spotted yet.


It seems she likes to sleep where something above her head, like under our bed. She also like to play with cords.



Mocca also does a great job in scratching in a special scratching post and so far doesn't pay attention on our lather furniture.

 She likes to be with us, but also doesn't mind to be left alone. I guess we all need our private moments:) Katerina



Hello Suzanne,

How are you doing these days? I hope very busy...LOL


I just wanted to send you some new shots of "our little princess"
she's doing great and getting plenty of Love,

You can put your last penny on that one!!

I'm at work now so I can be too long-winded... :)  Take Care.
As always,
Thinking of you, Val



HI! We're home and they are just adorable! You were so right about Rocco-- he loves to be petted. Amelia seems less interested in us, but loves to play and is very confident. I will be sure to send some pictures next weeks. How much should we be feeding them or rather, how many pounds do each of them weigh? They have used the litter box but haven't shown interest in water yet. Is there anything to do so that we get them to drink?

thanks again, Juree



Just wanted to drop you a note and a few pictures. "Basil of Bainbridge" is settling in quite nicely.

He doesn't want me out of his sight for more than a second or two. I've had many friends and relatives over and he's been so outgoing with all of them, they are amazed!

Basil really is a sweet, cuddly guy and full of energy. I think he'd lay on my chest for hours if I let him.

He is already more of a joy than I could have imagined and I can't begin to thank you enough.

He's 15 weeks old today and I can see him growing!

Thanks again,


Mom has been over three times already to see Basil. she keeps telling me, "You got the kitty I wanted!"  because he is so affectionate and wants to be in a lap, whereas Dickens, while sweet and outgoing, will allow himself to be picked up, but only for about 30 seconds! Then he wants down and he doesn't like being in your lap for more than a few seconds either.



Hi Suzanne!
Just wanted to let you know that Oreo has accepted Star into the family and all is well.  


Hope you have a great 4th of July!  :-)


Hello Suzanne!
I've been having a great time with Oreo - he is the best! I think he would very much like a little sister to play with and I was wondering if kitten
#46 was still available and if she may want to come live with us in Park City.




They are doing just fine.  They play so hard and are great companions.  Bailey is her "old" self I'm sure and very healthy.  In fact I am going to cut back more on their food (Brook looks like we need to hang a "wide load" banner on her).  We have nicknamed them "the thundering herd" because that is what they sound like when they run upstairs and down the hallway to our bedroom or just chasing each other around the upstairs.  They are also great soccer players with a table tennis ball (their favorite toy).  We have had some thundering lightening storms a couple of nights, and they came and got in bed with me for assurance.  Sometimes they sleep with us, sometimes they don't.  They are such a joy!


Hello Suzanne,

 It has been a long time since I sent an update on Toobaloo.  I have attached a picture of him.  This is him lying by his food dish.  He is quite the character.  He wants his food dish on a paper plate.  If you remove it from the plate he will not eat it and when it is empty he will move the entire dish to the butler's pantry so we will know it is empty.  We knew how much we loved him but we didn't realize how much until he was able to sneak out of our house. 

 He was gone for an entire week and each night and morning our family would walk around the entire neighborhood jingling his toy to see if he would come out.  We happened to walk by a storm drain and the big guy had somehow gotten down in the drain and was meowing loudly.  He is back to his "normal" fun and exciting self but I wanted to send an update and another thank you from our family for allowing us the opportunity to have Toobaloo.  By the way, how is Stormy doing?  We just think he is beautiful.


Donnie and Kristy Miller



Dr. Henne - You can see that Jenny loves watching the printer at work.
And, the paper shredder, and the DVD changer, and the garage door opening and closing.

. .anything mechanical seems to

 peak her interest.


And, this is Macavity after playing to his heart's content.



They are all doing great!  It has become "normal" for all 3 felines to be in the same room with us, now, all relaxing - this is quite an accomplishment on the part of Macavity!  The old cat, Bella, even looks relaxed, yawning, rolling around on the floor, just 3 or 4 feet away from the other two.  But, no on touches each other intentionally, yet.  Except, Macavity!  Mac is still up to his antics - and yesterday, he ran right by the Bella's back side, touching her, and just kept going!  The nerve!  All Bella did was hiss briefly.  Not an hour later, he did the same to the poised Devon, Jenny.  Ran right by her, touching her, and kept on going.  She just meowed at him, "Hey! Watch it!"  He's apparently still trying to get everyone to be friends!  Or maybe he's trying to make a case for being the TOP CAT!
We can see that he's growing, and he seems to be eating the new food Dr. Leopard found out that he likes - it's sardines & tuna, I think.  He's a fish man.  Yet, he has not shown any interest in the delicious bonito (fish) flakes that Jenny dances around for.  Bella loves her fish flakes, too.  He's very strong!  Instead of using the ramps to walk to the top of the 3-tiered crate, he just climbs the wire sides of the crate, and likes to stand on top of it!  Mac's due for another immunization/booster in a couple of weeks, Dr. Leopard said.  So, we will get him weighed then.
We want to show Mac our Video Catnip, which was a huge hit with Jenny.  It's a video of birds and squirrels in the yard up close.  We still keep Mac in the office during the day - with toys, beds, radio, and cat tree.  Dennis makes a trip home at lunch to let everyone have a run.  He seems very happy. 



Hi, Dr. Henne,

We wanted to send you a quick report about Macavity.  

He traveled very well for the 6 hour car ride - one of us stayed in the back seat with him to play with him and pet him.  He was pretty active until the very last 45 minutes of the ride, in the evening, when he konked out.  He took a couple of light naps during the day, and seemed to like putting his head near Dennis' wrist watch for one of his naps. 
My 91 year-old stepmother really enjoyed meeting him and holding him a little bit.  He was restless to explore her duplex.

We have fixed up our office with a new cat tree and several different kinds of beds - until he expresses his preferences.  He slept in it last night.  When we arrived here in the evening, yesterday, we discovered that he likes batting the fuzzy balls and Jenny's ping pong balls on the tile floor.  He played with the little toys you sent in the kit, too - especially the little red & yellow mouse with the elastic tail.
When he first arrived, we left him in his crate - the other cats firmly told him this was "their house".  He was very confident when he got out of the crate and they hissed at him.  He didn't seem put off at all, hissing right back, and Ann thinks he may end up the alpha.  At bedtime, he meowed a very few times, when we closed the door, and then, slept all night without incident.  Dennis slept nearby on the couch so he could hear him.
Today, Saturday, he has played and played.  Long after the adult cats went for their morning naps, Macavity played.  He ran, and jumped, and climbed and played all morning, under Dennis' or Ann's watchful eye, until around 3pm, when he finally slowed down for some water and a nap!  He wasn't content until he had explored our whole house.
He purrs nearly all the time (even while napping), rubs up against our legs while we fix meals in the kitchen, rubs his head against ours, and calls out if we are ever out of site for long.  We think he knows his name, as he comes running when we call him.  He's very friendly with both of us and wants to be friendly with Bella & Jenny, apparently.  We love it that he likes to be with us and enjoys our touches.  He's so soft.  He seems to feel at home with our family already.  
The Royal Canin Kitten Care Guide says he's been well socialized.  Thank you, Dr. Henne, for the extra time you gave to accomplishing this!!  It's a wonderful trait that all will enjoy for many years!
We bought a large wire crate today that has perches in it on 3 levels - about 4 feet tall - thinking he would get more exposure to Bella & Jenny the first few days when we leave them all at home.  We put a hooded bed in it and small kitty litter box, plenty of toys, food & water.  It's near a window where he can watch the birds, get a little sunshine, if he wants, but has some shaded areas at all times, too.  Dennis will come home each day at lunch to give him some play time outside of the crate.  We know he would like the run of the house, eventually, when he's a little bigger in comparison to the others.  (Jenny is a little more than 7 pounds and Bella is a sluggish, overweight 11 or 12 pounds, we think.)  We will watch their behavior with Macavity and decide when we are comfortable allowing them to be at home together. 
Thank you for all the information you sent with him and the antibiotics and food.  He seems to prefer the heart-shaped dry food today - leaving the Iams as you predicted.  He ate the Royal Canin bits pretty well, too.  We learned so much from the Royal Canin Kitten Guide - thank you for including it.  
He's lying here right now, near the computer splayed out after chasing the laser light with Dennis for a few minutes - probably ready for sleep, and still purring.  :)  We imagine he would send you a personal hello, and want you to know how well he's doing.     
We'll keep you posted!
Ann & Dennis Smith


Hi Suzanne,
A few weeks ago, we celebrated Maximus and Kassidita rites of passage from kittens to one year olds.


They are both a bundle of joy and delights.

They make a good pair as their diverse personalities complement each other.

I am attaching some photos of them as a way of sending their greetings to the mothership.

Thanks again,





Hi Suzanne,
I am so ashamed. I have owed you pics of Emma for so long. I don't have a digital camera, nor a scanner and am technologically confused, so I have to get my kids to lend a hand.

This is Emma's face, so at least you can see her.She is my dear friend, I don't know how I ever got along without her. She is perfect. Such a quirky and funny character.
Much love to you and yours, Mary



Hi Suzanne..

Maggie and Schubert adjusting well in their big safe room full of kitty amenities. Curious, playful, becoming fond of petting sessions. The older cats can smell and view up close thru a wire mesh "window" in the room's door.

Maggie has such a beautiful face! She is trying to be vocal but the sound that comes out is more like a laryngitis croak. Is this cause for concern?

Schubert hasn't said a word yet. Did he come from a large litter?...he's such a little guy! We'll plump him up! No signs of URI.

I'll always keep in touch with you about these babies as long as you want to know....Barbara G


Rocco was a super traveler with no car sickness.  In fact, he slept the whole way! He has chosen Stacy as his 'truly' and as you said, he has found his way into the bed! He loves the window seat and the flowing water fountain.  And can this guy ever eat!  We had a few initial nipper drops but today he is using the box well. He is a real talker with plenty to say and loves to make eye contact. Giselle, of course, is less than happy.  However, after an hour of spits and hisses thru the gate she flashed us some butt, gave a flip with her tail and moved to the back bedroom, where we promptly moved her box and her food.  Russian Blues are a little slow to adapt to change but I am sure when she is ready, she will rejoin us in the family room. Rocco is fearless and finds the Great Dane little more than hohum.  I will enclose a couple of pics for you.  Thanks so much for handling this fellow so that it is an easy adjustment to a new family. Oh, and thanks for clipping his nails! I know this guy is gonna bring us years of joy.  We will keep you posted with future pics!
Diane and Stacy in Norman, OK



Hi Suzanne,

 Thought I would give you an update on Tavey and Fergus. Both have grown into such pretty cats. They have settled into the life of spoiled and adored house cats.

Tavey is almost always busy doing something, she checks and rechecks everything! Fergus is much more laid back. He will sit by me and lick my arm or my foot and be content. They are very different but get along well with each other. We love them both. They both LOVE water. Fergus will jump in the tub with me and Tavey will sit in the shower when we are in there if we do not close the glass door.


They are now eating Friskies wet food and Science Diet dry. Their digestion has settled down. We still have an occasional “raisin” from Tavey but she is much improved. They are active and healthy and very loving.

We are having an issue with Tavey scratching the furniture. They have vertical and horizontal scratching posts of cardboard, sisal and carpet. For now the furniture is covered with blankets-the house looks less than lovely!!!!! Do you have any tips to discourage them? I spray them with water, clap my hands, shake a can with rocks in it. All stop them from scratching but they go right back and do it again.

Thanks for two wonderful cats.

I hope you and yours are well. Glad you have not had and weather damage from all the storms that have been through your state.

I keep looking at your web site and all the lovely kittens. I must make myself say NO to any more!!

Thanks again,

Janet, Rod, Tavey and FergusJ


Dear Dr. Henne,

We have been reading the book from Hill's Science Diet and watching the DVD the past few evenings.  We learned so much that we didn't know about cats and kittens!  Wow!!!  So much great information!  Thank you for including it with everything that you had for us.  You sent us home with a gold mine!We may have introduced the 3 cats too soon, since, according to the DVD - we should wait until all "parties" feel safe and comfortable before progressing on a meeting of cats or cat & dog.  They encouraged allowing the new pet to remain in a safe room for as many days as necessary until they act ready to meet the other animal.  So, we will try to relax a little about this, and encourage each to have her/his safe area a little more than we have been.  I had thought the cats were feeling cooped up when we left one of them in a bedroom.  So wrong! We also learned lots of new games to play with our cats - will be fun!  It's so easy with Macavity - everything is fun in his world.  He even plays with all the toys the other cats have rejected!  He doesn't seem to know his limits - he would play forever, so we make sure he doesn't overdo. Macavity is very active most of the day - we are trying to encourage him to eat more often and take more day time naps so he doesn't run himself out!  He drinks lots of water, we noticed.  He likes the large crate we have fixed up for him to stay in for brief periods during the day - and Jenny (Devon Rex) is very at ease when Macavity is closed in the crate.  She can watch his antics to her heart's content without feeling threatened! Strangely, our household has calmed down since Macavity's arrival!  We wondered if the adult girls are just overwhelmed and depressed about yet another change in their lives.  But, we think not!  We see that the girls are less focused on each other, now.  They have a new interest or aggravation, perhaps :)  So, we sense less tension and aggression overall.  Macavity seems quite entertaining for them.  He's so small, that he doesn't arouse too much defensiveness from them.  It's very nice to see. At the same time, Macavity seems bent on establishing his place in the household.  Yesterday, he jumped way up (5-6") to get into Jenny's litter box and leave his marking there.  He likes to follow Jenny around when she allows it.  Yesterday, he intentionally jumped off of the sofa arm nearly on top of Jenny - scaring all of us!  (I'm embarrassed to say that I screamed - of course, that didn't help anything!)  They were fine.  Dennis is painting the outside of our house this week, so that he can stop in and give brief play time to each cat, and keep an eye on them.  They sure seem to respond to his calm, reassuring approach.  All three of them. 

Thank you again for this wonderfully socialized Macavity!



Hi Suzanne,

I just wanted to give you an update on Wynston (aka Miko, but he seems to respond to the name Wynston better). 

He is doing very well!  He is extremely affectionate (he purrs non-stop and follows me around the house) and he sure has a big appetite, like you said!  On day one, he decided to meet the other British shorthair in the house and our friendly dog in person!  Although it was his idea, Wynston was more afraid of the older pets than they were of him!  Nigel, the BSH, follows Wynston around constantly, but Wynston is still a bit afraid of him even though they have been playing together.  He is very, very active (like you said) and he will not nap unless I take him up to his "safe room" and lock him inside alone.  He also cuddles and sleeps with me at night, purring non-stop.  I could not be happier with Wynston - he has surpassed my expectations of the perfect kitten!

Suzanne, thank you again.  You do an exceptional job raising your kitten and it shows!  And thank you again for taking the time to help answer all of my questions.  I hope you have a relaxing holiday weekend!

Amanda Dori




Yes, Bentley has a mammoth personality!! He also leaves no doubt in your mind what he wants either. We played from the time we got home until bedtime—about three hours. We played in short spurts so as not to over stimulate or exhaust him. I stayed with him. You will notice the distinct difference between stayed and slept. He went over every inch of my body trying different spots for comfort. If I did drift off, he would pat my face, snuff in my ears or make biscuits on any soft part available. We had some very bad storms but none of that bothered the big B. He also fell out of bed five or six times but that didn’t bother or slow him down any either.

 This morning we went to the Vet’s. Everybody was waiting to get a glimpse of him. Again he put on his little “aren’t I the sweetest little angel you ever laid eyes on?” face. He didn’t mention that he spent the entire trip yelling and trying to destroy the carrier. The Vet gave him an A+ and offered me $20 for him. He also gave you an A+ and said you made his job easier. He also said, and I quote, “She’s doing it right.” The big B.got the FVRCP and #1 Leukemia. That extra clumpy litter is a problem however. I dug long and hard trying to get a stool sample. That did entertain the big B. When I got to the Vet .We have many more adventures to follow when the big cats finally realize what’s going on.


Barb, Coleman and Bentley Smith

We are home! Bella was an angel and I hated to turn her over to Jan. Bentley on the other hand--- Sat on the sleeping Bella from Story to Danville—From Danville to Alma he attempted to single handedly--? Pawededly?—demolish the carrier from the inside out—He then gave up and went to sleep—sitting up right on his butt with his front paws propped on the side of the cage and his nose straight up in the air!!  When we got to Jan he gave her his patented “ aren’t I just the most precious little angel you ever saw?” She bought it too.

I put him in his safe room and gave him food, water and a litter box. Neither kitten ate drank or eliminated on the way home. He ate a massive amount of the Friskies you sent home with him. No elimination and I don’t know about the water. He has been purring ,making biscuits and chasing scratches. He is perfect. But you knew that.

Thank you Suzanne for the best birthday present ever.



Thought you might like to see some pics of Ciaran on his first birthday. He is doing great, very healthy and has become quite the "big" boy. He is an extremely mellow guy who loves to be around people and the whole family just loves him...... big time.


 Thanks for our wonderful pet.
Bonnie, Steve and Hope






Fiona and Winston
(blue british shorthair and brown tabby straight eared scottish fold)

Hi Suzanne,

Fiona and Winston came safe and sound from their long trip. 

 They are totally cute and adorable. 
Here are some pictures that Nick took of the kitties last Monday. J



I checked your Scottish fold and BH websites and I saw pictures of some beautiful new kitties. 

 I wouldn’t mind getting another one but you are too far. 



Thank you for breeding such beautiful cats!







We received the packet in the mail today.  . I have to say again how impressed I am with how he has been adapted to humans. We had some family over for dinner tonight and Edgar stayed with everyone and even hopped up on the lap of people he had not yet met. I was feeding my granddaughter and Edgar wanted up on my lap while I fed her. She squealed with glee but Edgar was fine. He just sat and purred while she finished eating. This is all with him here only 72 hours. His socialization is impressive. Thanks again.




Hello!    Ok, does she ever NOT purr?    She is a true bundle of sweetness,

and energy.  She is also ornery, so I am contemplating a name change.
LOL!!!   I will let you know.
 She doesn't have any interest in the dry food at all, but is eating Friskie's.  She cracks me up because when she eats and drinks she is quite loud.  Too funny!
You have done a wonderful job socializing her...  and lastly, she is the most
energetic and playful kitten ever to come in to my household.   :)))

She is safe and sound in her new home.  She's doing well, very active.
 Thanks for the packet of stuff.
She has done nothing but played since we got home around 6:00 p.m.
Balou is one very PISSED off cat tonight.   He never hisses and he has
tonight - a lot.  I guess time will take care of that, hopefully.   He is acting
like an ass to be quite honest.
What canned food did you say you were feeding Bella?   She hasn't shown
any interest in food yet.  
Talk to you soon!    Oh, Bentley sure is one cute little guy!   And meeting
the Smith's was fun.  Barb is a total cat lady. 


 I am still practicing w/my new iMac and let me know if these pics can be transferred to your web site or do I need to send it as attachment.
I also saw new picture of that beautiful classic silver tabby...Please, let me know when you have Darcy's (?) kittens. I want to be on the waiting list!!!
We have realized that Winston is desperate for company. He tries so hard to play w/the bunny boy. But sadly enough George chases him off. When ever we bring either Mandy or Max to play w/Winston, he's in heaven. Mandy really doesn't care about Winston, but Max chases him around "flips the cat" or Winston checks on Max's tonsils and ends up being soaking wet cat...If the game seems to be too rough, we'll stop it and have little time out. But it is obvious that Winston loves hanging out w/ Max. Sadly enough, we haven't had proper chance to introduce Bruno and Winston, but they seem to have fun game door between them...Winston's paws under the door and Bruno doesn't know what to do w/it.


If he makes a move, paws disapear and when he doesn't move Winston is desperate to get him moving forward....figure them out???
Winston does amaze me day to day...I cannot believe how much of a dog he is...he wants to be part of everything. Where ever we are, he is there. Though, he does have his nap time and observes from his cat tree what's going on. And he is like king of the world when on top of the cat tree. So, I do have to admit he has some cat in him.
What I find interesting is how quietly he walks to me when I'm sleeping, BUT he purrs like a storm Also he carefully puts his nose against mine like trying to wake me up gently. This is so cute, put the purring is a give away.
Is this loud purring typical for this breed? Also I have wondered about belly rubs, he loves it. Or would this be something he has learned by being a dog?

Everyone thinks he is just beautiful catdog.






Actually I just took my pups to the vet and the girls were asking about Winston. They think he is the cutest thing ever. I guess there isn't that many BSHs in this town????/ But like I said, we are really interested in classic silver tabby, little friend for Winston.

( I am actually turning into cat person...) Obviously there is still time be4 you might have cst-litter...just let me know. And while thinking about it, what would you think would be better friend for Winston girl or boy??? I don't know what I need to do or consider when bringing new kitten to Winston's kingdom...W/dogs you start from neutral grounds and then go closer to the home etc. But with cats...do they just accept the new comer?
Well, I am ahead of things...
Anyway, wishing you the family wonderful w/end. Hope to hear from you some time soon.
Cheers, Tarja.

Just wanted to let you know that Bella is doing wonderful.  She is growing very fast and has become best friends with my 10 month old baby, Danielle.  They are inseparable and have an enormous amount of fun. We are having one behavior problem, and I am seeking your advice.  We are having a difficult problem with her jumping on the kitchen countertop.  The water gun does not deter her at all, my husband is threatening to get a scat matte but I prefer a more gentle option.  Do you have any advice or a book that I can read that may help?
Thank You,
Julie Baxter


Hi Suzanne,

I just thought I would send you a couple pictures and update you on Noel and Maggie. I thought for the first few weeks that we might have made a big mistake getting Maggie as a companion to Noel, but once they became friends, they have been inseparable. We have been delighted by watching their antics and roughhousing. They can play for hours just chasing each other around and ambushing each other. Noel is quite the protector of Maggie and will "chant" for her if she can't find her. Maggie's meow is very tiny so it is helpful to have Noel call her when we can't find her either. They are both quite curious and get locked up in the closet or pantry quite often. They have both experienced falling into a full bathtub and the pool a couple of times when curiosity got the best of them...and are now a little more cautious around water. It is amazing how quickly they can get out and not get entirely wet.
Since they have each other, they do very well if we have to leave for a couple of days. They always welcome us back with lots of purring and cuddling though. Noel has gotten quite a bit more loving and has several spots where we can feel free to pet her or comb her. Of course, it is still ALL on her terms. Maggie is quite a lover. She likes being petted and they both enjoy cuddling up with us in bed every night. I just don't know what we did without them.
All I can say is thank you again for giving us such a special gift. Life is just more fun with our two precious "girls."
Susan Rasmussen
Psalm 37:4,5
"Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass."



Merlin and Sherman


 I thought you might like to see how our growing menagerie is getting on.  Steve has so missed our Shih-Tzus that I broke down and got him a puppy for his birthday in February.  Best money I ever spent…and lots cheaper than a therapist!  He comes home from work grinning every day. 

The cats, however, have taken a bit longer to acclimate…


Angus, who was best buddies with our 14-year old female, remembered what Shih-Tzus are, and accepted the puppy pretty fast.  They now play together a lot, and I think Angus has been grateful for a playmate that doesn’t completely overwhelm him, and is a manageable size!


Merlin, on the other hand, isn’t sure what in the heck to do.  At first it was complete avoidance, but lately he has actually stayed in the same room with the interloper…although the expression, as you can see, makes me wonder whether he considers the puppy as potential food!  It’s so funny when the dog chases him up the stairs!  Sherman (named for the tank, as that’s what his rear end looks like) is a full 6 pounds now, and Merlin is at least twice his size, though the camera angle doesn’t show that.

 The poor dog thinks he’s a cat, too…he’s taken over the ball-in-the-channel scratching wheel, and it’s hilarious watching him at it.  Again, Merlin is NOT amused! Anyway, it’s a thrill a minute around here!



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